Arthur Chen in “Legend of Awakening”

Arthur Chen‘s (陈飞宇) latest wuxia drama Legend of Awakening <天醒之路> is among one of the highly anticipated dramas expected to air this month. The Ever Night <将夜> actor makes up a refreshing ensemble consisting of Cheng Xiao (程瀟), Dylan Xiong (熊梓淇), and Ancy Deng (邓恩熙).

Legend of Awakening is the adaptation of a popular novel that revolves around four young aspiring martial artists Lu Ping (played by Arthur), Xi Fan (portrayed by Dylan), Qin Sang (played by Cheng Xiao), and Su Tang (played by Ancy). They become good friends who embark on a journey to search for their awakening. Along the way, they have to fight off dangerous wild beasts and evil spirits.

This drama marks the second time Arthur plays the main lead, and viewers have high hopes for him, as his performance in Ever Night was relatively good. He has great adaptability, and his ability to embody and bring life to popular character Ning Que brought him great praise from fans of the novel.

In the Legend of Awakening, Arthur plays an orphan who is taken in by The Zhaifeng Martial Arts School along with his younger sister Su Tang. He possesses a rare power that later allows him to become a highly-skilled martial artist. As with Ever Night, Arthur fits his character description perfectly with his youthful and heroic disposition.

As for Cheng Xiao, Legend of Awakening is her first lead performance in a period drama. She plays Qin Sang, a chic and prideful female martial artist who comes from a noble martial arts family. She has great confidence in her martial art skills. Cheng Xiao was able to demonstrate that confidence by easily completing action scenes due to her 10 years of dance experience. Her flexibility and fast reflexes made her a quick learner on set.

On the other hand, Dylan has more experience acting in contemporary dramas. Still, he pulled off the period look with much charisma as one of the main leads. He portrays the senior martial artist, Xi Fan, who is righteous and friendly. Dylan’s soft and gentle demeanor greatly suited his character’s personality.

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