Paul Wong is Mentally Unstable; Allegations Against “Abusive” Father are False?

On November 22, Paul Wong (黃貫中) published a shocking statement about his father on his Weibo, vowing to kill his father if he ever laid hands on his mother and wife, Athena Chu (朱茵). The 300-word emotional letter had incurred the discomfort of netizens and fans, all urging Paul to seek legal help if his claims were true.

Paul’s close friends and colleagues in the industry, however, expressed their shock at Paul’s strong allegations against his father. In Paul’s statements, he implied that his father had been physically abusive to his mother and Athena; however, Paul’s 80-year-old father, who suffered a serious stroke last year, is currently confined to a wheelchair. A friend close to Paul’s family said that it is impossible for Paul’s father to be physically abusive to Athena since his father is physically challenged. In fact, it was Paul himself who announced his father’s stroke on his Weibo last year.

Paul’s close friends further stated that Paul’s claim on his father being abusive to his mother as “impossible”, revealing that his parents had divorced many years ago and were no longer in contact. Paul’s father had single-handedly raised his three sons, and the Wong family rarely met up with Paul’s mother. Most of Paul’s close friends had never met Paul’s mother before as well.

Paul’s friends also claim that Athena is close with her father-in-law. Athena originally lived with Paul’s father in their village house in Tai Po, but after Athena’s pregnancy, Paul and Athena moved to the city for traveling conveniences. The source said, “Athena’s busy, but sometimes she will entrust Paul’s brother to help her purchase some nutritious items for Paul’s father. I really don’t understand why Paul would make those claims on his father!”

However, there are recent reports stating that Athena and Paul’s father got in a brief fight several weeks ago; Paul’s father wanted to take his granddaughter out, but Athena was against the idea, and Paul’s father angrily pushed at Athena. Paul’s angry statement against his father may have been stemmed from this altercation.

Athena’s close friends also expressed their worry, afraid that Paul may be in an unstable mental state. They say that Paul’s strong statements against his father is out of character, as Paul once gave tribute to his father in Beyond’s 1989 single, “Outside and Inside My Heart” <心內心外>. In the song, Paul praised his father for taking up the role of both father and mother, and expressed his gratitude to his father.

Paul’s former Beyond band mates, Steve Wong (黃家強) and Yip Sai Wing (葉世榮), were also surprised at Paul’s violent allegations against his father. Yip Sai Wing said, “Is he just trying to promote [his new movie]? The last time I’ve seen him was in July, when I was doing my own show. He was my guest. He was fine and was having fun. But this statement he wrote is really scary, and [we] are afraid that something has happened to him. Everyone should just give him some space.”

On his thoughts about Paul’s father, Yip Sai Wing said, “I went to his place for dinner once. His father is very kind! His parents divorced when he was very young. I think [Paul’s statement] was just talking about him getting hit by his father when he was younger, and not now.”

As for Steve Wong, who had fallen out with Paul earlier, said, “I hope Paul has a clear mind and is calm. Nothing will work out if he isn’t!”

Both Paul and Athena still could not be reached for comment.

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    1. He was always my favorite Beyond member – I’m not a fan of that band at all. He has a charmingly winsome pixie like face with teeny tiny eyes.

  1. This shows how a famous person can totally ruin a person’s character far too easily.

  2. That’s why i say he looks, talks and acts bad. This is actually great info since anyone who threatens their parent on social media has got to show something about your character.

  3. Well, he opened things up to the media, and now must face the music and scrutiny that must surely follow. It’ll get messier / worse before things get better I think.

    1. It’s this waiting period where the other side builds up including using third parties that is a pain – the fight itself that’s where we would see the evidence and he has to carry himself as knowing that he is in the right, expecting no justice and not caring at all about public opinion. That last part is KEY – he should not care about being embarassed but HOW he pulls this off will be a template to many long term parental abusive relationships in Hong Kong – the land of The Blood Elves, rude and uncommonly unabashed at being caught redhanded.

      Or this could all peter out like that Kenny Wee stuff.

  4. Really? My mother is consistently treated with emotional unkindness by the Chinese tenants in her building and she comforts herself by being good and LADYLIKE by always using a friendly tone and not talking back but she is being battered by them.

    I think one of them was SHOCKED when he tried to deny his behavior by claiming that I was crazy to call him out on his behavior when she actually spoke up (for herself) and told him that she will never forget what he did to her – allied with her husband’s murderers’ family members.

    he backed off and tactically behaved himself for the rest of the day. She refuses to comprehend how chilling his immediate backing off and turning off of his pose of injury and aggressive claims of my sanity are. He is very calculating and that means his manipulative choice of words and when he refuses to back off when I requested it were all intentional. He is not a social misfit – he is doing it all intentionally.

    SO if the son has been protecting himself by cloaking his true family life from prying press and fans, then the time must be right when he feels that he can do a better job protecting his family by calling out the father – how did the father feel capable of taking the granddaughter if he is prone in a wheelchair?

    Don’t forget that Chu Yun is pretty in an embraceable way so he would have enjoyed her company but that does not mean that the father in law ever respected her or had the innate breeding to keep his hands to himself. I definitely no older people (again two apartment’s tenants) who felt that I was too well behaved to not swallow when they hit me very painfully and tried to make that a habit. I just brought it up that they hit me and I believe that that discouraged them from trying to make that a habit. I think you have to check elderly Chinese bullies when they can see that you are bound by Confucianism.

    Basically, it is a waste of me to have to cross swords with petty very very poor characters but you have to deal with them – you can’t swallow it like my mother because they are KILLLING my mother – that sorrow, stress and injustice has her in her backyard for more than 12 hours at a time and she has skin cancer that she refuses to do anything about.

    She wants the cavalry, she wants my father, she wants justice, she wants affection and kindness to offset the opposite and she is not going to get it but she refuses to hit back.

    Paul is hitting back – putting his father in Check for the safety of his family but also his family’s reputation. Chinese people are dirty talkers. You have to fight them.

  5. don’t forget that he is already estranged from the other members of Beyond and I KNOW that young Hong Kongers play at frenemies very often and will sabotage their long time friends to third parties by questioning the veracity of statements made at important moments like this one – they will back you up in unimportant ways for years and then strike only when it can harm you – this has not happened to me but to people I have known and given that I experienced this when I was a toddler with my mother as a shocked witness, I am not surprised. I have never forgotten this lesson.

    Paul should tape his father to show his daughter when she grows up so she can never be confused by a large number of third parties telling her otherwise about her father’s accuracy and honesty.

    Traditional Chinese upbringing makes us too tender and too ready to collapse in the face of evil.

    It’s more fun to fight evil. Trust me, they hate it and they are not used to it.

    What did the old man say in Siu Ngo Gong Woo to Ling Wu Chung? Only the defeated understand how to fight this way.

    Only the victims who have already suffered KNOW that the perpetrators cannot bear the same medicine that they dished out to the innocent?

    So let’s fight. It’s just another swallow of old poison for me but for you, you won’t like the novelty of it.

    That is what Paul is doing and his FORMER band members throwing cold water from the sidelines should NOT deter him. He has to have recognized that his family is at risk and is worth the useless negative opinions of everyone who is frightened that THEIR amygdalas will be distressed by learning of his travails/

    THis is a culture that raises us to become INCENSED

  6. at the mere mention of violence or rape when it happens to other people

    “what is your disease? why do you have to talk about that stuff?

    naturally decorous Chinese females don’t discuss such things”

    I don’t need a lesson in modesty – I need to stop gangsters from taking me into custody.

    What kind of morality is it when third parties try to shut the TARGET up?

      1. @Ginger
        I have the same reaction as you when I read Cleo comments xD

  7. Could it be, and I know it is remote but could it be he meant another father?

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