Ariel Lin Spends Holidays with Husband in the USA

After tying the knot two years ago, Ariel Lin (林依晨) and Charles Lin (林于超) have been maintaining a long-distance marriage. Ariel continues to base her career in Taiwan, while Charles resides in the United States due to his work. During the Christmas and New Year holidays, Ariel flew to the United States for two weeks and spent precious time with Charles.

Ariel uploaded several photos taken with Charles on social media, but chose to edit out his face with Christmas clip art. Ariel wrote, “In the new year, hope everyone gets closer to themselves and treat each other with more kindness….”

Earlier, reports surfaced that Ariel may be pregnant as she was seen covering her belly region during the Golden Horse Awards. Ariel has previously talked about wanting to have a child not long after getting married. While it was speculated that Ariel was trying to hide an early pregnancy, she denied the rumors.



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  1. Why hide the husband’s face? Is he a kid? If not, why hide? If hide, why post? If post, why the need to hide?

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