Anthony Wong’s Son Involved in Car Accident in the USA

Anthony Wong‘s (黃秋生) elder son, Wong Yat Yat (黃一一), was heavily injured in a car accident in the United States this week. Due to problems obtaining his visa, Anthony had to stay in Hong Kong while his wife flew to the United States alone.

Currently studying in the United States, Yat Yat was in a friend’s car when the accident occurred. The car suffered severe damage and Anthony’s son was immediately rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, Yat Yat’s surgery successful, and he has begun to slowly walk again.

Anthony sighed, “When I received the news that he had stopped breathing for a while in the hospital – I was very worried. I had to wait for updates from my wife. One day, I held on to my mother and couldn’t stop crying. She took my hand and said, ‘Don’t be scared – God will bring me nothing but good.’ After hearing that, I got even more emotional!”

Although he is unable to visit Yat Yat right now, Anthony talks to his son every day on the phone. After hearing the energy return to Yat Yat’s voice, Anthony was finally able to breath a sigh of relief. As to taking legal action against his son’s friend who was driving at the time, Anthony shook his head, “He’s still alive – there’s no need to press for charges!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Luckily son is ok. Interesting name for the son,

    Anyway gotta sue the friend because for insurance purposes unless Anthony doesn’t need insurance payout for his son.

  2. If he is a HK citizen, why does he need a visa to come to the US? I known plenty of HK citizens that come to the US all the time. No need for visa.

      1. @minyveg
        NO, she wasn’t. My cousin came to visit from HK, she had to go thru hoops/visa to get here just to visit. HK citizens can come and go? U.S aint all that but hey a visa is still needed. lol…

    1. @lover9irl You need a visa to come to the US from HK. I’m thinking your friends probably have a long term visa as they do issue out 10 years visa over there to the US. I know my bil family have a 10 year one so that they can come and visit whenever they want but after 10 year, it have to be re-approve again. Either that or your friends have a US passport along with being a HK citizen.

  3. Poor thing. Does anyone here think he looks a bit like Jay Chau? And I wonder which part of the United States he stay at?

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