Barbie Hsu Gives Birth to Second Child

The former Taiwanese idol actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) has welcomed her second child, a baby boy, with husband Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲). Wang’s mother, businesswoman Zhang Lan (張蘭), was the first to share the news on May 14, which was then leaked online.

“Two years ago a little angel arrived in our family. Today, it is a son, like the character ‘good’ (好)! More good luck will be on the way,” said Zhang Lan in a private message to friends. Wang later confirmed the news himself. “Thank you for everyone’s blessings. Our son is very healthy. My wife and I are still at the hospital for further observation. My experiences from today gave me a new meaning and knowledge to life. I am thankful for the family and friends who have stood by my side. I wish everyone well.”

Barbie could not be reached for comment, but her manager confirmed the baby news. In a statement, her manager said Barbie was admitted to the hospital on Saturday after feeling unwell. After a thorough check-up, the doctors decided that it would be best for Barbie to deliver the baby before its full term.

“We are all very thankful to the doctors and the nurses for their professionalism,” said the statement. “[Barbie] has successfully given birth to a healthy baby boy. Mother and son are well! Thank you everyone for the concerns and well-wishes. Barbie has received them all. Please let the mother rest for now, and when she recovers, she will personally share this wonderful news with everyone.”

Barbie and Wang Xiaofei, married in 2010, also have a daughter born in 2014.

Source: Sohu

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  1. Read this at anothet site already and my first reaction was I didn’t even know she was expecting baby #2! But congratulation and good to know both Mommy and baby are safe and healthy!! Happy news!

      1. @asian2015 I actually never find her pretty. Run and hide from her fans……

        Happy for them for sure as read on the other site that she had an emergency csection. That is always scary.

      2. @jessehsuan @happybi add me in as another person who never found her pretty. and in my opinion, her acting was alright. definitely much better than some of the actresses in TVB but she was okay.

      3. @happybi i have yet to watch Mars (so behind lol) but I saw her in A Chinese Ghost Story and i definitely like Jessica Hsuan more (and doesn’t help that Jessica’s character had more depth, and in my opinion, more lovable).

      4. @akinu hehehhehe Mars is old!!! She was good in that one imo. But if you have stuff to watch, it can wait. Ehhehehe haven’t watched a tdrama for a very very long time now.

      5. @happybi oh i know it’s old. it’s like 12 years ago lol. but 12 years ago, i wasnt able to find sites to watch Asian dramas until like now. i’ll wait on it but do want to watch it for the sake to see the popularity behind it….or i’ll go the lazy route and watch the japanese version as it’s shorter lol.

      6. @msxie0714
        Let’s put it this way, he’s already more handsome compares to the sister’s hubby I think. I remember I was watching clips on utube one time and her sister Xiao S was comparing w/her on who’s husband is more handsome. A utuber commented ” WTF BOTH UGLY why are they even mentioning the word handsome??? hahhahaah LOL… It’s true esp the sister’s husband, I mean like can’t be any more average joe than that face and she has the nerve to say handsome. Honestly, I think this big S got lucky b/c she’s heading into her 40’s and this guy don’t look at his face but I think it was mentioned that he is RICH in the mainland so thats prob why the known each other for a month or so and just hitched, she probably snatched him away before someone else did? I don’t find him handsome either but in compares to old, ugly rich man he’s average looking and rich so who’s luckier? haaha LOL….

      7. @asian2015 Don’t kill me now… she-man mean her face looks like a guy to me…I find Gaile Lok like that too.. Just her face.. she has a nice body..

      8. @happybi Lol. You know what the funny thing is? That she’s a former Miss. Hong Kong and that time she was chubby too then she slim her body down.

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