Anita Yuen’s Son Has a Heart of Gold

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Anita Yuen’s Son Has a Heart of Gold

On Friday, mother of one Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) attended a children’s charity event in Causeway Bay. On stage, she mentioned that her son, 10-year-old Morton Cheung (張慕童), recently took a sick child from Mainland China to an amusement park, a job that was originally meant for Anita. The child was suffering from acute kidney failure.

“He told me to bring him along because I don’t know how to hang out with kids,” said Anita with a smile. Seeing Morton becoming an older brother for the child warmed Anita’s heart.

“Teaching him about charity has been very useful,” said Anita. “I’m very touched. When I told him that I’d be going to this event, he even asked me why I’m not bringing him along. He remembers, and he reaches out to help. As a kid who’s been raised in the city, and surrounded by technology his whole life, he still remembers to do this. I’m very happy, and I think I’ve done an acceptable job as a mother.”

Morton took the initiative to visit the child in the hospital, and would ask his mother if she needed his help in doing other charity events. “I promised to let him know about projects where we can work togetheri,” she said.

Proud of her son, Anita said she would try her best to fulfill her son’s wishes. She said, “He wants to meet international celebrities, like Robert Downey, Jr., but I told him our careers aren’t really in the same domain. He then asked me if I knew Jackie Chan (成龍). He wants to meet him!” She added that Morton is also interested in meeting football stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and wants to spend his summer vacation in Barcelona.

Asking if Morton is interested in joining the entertainment industry, Anita said, “If he wants to do it in the future, I can’t stop him. My mother didn’t want me joining either, but I did anyways. He hasn’t said he wants to do it, but I’ll make sure he knows that a job in entertainment isn’t easy at all.”


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