Beyond Says No to Reunion Concert

Even to this day, Beyond is considered to be one of the most famous and legendary Chinese musical partnerships of the 20th century. Although the rock band was never the same again after the death of the legendary Wong Ka Kui (黃家駒) in 1993, many fans look forward to see the quartet-turned-trio band to reunite on stage and bring back the old Cantorock classics.

The group had announced their split in 1999, but they reunited in 2003 to embark on a world tour to commemorate their 20th anniversary. After performing their last concert in 2005, the group announced their official disbandment.

This year marks Beyond’s 30th anniversary of formation and the 20th anniversary of Ka Kui’s death. On April 3, Ka Kui’s grave was strewn with flowers. Similar to the Leslie Cheung (張國榮) memorial concert that was held earlier this week, fans hoped that Beyond will reunite once again for another memorial recital.

But according to Next Magazine, Beyond has no intentions to reunite.

Yip Sai Wing Not Interested?

Yesterday, Next Magazine contacted band member Steve Wong (黃家強), Ka Kui’s younger brother, and asked if the band plans to hold a reunion concert this year. Steve replied, “Sorry! No more Beyond! Please forgive [us].”

An insider revealed that producer Vigo Yau (丘亞葵) wanted to gather the three members for a concert. Vigo admitted this in a phone interview, “I had a chat with Steve last year. Both Steve and Paul Wong (黃貫中) are interested, but Yip Sai Wing (葉世榮) doesn’t want to return. Since they have different dispositions, I’ll rather not force them.”

Beyond Members at Odds?

Ka Kui was not only the leader of Beyond, but also the soul of the group. After his death, rumors of Beyond’s discord ran rampant. The alleged quarrels between Steve and Paul consistently made headlines, and their friendship was allegedly to be at its most heated when Steve accidentally slipped to the press about Paul’s relationship with Athena Chu (朱茵).

When Sai Wing left Hong Kong for a career in mainland China, tabloid reports claimed that Steve and Paul were unhappy with Sai Wing for using Beyond’s popularity for his own benefit. Rumors of Sai Wing clashing with the Wong duo were further fueled when Steve and Paul held a joint concert together without the presence of Sai Wing in 2009.

Nonetheless, many organizers are attempting to reunite the trio together. Some studios are trying to hire them for as high as $800,000 HKD per concert show in Hong Kong. In mainland China, the studios are willing to pay $2.5 million HKD per show. In North America, Australia, and Singapore, they putting up $1 million HKD per show.

Sai Wing: “There is No More Beyond!”

Sai Wing is not completely against the idea of a Beyond reunion, but stressed that he does not want to do so this year. Sai Wing said, “I am now an ex-member of Beyond. I don’t understand why everyone wants us to [get back together]? [Beyond] has many other ex-members, and they made great contributions. Reunion with them is possible. I am just a part of the big picture. I am not against the reunion, but I have my reasons for not wanting to return. To me, Beyond disbanded in 2005. I don’t want to reunite and then break up again.”

Said Wing said, “I have my own dreams to fulfill. I am not young anymore, and I don’t have much time left. Why not let me pursue my dreams in the remaining 30 years of my life? Why do I have to satisfy everyone else’s wishes and not my own? I’ve always liked heavy metal, and that needs time to exercise. My second dream is to train newcomers and continue the spirit of rock music.”

Sai Wing insists that he is not in discord with his Beyond members. “We are still brothers. We were never at odds. We just have our own dreams.”


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  1. Sad that Beyond’s not as tight after Kar Kui’s death. It’s so different from Grasshopper. The 3 Grasshoppers are still tight after many years. Even though there are period where they each went to do their own things, they never break up.

    1. Aren’t 2 of the Grasshopper members brothers if I remember correctly?? If so, then that would help strengthen the bond. It is very touching to see group members still close even after they disband.

      1. Yes, 2 of the members are brothers. But, the 3rd is not. But, they are still close as ever.

      2. That’s great to know and wish that all of the other groups were truly close in real life too. I know that the Little Tigers are still close even after years of being disbanded…

    2. Kidd,
      There were rumors that Edmond So’s invested businesses did not do well, so he needs these Grasshopper reunion efforts for the money.

      Actually, Edmond’s wife, Winnie Lau, has also been performing at stage shows in mainland to help with the money.

      1. Jayne,
        Thanks for the info!! I did not know that Winnie still performed. I thought she retired for good.Glad that she is helping to carry the financial burden. Is Edmond their manager or something?? Why does he get money for their reunion??

      2. HeTieShou,
        With the reunion concerts, the performing members of Grasshopper would receive hefty fees. So Edmond So would get a nice injection of cash. If Beyond can command $1+ million HKD, then Grasshopper can as well. Money from concert tickets sales may be more profitable for older artists than releasing new music albums, especially since Grasshoppers’ dancing is best appreciated in live shows.

      3. Jayne,
        Thanks for your info, but wait… Edmond is a part of Grasshopper?? I don’t remember that he is. If so, then everything makes sense now.
        Ok,just looked them up and yes he is so I get it now… It would be great to see Grasshopper together again. They are a talented group.

  2. There are sadly always rumours of band members not getting along and I have a feeling that in a lot of cases, it may be true. However, they of course do not want to admit it. It is sad and I used to think that everyone in the same group would get along well and be closer. That is just my naive thinking I guess…

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