Andy Lau’s Wife Carol Chu is a Frugal Spender

Andy Lau (劉德華) has taken more time off from his career to take care of his wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩) and two-year-old daughter Hanna. For his family to live more comfortably, Andy renovated and extended his $200 million HKD mansion in Kadoorie Hill. He also transferred his father’s estate to Carol’s name last year. In addition to their two houses in Hong Kong, Andy also has another house in Malaysia for Carol’s convenience.

Despite having a wealthy background, Carol does not seem to be much of a spender. She was recently spotted purchasing discounted dehumidifiers at an affordable housewares company and shopped for clothes at discount retailers. Carol, her friends, and her bodyguard were also spotted looking at bedroom furniture for Hanna at IKEA. Wearing plain clothes, Carol wore a mask to avoid catching attention. She stopped by a display with pink decorations and spent a long time looking at beds and drawers with her friends. The bed Carol decided to buy cost only $1,190 HKD.

An insider revealed that Hanna is growing quickly and Carol wanted to buy a new bed for her. The source also said that Andy and Carol are currently choosing schools for Hanna, but the couple could not agree on whether they should send Hanna to a traditional school or an international school.

Chasing for a Son

It was reported that Andy refused to hold a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum this year because he wanted to spend more time with his wife and pursue a son. Carol was also rumored to be pregnant again, but Andy dismissed the rumors earlier this year.

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  1. Hmmm…Why?? Without spending much, you can still dress up nicely. But why does she look so sickly and auntyish.

    1. perhaps she doesn’t do all the layers of amkeup that you do?

      perhaps she doesn;t do all the plasticky surgery that you frequently do?

    2. The woman is 50 years old lol She IS an “Aunty”!

      Plus… if a high profile person like her wants to keep a low profile then the last thing she’d want to do is to dress up and draw attention to herself. DUH!

  2. Carol has a pretty face. I think she can still dress up without spending a hefty amount of $. I guess it’s just her personality and could care less about her looks.

    1. Ikea is not cheap but the quality of their material definitely are cheapo.

      Ikea only sells on design. Malaysians and people the world over have been taken for a ride, and a pretty inflated one at that.

    2. It depend on the country. In some country with high income IKEA is totally cheap. Some even ask how IKEA products are inexpensive.

      Meanwhile, in country with low income such as Indonesia, IKEA products are way too expensive for the majority of the people

      1. No, IKEA is not cheap even in western countries. in Australia and NZL – IKEA is not considered cheap.

    3. ikea is cheap in canada lol i mean most of us find is cheap and good value lol

  3. That’s a very good admirable trait, and a wonderful quality to pass down to her daughter.

    Being frugal, or bargain savvy. Just because you have money, it doesn’t mean you have to spend it foolishly, or flaunt it ostentatiously.

    We live in a materialistic world of ‘sheep’, esp in HK mindset (and media who need to price-tag everything!)- where too often to show you’ve ‘arrived’ or finally have enough $$$$$$$$ to flash … one needs to use, wear, eat, and been seen in designer-label everything.

    Whether or not it’s worth the $, or value for money.

    Went shopping with a friend once (and never again) who insisted on special-ordering this display cabinet “Made in Italy” (well supposedly, who really knows if they assembled it all in China for $100 anyways) at a hefty price tag of C$5000.
    Ikea sold almost a similar looking thing (looks very much the same – it was mostly glass anyway so you could hardly see the quality of wood base) for less than C$500!

    Foolish waste of $? Yes imo. Even half of that ($2500)Could have been better spend on feeding real families in need for an entire yr.

    1. Yeah I agree… it comes down to perceptions and blindly following the bandwagon.

      And totally agree on the feeding families too…well said.

    2. Well said Nomad! I agree with you that just because you are rich does not mean you should spend wastefully and foolishly. I guess some think that they can fit in better or show off if they buy high quality brand names versus what they call generic imitations. I admit that there are times I aim for specific brand names for certain things too,but only if I can get them for a good bargain price.

      My mom often gives my siblings and I lectures about helping the needy. She oftens goes to my cousin’s house and sees piles of expensive clothing that never get worn but just make his house messier. She always complains about how all of that excess spending can be used to help out the less fortunate.

      But of course there will be others that say that it is not our business about how others spend their money. However,I still feel that living in this world how we should think if the less fortunate because we never know if one day we can become one of those less fortunate and that is when we shall know how it feels. But anyways being frugal whether you are rich or poor is always a good trait to have.

    3. I have to disagreed, I shop at Ikea for furniture when I was younger and let me tell you the quality is horrible…often it will not last after you move 2 or 3 time. As I get older and have more $…I’m willing to spend more $ on furniture for good quality so it will last…to me it’s a long term investment. This also apply to clothing etc…I rather spend $ to get something I know that I can use for many years. We live in a world where cheap goods are so readily available, consumed and discard that pp don’t think about the affect on environment.

    4. agree,if she can afford it why not? bying expensive items doesnt equal as spend it foolishly.sometimes bying cheap items is more foolish.but being economical is a good trait. if you have the money,dont you want to live in a bigger and more comfortable house or do you want to stay in the little house?

    5. I agree to a certain extend.

      She is being economically savvy by buying discount products and I applaud her for that.

      But that story of your friend? I don’t know, you may think it’s a waste but obviously she disagrees. Besides, if they can spend 5000 on a display cabinet then obviously they can feed their family fine. Besides, it’s not like they will donate the money they don’t spend, right?

      People also seem to forget that by spending money you stimulate the economy and is actually good for society as a whole? As long as you make enough to do so. All the celebs and their designer handbag obsessions actually provide people with jobs. Imagine if everyone only buys ‘necessary stuff’, our capitalistic society will collapse (now, whether you think capitalism is a good thing or not is another story, but I assume you live in a capitalistic establishment).

    6. People who make more money should spend more and people who make less spend less.

      Stimulates the economy. I’d rather rich people lavishly spend their money on expensive and useless items than they swimming in it.

  4. She can look homeless and Andy will never leave her:) Luckily Girl! He loves her:)

  5. doesnt mean you have millions you have to be a big spender.
    I have respect for these type of people. At least they understand the value of money.

    1. Agreed with you. I respect people who are rich but are careful with their money and doesn’t flaunt their wealth.

    2. I agree and just because you are rich means you have to flaunt your wealth and spend wastefully.

      1. I disagree. Rich people should spend more. Buy more stuff, drive the economy, people get job that way. They can afford it. There is no such thing as being ‘wasteful’ with money (especially if you’re rich). The money has to go somewhere.

        Imagine people only buying necessary stuff (food/basic clothing). Our whole capitalistic society/economy would collapse.

        I’m not advocating people to buy everything they want but bottom line: rich people spending money/flaunting wealth is not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things.

      2. I disagree. Rich people should spend more. Buy more stuff, drive the economy, people get job that way. They can afford it. There is no such thing as being ‘wasteful’ with money (especially if you’re rich). The money has to go somewhere.
        Imagine people only buying necessary stuff (food/basic clothing). Our whole economy would collapse.

        I’m not advocating people to buy everything they want but bottom line: rich people spending money/flaunting wealth is not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things.

      3. Agreed with No. Money is a flow. Yes, people need to save but people with more than sufficient surplus in their bank accounts should spend more in order to create jobs.

      4. I did nit say to not spend at all but spend on what is nessessary and try to look for deals and bargains if you can. You may be rich and famous one moment but poor and unknown the next.

  6. one doesn’t have to spend big bucks to look presentable. she doesn’t have to wear branded. mrs lau looks sickly.

    1. Mrs Lau looks sickly because the reporter presented a one particular photo which appeared like so..

    2. She doesn’t look sickly. she just doesn’t have make-up on. She looks fine and natural to me. You’re just use to see people with an inch thick make-up and such on screen. *rolls eyes*

    3. She doesn’t look sickly. she just doesn’t have make-up on. She looks fine and natural to me. You’re just use to see people with a bunch of make-up and such on screen.

      1. she looks healthier than those who have undergone multiple plastic surgeries and botox. It’s refreshing to see someone who prefers a simple life instead of the constant displays of ostentatiousness.

      2. I think she may look pale because she may have worn a lot of make up in the past for a period of time so it has stripped her of her natural skin color. That is why everyone who has worn make up looks very pale and sickly when they do not have it on. I have noticed that with some former friends and even my sister in law who wears make up everyday,but on days when they do not,they look pale and sickly.

        But I am glad to see someone who is a natural beauty instead of those plagued with PS and many layers of thick make up.

  7. … maybe thats why he love her very much, she’ s not be very pretty or wearing make up everyday. but she’ s the lucky one that all of you can just sit and daydreaming to have a man who gave all for u.

    1. .. yeah thats why he never hv any scandal even with younger woman, not like aaron kwok looking for the younger or leon lai…. and whats got them. nowadays younger women almost all materialistic. not 100% but almost all. stresssss…

  8. She can keep on looking and dressing the way she does because AL never brings her to any red carpet event anyway. But having said that, being frugal is one thing but at least dress smartly and not like ‘going to the wet market’ *

  9. hmm when comes to shopping not oni her dress up simple ,others people also will dress up equally simple and some choose to wear nicely,maybe she just want to shop comfortably.unless the moment she was born and her parents rich enuf to provide everything that she use or wear is customade by well known designer but she suddenly get discounted item Actually when comes to shopping,most of people will go discounted retailer, not oni because the word discount that attract the attention ,it could be the items that they can purchase in a cheaper rate, but who knows when comes to her child food intake she will spend more money to get healthier food

  10. We’re not saying that she has to blow tons of money on clothes, but there is a fine line between “simple” and “frumpy”. Her dressing does not only borderline frumpy; it IS frumpy.

    I understand the preference for comfortable/casual clothing… but point is, you don’t have to spend a lot on clothes to look a little bit classier, without sacrificing the comfort.

    1. One person’s “frunpy” is another person’s “classy”, one person’s “expensive” choice is another person’s “cheap” choice.

      Basically, everyone is different.

      1. I feel bad for celebrity wives. Carol is called “Frumpy” whilst Eason’s fashion conscious wife is called tacky lol They can’t win! It’s even worse that the people juding them are other women!!

      2. Indeed! Just let them be. Both Hilary and Carol are just being the way the are most comfortable being. People judging them are horrible

  11. I heard Andy is bi sexual but I don’t know if its 100 percent true..its weird nowadays even Asian rich men live the Double life wife and male lover

    1. …mmmm@ch … u may not know about true love and loyalty and faith. u lost. someone still have, and someone lost it. money can change people, if a woman love us and follow us from our poverty till wealthy, from our sadness till happiness, dont let her go. thats what andy to carol.

  12. She looks healthy that’s most important and her inner beauty shine through, it doesn’t matter what she wears or not! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just be happy for her folks.

  13. ikea offers cheap quality furniture. I hate shopping at ikea. I consider myself not poor but I’m also not a big spender. I do look at price tag and value my money.

  14. My hubby and I love high end furniture made is italy and france. The sofa frames are made of high quailty wood and steel so doesnt warp. But they are really heavy to carry and it actually keeps its value after 10 years or goes up when euro goes up when i resell. Ikea- we use for our kids that can be replaced cheaply when destroyed. I have several classic chanel purses that I bought for $1500 several yrs ago. Now i can sell them for $4000. Their current value is $5500-6000. Some brands are actually good investments when there’s demand and limited supply.

    1. Yes and no.

      I’d have no issues buying a better sewn Armani white shirt or tee, as opposed to a Gap white tee if the detailing/material seems far superior.

      While I’d agree some things are worth their cost in designer value and quality. Attention to the details – for eg, stitching and accessories (solid brass or forged matte steel vs cheap flimsy metal studs for eg) used. .

      In that particular case that $5000 ‘Made in Italy’ item was another thing for show in a living room ‘museum’ of showy ostentatious goods – not exactly functional, nor comfortable. It’s like people who wear a huge HUGO BOSS polo shirt – really, no difference from a Giodarno in quality except for the huge BOSS sign.
      Ditto a trendy Eames chair vs an Ikea look-alike = they’re both equally not terribly comfortable.

      Then there is also taste, style and quiet class, that no amount of money can buy.

      The eclectic mix of functional Ikea juxtaposed with pieces of hand-forged iron, rich-aged wooden patina of old antique wood, antique interior knick-knacks and interesting conversation pieces/ decor focal points etc … is just as high-end a look WITHOUT needing to scream out loud ‘ Look! I am $5000 modular-designer expensive’.

  15. Andy could be so in love with because of her dedication for all those years she had supported him without a status.

  16. She is just a typical ‘see-lai’! If Andy likes frumpy woman so be it!

  17. Andy L more like a tradition square chinese man, I guess how can he accepts if his wife dressing fancy.

    1. That is not true and how do you know Andy is like that? I am sure Andy allows her to wear what she wants. From what I know, if you are traditional,wouldn’t you want your wife to always dress up and look presentable so that you do not lose face?

      1. Of cos I know from Karena Lau interview did mentioned that Andy L is a traditional and strictly person so that made enough senses for you to figure out.

      2. Depends on how you interpret it. Just because a man is traditional and strict does not mean that he does not want his wife to dress up. Anyways, I guess my point is if you do not know a person personally it is hard to judge them fairly,especially when you hear something that comes from a person that dislikes them. Also,Andy seems to really love and spoil his wife so why wouldn’t he want her to dress up?

      3. @HeTieShou
        I didn’t said his wife is not dressing up well and what I meant fancy is they’re not following the fashion trend and also how well you know him that he won’t keep her from dressing up and maybe you also assuming from the media I guess.

      4. My point exactly! How do,any of us know for sure? We all can only assume this and that,but whether it is true or not is a different story. Even with people that we have known for years and years,our perceptions of them,can often be wrong too.

    2. Nah I thot traditional (rich) men usually like their wives to dress up nicely in order to show them off. I see no reason that Andy will deliberately ask his wife to look like an aunty? More like its her own choice of clothes.

  18. You guys are such hypocrites! She’s already so low profile but still can’t escape the media. She’s just a normal person wanting to buy things that are worth the money and yet being call frugal. So what she’s expected to do? Go go PS? Shopping for branded stuffs? Just give her a life pls! Just because she is Andy lau’s wife she cannot be a plain Jane?

    1. Actually, if she was photographed shopping in some high end outlets, posters here will start accusing her of being a spendthrift instead of donating to the poor. Now that she was shown shopping frugally, posters her call her class-less for wearing a plain outfit. Trolls will be trolls. Let them be.

  19. … ever wonder kenny bee’ s ex wife , teresa ?? … spending and wasting money … looks where is she now? so guys, if ever happen have such wife like carol, spoil and care them. little make up or fancy is ok, but dont over. love women like carol, its so rare these days.

  20. i think a woman needs to look presentable whatever her age is…or whether she is a celebrity or some big shot’s wife/gf.

    1. Give her a break. If her husband doesn’t say anything, who are you and what gives you the right to do so?

      1. Exactly,her husband loves her for who she is. There are guys who live women who are natural and do not like women who are high maintence and dress in designer clothing,wear pounds of make up on their face,etc… The inside is way more important than the outside.

  21. and she doesn’t look presentable ?? clean neat and presentable plz…& she is aunty, why try to look like u r 20 when u r 40+? she ain’t a movie star, she’s a housewife for goodness sake! stupid media

    1. Ikr. Btw she looks fine to me, she looks like what people are supposed to look like. Not caked in expensive makeup and flaunting her wealth.

    2. Yeah it’s hard to please everyone. If she wants to dress up as a fugly auntie, so be it! What’s wrong anyway?

  22. I didn’t say his wife is not dressing up well and what i meant fancy is they’re not following the fashion trend and also how well you know him that he won’t keep her from not dressing up by way you also assuming from all the media published I guess.

  23. She stays at home very long so she’s not known of which brand is dedicated for excellent furniture, IKEA is large supermarket, so she can easily know of it

  24. Maybe the reporters expected Andy’s wife to spend lavishly like Karena….

    1. andy’s wife doesn’t dress outrageously…in fact keeping very low profile. karena is not rich…after catching a diamond mine like Raymond, she is being pampered.

      1. Sorry but what does Karena do here? Since you wants to compare her and Carol, let get some facts first. Firstly, Carol withdrew from showbiz to become a housewife while Karena is still working in the showbiz as an actress (though most of you always try to deny that). Secondly, going to supermarket is a normal action of anyone. Karena also goes to Citysuper (a brand of supermarket in HK) frequently and when going there, she dressed normally. So what?

        If you notice, most of time LF and Karena are caught on a date, they are secretly followed by the reporters. Do they call reporters to follow them or the reporters do it themselves. All the pictures are taken from far away. The scenario is pretty the same to what they are doing to Carol Zhu here.

        Karena isnt born rich, but she isnt jobless. Her income is good enough for her to pay for her life style. If you think her bf sent her all the lavish style, perhaps I should question all the TVB actresses for their houses, luxury clothes, cars and trips. FYI, Karena is paid HK100,000 per function and each week she attends averagely 2 functions. She is spokenperson of several famous brands such as Estee Lauder. She has 4 movies this year (famous or not, it still brings her income).

        Moreover, people keep saying about a car sent by LF to Karena, but where that car is? Does anyone ever see her with it?

        I guess she isnt from TVB so you are not familiar to her, lead to the fact that you think she is jobless. But she isnt. She isnt the most famous actress in HK but her income is more than ok for a life there.

  25. Lol why does this woman still insist on covering up her face? People already know what she looks like! She thinks it gives her anonymity, but it actually draws attention.

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