Andy On and Jessica C. Pair Up in New Action Film

Andy On (安志杰) and his girlfriend Jessica C. attended a promotional event for Hidden Dragon Attack <潛龍狙擊>. The new film also stars Vaness Wu (吳建豪) and Philip Ng (伍允龍).

This movie will be the couple’s first collaboration since announcing their relationship last year. Andy shared that he will portray a villain in the upcoming action-packed film, while Jessica will portray a sniper. Although the couple will have many scenes together, it has not been revealed whether they will share any romantic scenes.

Dating for more than half a year, the couple appeared to still be infatuated with each another and behaved sweetly at the event. Andy is not worried about disagreements and arguments with Jessica while working together on the same film.

When asked whether he will be watching his girlfriend on set, Andy said, “Definitely. There will be dangerous scenes involving explosives. The filming locations are also unpleasant. I will be worried!”

Although Andy possesses a strong martial arts background, he will not be personally training Jessica on her action scenes. Instead, he will leave this task for good friend and the film’s action choreographer, Philip Ng. In addition to choreographing the film’s action scenes, Philip will be performing most of the hand-to-hand combat scenes, while Andy and Jessica will mainly have gun fights.

Asked whether he will mind if his girlfriend has sexy scenes, Andy smiled and responded, “No. Many people were already staring at her before we started dating. I don’t mind.”


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