Benny Chan Shares Family Photos

Actor Benny Chan (陳浩民) and his wife Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) shared some of the family photos they took recently with their three children — 3-year-old Elizabeth (陳雅薷), 1-year-old Cyrus (陳璟逸), and 6-month old Isabella (陳若嫣). The family of five looked glowing and blissful in the family portraits. The theme was a wedding; Lisa and Benny were respectively dressed in a bridal gown and tux, while their three children were dressed in similar luxurious fashion.

Benny, Lisa, and the kids spent an entire day doing the photoshoot, which included outdoor locations. Although it was a tiring day, the kids remained cheerful and active the whole time, creating a playful atmosphere for their parents and the photography crew.

Feeling touched and inspired by the photos, Benny expressed that he will work even harder in the future to provide more happiness for his family.

Benny Chan family 2 Benny Chan family 3 Benny Chan family 4 Benny Chan family 5 Benny Chan family 6 Benny Chan family 7 Benny Chan family 8


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  1. How can his son be only 1 year old while her young daughter is 6 months old? His son has to be at least 9 months older than his youngest daughter? A new pregnancy takes at least 9 months!!

  2. The article from the Chinese source did not indicate the ages of Chan Ho Man’s children.

    Based on the above photos, his oldest daughter looks like 4 years old, his middle son looks like 2 years old, and his youngest daughter looks like 6 months old or less.

  3. Such a beautiful family! His kids are absolutely adorable! Elizabeth and Cyrus resemble their father, while Isabella has her mother’s features 🙂

  4. hm…a little misleading…the 2 youngest siblings are very close in age….prolly like a year apart…so possibly 1 and a half and the other 6 months old.

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