Benjamin Yuen’s Grandfather was a Bodybuilder

Good looks run in Benjamin Yuen’s (袁偉豪)  family. Benjamin inherited his grandparent’s exceptional genes, especially his grandfather’s muscular physique.

To commemorate the Mid-Autumn Festival, a special day for family reunions, Benjamin Yuen revealed exclusive photos of his grandfather on his Weibo. Benjamin wrote, “My beloved grandfather used to be a bodybuilder when he was younger! Never expected that in 2007, I would become Mr. Hong Kong!”

The Always and Ever <情逆三世緣> star showed a black and white photo of his grandfather, posing in swimming briefs. With muscular arms, toned chest, and sharp abs, Benjamin’s grandfather was much more fit than Benjamin himself during his Mr. Hong Kong days!

Benjamin shared two more photos of his grandfather, in which one photo was of his grandfather wearing a pilot uniform. Benjamin said, “My grandfather was also Demon Cool [Jayden Koo in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>].”

He finally shared a clear sepia portrait of his grandmother. “[My] pretty grandmother!”

Benjamin Yuen's grandfather  Benjamin Yuen grandmother

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. His grandpa was handsome. His grandma looks a bit like Charmaine to me.

    1. The Apple Daily said 外公 that means it Benjamin mother’s father, is his maternal grandfather

      1. I did not look at the original article so did not see if it was wai gong or yeye. Thanks for the info since I thought it was his yeye.

  2. At first glance at grandpa’s pic I thought he was an actor he is much more handsome then Benjamin lo.

  3. If Jacky Chan ever makes a biopic of himself, Benjamin wld be a good choice to play him cos he looks like someone with brawn but not much brain.

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