Andy On Shares Adorable Instagram Video with Tessa!

Supermodel Jessica C. and her fiancé, martial arts actor Andy On (安志杰) welcomed their daughter Tessa in March. Jessica is currently in the United States for her postpartum recovery, but the superstar model plans to return to Hong Kong soon to make a full comeback in the industry. Andy is also preparing for a new film.

In light of their imminent comeback, Jessica and Andy are spending as much time as they can together. A week ago, Andy uploaded a very cute Instagram video of him teasing Tessa and making her laugh. Andy then shares a really sweet kiss with his month-old baby girl!

Check out the world’s most adorable video here!

Source: Eastweek

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  1. What an adorable bebe. So very cute. Happy that they are both so hands on with their bundle of cuteness. It is great that they can spend this time as a family.

    1. @bubbletea yes! Love that they are so hands on. First few month of having baby home is very stressful but seem like they are enjoying it! Such a cute baby!!!!

  2. I feel bad for whoever Tessa will date in the future. How will he compete with her super good-looking dad and supermodel mom? Andy’s antics in here just powered his brownie points by like 10. A daddy who is wrapped around his daughter’s pretty little finger is just too much to resist!

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