Andy On and Jessica C. Saving Up For the Baby

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Andy On and Jessica C. Saving Up For the Baby

Last month, Andy On (安志杰) proposed to his girlfriend of one year, Jessica Cambensy, while they were vacationing in the Maldives. After returning to Hong Kong, Jessica confirmed that they are expecting their first child.

Andy and Jessica’s popularity skyrocketed after their high profile relationship began in late 2014. The couple’s exposure rates increased in the papers, and their show prices increased dramatically. Andy’s appearance fee reportedly went up from $20,000 HKD per show to $100,000 HKD per show, while Jessica’s went up from $10,000 HKD to over $30,000 HKD.

But despite the happy news, it is said that Andy and Jessica, both whom are raised overseas, do not know how to save up money. Living paycheck-to-paycheck, a source close to Jessica said that both Andy and Jessica are big spenders. But for their family, the Zombie Fight Club <屍城> couple are learning to save up. Even Andy admitted that he has become less selective when receiving film offers, expressing that he needs to work more to earn more money for his family.

Currently six months pregnant, Jessica has halted work. She said, “I get tired and hungry easily. Now I have the excuse to get Andy to do things for me. He is my King.”

Recently, the couple were spotted in Central shopping for wedding rings. Jessica wore a casual, short black dress that showed off her expanding baby bump. The two took a look around a luxury jewelry shop, but failed to find a suitable ring at the end of the day. Andy looked downcast, perhaps stressed about the ring’s expensive prices. In another paparazzi spotting, Andy was seen shopping at the supermarket with his assistant. Andy did not look too happy, and immediately started drinking his beer after he purchased it.

Source: Eastweek

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      if the couple are big spenders, learning how to manage their expenses will be their first big test.

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      Perhaps they should not have a baby so soon.

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