Athena Chu: “My Pregnancy Was a Terrible Miracle”

In April 2012, 41-year-old Athena Chu (朱茵) happily announced that she was three months pregnant with Paul Wong’s (黃貫中) child. As a devout Christian who once stated that she was against premarital sex, Athena’s pregnancy was met with some controversy. Netizens bombarded Athena’s Weibo with hateful comments, calling her out as a hypocrite.

To not bear the burden of being single parents, Athena and Paul quickly registered for marriage in late 2012. The couple did not even bother to hold an official ceremony to commemorate their marriage.

Athena and Paul’s daughter, Debbie Wong (黃鶯), was born in October 2012. For the next three months, Athena avoided the public’s eye and stayed at home to care for her. Athena made her comeback public appearance in January 2013, attending an event at Macau’s Sheraton Hotel.

Excited to share her new experiences as a mother, Athena will release her upcoming tell-all book, 6 Pounds and 10 Ounces < 6磅10安士>, this week at the Hong Kong Book Fair. Aside from sharing family photos in her debut book, Athena will clarify the claims of hypocrisy and reveal her thoughts on premarital sex.

“I Had No Choice”

In an essay titled “I Had No Choice”, she explained that had always considered Paul to be her life-long partner, even before their marriage in late 2012. Their reason for not tying the knot earlier was because they did not want the media and tabloids to negatively impact their marriage.

Athena also added that she never really believed in marriage, explaining that she has never been “emotionally touched” by a wedding. She attended countless weddings held for friends and colleagues in the past, but never had she cried in any one of them. “I never found myself to be emotionally engaged at any wedding. Even if I was one of those brides, I would secretly pray in my heart that everything would be over quickly….” She groaned that rehearsing for a wedding ceremony was even more difficult than rehearsing for a scene in a movie. She felt like she was betraying her own soul; she felt nothing, but yet she had to pretend to feel emotional.

Miracle Pregnancy

Athena called her pregnancy a “terrible miracle”, explaining that due to her poor health, her gynecologist told her that she only had a 1 percent chance of getting pregnant. For someone who had wanted to be a mother for entire her life, the news was devastating to Athena.

But Athena did not cry with happiness when she found out that she was pregnant with Debbie – she cried from absolute shock and terror.

“I was on my bed all day. The tears poured down. I was worried that it was true; I was worried that it was not true. The tears would not stop falling down.”

“Don’t be afraid!” encouraged Paul. “Both the child’s father and mother are here.”

Athena’s book, compiled with photos of herself and Debbie, will be available for purchase at the Hong Kong Book Fair this week.


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  1. Strange that she’s a devout Christian who doesn’t believe in premarital sex OR marriage and always wanted to be a mother.

    1. If you look up hypocrite in a dictionary, you should find Athena Chu in the definition.

      1. Straight to the point!!
        Just admit that she is being hypocrite!!
        Not believe in marriage and lorr Noo sex b4 marriage then lorr seeing Paul as life-long partner!
        All don’t sums up!!! Hypocrite!
        But the Baby is super cute!

      2. well cant call her tat. no man are man enough to start a family these days. have to wait for a women to be pregnant to be motivated to start a family~marriage

      3. Totally agree……..really annoying when actresses these days claim to not believe in pre-marital sex or to be a virgin but are likely sleeping around with a bf or someone else…….Complete Hypocrites…..can’t believe why anyone would even want to buy her book or would care to read about her having a child.

    2. Only one answer for this riddle… she was hoping for a virgin birth!!

      1. Hahahahaha….Bonnie, you made my day! This is really the best comment!

  2. What does she mean she ‘Had No Choice’? Kind of irresponsible to say that huh?

    Anyway congrats to her. The baby looks cute.

    1. Probably she meant God made her had some awesome sex before marriage. She ‘Had No Choice’

      1. Hahah………..good one……no choice but to have awesome sex……..Yes!

  3. What a special snowflake…

    None of this woman’s statements make the least bit of sense.

  4. Definitely would not purchase her book either hypocrite or not!!!

  5. This is definitely a case of having to eat her words. It’s easy to preach, but in Athena’s case it’s not as easy to practice what she preaches. To publicly condemn premarital sex and then to do herself is bad enough. To then be caught pregnant while still unmarried is worse. However, the worst is her not owning up to her own hypocrisy. I’d sooner flush my money down the toilet than use it to buy her book.

  6. Cute kid, thank god Debbie doesn’t look like the father.

  7. Religion can be a savior in tough times. But it can also burdens one’s lifestyle. It can be so restrictive, not to mention, a bit outdated.

    1. Totally agree with you about religion. Religion can be good or bad but it depends on what you allow it to do to you. If you allow religion to control your life, then it will be become a big burden. However, if you just allow religion to be a part of your life when necessary, then it should not be that bad. But sadly, many allow religion to control and take over their lives that it becomes scary…

    2. agree with you.

      Of course it would have been better if she claims to be a Christian but that some of her thoughts/values are not totally in line with her believe.

  8. like Athena, always had, but I cannot be a blind sheep. she is a hypocrite, plain and simple.

    What does she mean she had no choice, we always have a choice. Athena preached about premarital sex and then chose to do it herself. If she had not gotten pregnant, she would be still chanting her pro premarital sex slogan.

    Wow, I did not know to believe in weddings and marriage, one had to feel the powerful emotion that causes one to cry at a wedding. This woman is full of BS.

    would not encourage anyone to buy her book, and this is coming from someone who thought she was alright.
    They did say celebrities say the most ASSinine things. Well, here is a prime example.

    1. Celebs just like politicians are known and famous for lying through their teeth so this is nothing new…

  9. Baby is super cute.
    But she make no sense what so ever.

  10. You know, based on how open and uninhibited HK boys in HK culture are about pursuing any girl that catches the eye, Athena in her delectableness must be a very good girl indeed because she has remained a private citizen and not been lured by wolves. I think that for pretty girls, they get chased too young when they are pretty much defenseless and end up being attached if not married too soon. So I don’t think of her as a hypocrite because she had a premarital beau.

  11. Wonder what affected her views on marriage. Are her parents married? Divorced? Maybe they never got married? Maybe Stephen Chow screwed her up good…

    1. I bet Paul wasn’t the first guy to have sex with the hypocrite.

  12. Her baby looks so cute & pretty!! Just like the forever beautiful mommy 🙂

    1. I agree. That baby is SUPER cute and her mommy is hilariously HK-style sassy and very pretty besides.

  13. The crap she wrote in her book just made her look worse. She should have just shut up and continued to live her life out of the media glare. There is a Chinese saying – the more you say, the blacker it gets. And Paul, I pity you for marrying someone so emotionless that she can’t feel the love and blessings on her own wedding day.

    1. I agree with you, Primrose. What she should do now is to “shut up” and live her life and ignore the media. She is now giving people more chances to accuse her.

    2. I know right? All of them are like this? Do you see Leon Lai come out often and discuss his love life? I never like him but i like the way he sometimes handle it w/NO COMMENT, NO PRESS CON, JUST ZIP IT kind of attitude.
      Unlike these ppl, I am this and that but doing the exact opposite.

  14. Never knew she has problems conceiving. I can understand her sentiments, her fears, her worries and the words terrible miracle or along that line. But I don’t see how she reconciles her religious views and her views on marriage. She might just have commitment fears, that’s all.

    Between baby is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Definitely looks like mommy.

    1. “Aside from sharing family photos in her debut book, Athena will clarify the claims of hypocrisy and reveal her thoughts on premarital sex.”

      And I hope someone might actually write an article about that with choice quotes from her books. I am curious too how she will explain the allegations of hypocrisy and all that.

      As for premarital sex, this is the modern age. Nothing wrong with it, whatever is your religious views.

  15. I think her career is over, I remember her from legend of condor heroes, she was adorable, did this site translate the article correctly?

  16. I am happy for Athena that she could have a “miracle pregnancy” in spite of her low chances. But I am very irritated by her unabashed hypocrisy. To live in contrast to what you preach is bad enough…to try to explain away the situation by saying she had no choice or that she didn’t believe in marriage only makes her look worse.

    Christians are not perfect people–only saved sinners. But if she had truly believed what she preached, then she could have said she made a mistake (of not waiting for a marriage first before sex/babies). Her public rationalization is horrible.

    1. Iris, you said it right. Like Funn said, this is the modern age, and let us be realistic, couples will have sex. If you are having sex, then don’t go out there and be an advocate denouncing premarital sex. Then when baby was in the oven, the only excuse was she could not help herself. Bollocks. If you are so againts Pmar sex, and claim to be a born again christain, then why so againts the beatiful act of marriage that God created since Adam and Eve?. I got married eight years ago this september. It was themost poignant moment of my young life. Christains are sinners saved by grace. They make mistakes, that is why they go to God’s forgiving throne of mercy for forgiveness. I see no reason for the hypocrisy. This is sheer BS.

    2. Is it possible that all this public information about her is a lie because HK people are really smart and hate contradictions so it would have been wiser to share nothing but Zhu Yun has in the past given interviews about her stance on things – and I think she sounds typically HK strict when she does so – what if she has been secretly married this whole time and is allowing the public to think less of her? You know, like those actors who claim to not be that into their wives by waiting a long time before marrying them?

      MAYBE Andy and Sammi never really broke up.

  17. Wouldn’t Athena get married if she did not get pregnant??!

  18. Athena Chu woul have continue to enjoy the hot sex without wanting a ring. The marriage only came into play when the bun went in the oven. I think she is a bad ambassador for speaking out against PMar sex. She should ‘ve just faade quietly into the background, keep her yapper shut, and enjoy the sex.

  19. Athena does sound like a hypocrite. I cannot believe that she would say that her pregnancy was a terrible miracle. There are many that would be great mothers but sadly can’t have kids, while there are those terrible mothers that are blessed with kids… The world and life is truly unfair. I just feel so sad how some deserve some things but just do not get anything while there are others that don’t deserve some things but are yet awarded with them… I guess we can never understand life and its unfairness.

    1. sometimes I wonder if my family is secretly related to Hitler AND Hirohito because we have had more than our share of troubles

  20. @HeTieShou, hey girl, what you said…… oh so true, sad but true. At times like these all you can do is pray and ask for peace and comfort for those poor women who desperatelywant babies. But for some reason, ca’t get them. Life is indeed at times not fair. What floors me is when she said the pregnancy was a terrible miricle. As a christain, that came across so wrong. No miracle is terrible. All miracles are wonderful, awesome, unbelievable, God inspired. That is why they are called miracles and should be embraced and appreciated. To call your offspring a terrible miracle is disturbing. No amount of explanation can rectify that. Don’t try to hard to understand the injustices in this world HeTieShou, just do the best that you can to help others and hold positive thoughts for the suffering , childless women, and others as well.

    1. really? My mother has for most of our lives decried becoming a mother – she is being one hundred percent honest and in my opinion, absolutely accurate. Too many Chinese women are still dazed by tradition and diminished circumstances so that they automatically get married and have children (my mother is not maternal) and don’t get to enjoy themselves. It is a fact that my parents were burdened by becoming parents just as we are burdened by having incompetent immature parents. It’s the truth without malice.

    2. Hi Kaboom, HeTieShou and Cleo, 🙂

      I agree with you Kaboom that no miracle is terrible, even if something terrible happens, a believer should still thank God because it could have been a lot worse.

      As for life’s unfairness HeTieShou, I would think that terrible mothers who are blessed with many kids is a gift that has been given to these mothers as second, third , fourth chances etc to become better people. For those who would make great mothers but have difficultly conceiving, I would think they will be blessed with other gifts in life. I believe they will also be rewarded for their patience. I feel that those who do not deserve things but get awarded with them may one day realise how merciful their creator is and those who deserve things but do not get them will be rewarded for their patience and perseverance.

      Cleo, I think that its good that your mother is honest. I think honesty is important in any relationship be it husband and wife or mother and child.

    1. yes, me too – they look like happy people and that baby is awesome.

  21. Cute baby! hope she will grow up to have her mum’s beauty and her dad’s talent!

    1. I am glad u didnt say dad’s good looks ahhahahaa LOL….

      1. It would be bad if it was the other way around – dada’s looks and mum’s talent (hmmm… never thought Athena was an exceptional actress)

  22. she looks so young-she’s one of those actresses who never age

  23. She’s a hypocrite for sure but glad she found happiness with Paul. Baby is super cute!!!

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