ATV to Hire 100 More Employees

ATV’s executive director Ip Ka Po (葉家寶) has announced that the revived station is expecting to hire at least 100 more employees for its news department. At a signing event with Kong Shum held in Admiralty yesterday, Ip Ka Po revealed that canceled ATV programs will official go back on air starting August 1.

Good Morning Asia, the news program at noon, the evening news at six, and the late-night news at ten will all be back on air,” said Ip. He also added that ATV plans to revive its Mandarin-language news and English-language news.

“However, we are short on people. Our colleagues in the news department wants to quickly go back to work with these golden programs.” Ip then revealed ATV’s plans on developing a new frequency, which may be a 24-hour finance channel. “As a result, we’re going to have to hire up to 100 more people.”

A few days ago, ATV was fined $300,000 HKD for airing a false news report back in March. The report falsely stated that ATV’s major investor would sell the controlling stake to HKTV’s Ricky Wong (王維基). Ip said ATV’s new investor will be taking care of the fines. “We will be more careful with our news in the future,” he said.

A few years ago, ATV accused Ricky Wong of theft, forcing the latter to sue ATV and ATV’s former executive director James Shing (盛品儒) for defamation. A pre-trial review was finally held yesterday, and the official trial will be held in November.


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  1. i am disappointed that atv is hiring 100 new employees for their news department. they haven’t been making drama for years and it doesn’t sound like that they are planning to make them anymore. it’s really sad that tvb is the only station that makes cantonese dramas.

  2. im not sure why they’re still lingering and holding onto the license when they clearly are no longer a TVB competition.

    HK needs new blood and a good station so we have more variety. Too bad HKTV couldn’t make it and ATV doesn’t seem to have any light of hope for a change.

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