Being Called “Soft Rice King”, Lai Lok Yi Admits to Depending on Wife

It has been four years since Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) married Nicole Lee (李潔瑩), a former Miss Hong Kong contestant and an heiress to her father’s Hong Kong skincare clinic business. Although the couple are happily married and already has a son, Lok Yi still has to deal with negative press calling him “Soft Rice King,” a slang for men who depend on women for financial support.

Despite the negative press, Lok Yi takes the offending nickname in stride and faces the comments confidently. Confessing that he really depends on his wife, Lok Yi said that he believes that his wife brings him luck.

Works Hard to Prove Himself

In addressing the negative comments, Lok Yi will let time be the judge, “I don’t respond too much to avoid fueling the gossip. It’s enough that my family knows what I’m doing. I will work hard to show everyone what I’m doing. Of course, I can’t immediately surpass my father-in-law’s wealth, but I can say that I have the ability to take care of my wife and son. They can live comfortably and not worry about their livelihood.”

Because of Lok Yi’s dependence on his wife, many wonder if he has less power in the relationship. Lok Yi responded that it’s true, but he doesn’t mind. “If there is conflict with my wife, the husband should take the initiative to mend the relationship. I chased her in the relationship so I can love her more. My wife manages a lot of things, especially my son’s education. She had a better education than me so of course she handles that. I take my son to school and will step up when there are important matters.”

Lok Yi knows how to get along with his wife and stated that they rarely have conflict, “I know how to handle relationships. It’s through being tolerant. Diffuse the big issues and let the small issue go.”

Wife Brings Him Luck

Since Lok Yi and Nicole got married, his career has been developing and gained more popularity. Thanking his wife for the support, Lok Yi said, “After I got married, my career has been developing well. I believe in feng shui and place auspicious items around the house. My wife would say, ‘You don’t need to place them, you only need me.’ I can only agree with her!”


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  1. I was surprised that TVB had not promoted Lai Lok Yi much in the last 2 years while they were so short of actors. Lai Lok Yi had improved quite a bit in his acting skills, and he is tall and decent looking.

    I did not like him in the past as he had lazy intonation, but he was able to get rid of this problem two or three years ago.

    I wish him lots of luck for being so loyal to TVB.

    1. @orchid123 Haha I couldnt stand his lazy speech as well. Being that ita
      only past few years he got rid of it is bit late though since hes in his 40s now.

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