Anita Yuen on Hurting Chilam: “I Think I Was Selfish”

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Anita Yuen on Hurting Chilam: “I Think I Was Selfish”

A model couple in the industry, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) and Anita Yuen‘s (袁詠儀) 18-year marriage has often inspired envy. However, their relationship is not without ups and downs like most. Take Anita’s past for example: in 2007, she went on the show Be My Guest <志雲飯局> and revealed she was once the mistress of a married wealthy businessman. Her revelation not only caused a backlash, but it also hurt Chilam. The actress revisited this topic during the couple’s interview with a Mainland program recently and admitted she was selfish.

She Wanted to Share Her Past

A year after Anita gave birth to her now 12-year-old son, Morton, she shared on Be My Guest that she was involved with a married man in the past. She said, “I was very happy when he gave me 20 different flowers on my 20th birthday – I think that is what people call vain. I turned a blind eye to the fact that he has a wife.”

After the episode was broadcast, the media created a big fuss over it, calling Anita vain and labeling her as a sugar baby. However, Anita denied the rumors and said she was his girlfriend. “I was naïve at first – I thought that people would understand me more if I said it. I wanted to be honest about my life experience. I did something wrong and I was willing to bear the aftermath, but I didn’t think that it would hurt Chilam,” Anita expressed.

Her Only Regret

She continued with teary eyes, “The only thing I regret is that I hurt him. You guys can continue to come at me, but not him, not the one I love.”

Anita added that she was very selfish at the time. “I thought, ‘I don’t care what everyone thinks. I can’t make everyone like me, the most important thing is that Chilam likes me,’ I’ve been very immature in the past, but I told myself ‘I can’t be like that anymore’ when I realized Chilam was unhappy,” she revealed.

Chilam sat quietly beside his wife, but his eyes were visibly red. Back then, Chilam addressed the mistress topic and said he regrets not meeting Anita earlier to protect her, but he doesn’t mind because everyone has their own past.

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Anita Yuen on Hurting Chilam: “I Think I Was Selfish”

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      So fed up with reading Anita Yuen and her treating her husband!! is she promoting herself??? Chilam is more popular than her any time

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    2. coralie says:

      Hmm I wonder if Anita did the interview and revealed her past which Chilam wasn’t aware about? Otherwise, why would he be upset?

      It is a pretty big expose and she didn’t need to divulge those details, but she did. As a viewer, I must say I applaud her honesty & courage in coming forward with her mistakes. I don’t think it’s healthy to keep it in, so it must be cathartic for her to finally confront her past. It’s just regrettable that they didn’t reach a consensus about revealing those secrets before the interview aired.

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      There is a lot of Anita news here….

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    4. eleven says:

      Sorry but why are there so many articles about Anita Yuen & Chilam? It’s basically saying the same thing over and over, Anita is a bit of a selfish wife & mother but she loves her family. Chilam loves Anita, and forgives her for all her wrongdoing.

      Can we move on now?

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