Bernice Liu and Rachel Lee for New ViuTV Sitcom “The Entertainment Storm”

Our favorite princesses are back!

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), Rachel Lee (李麗珍), Ben Yuen (袁富華), and Power Chan (陳國邦) are among the stars for the upcoming ViuTV sitcom The Entertainment Storm <娛樂風雲>, which is set around the peculiar lives of office workers.

“I’m actually already about a little more than a month in,” shared Bernice at the show’s blessing ceremony in Kowloon Bay. “I started filming in late March. I’m currently doing several things at once. I have to promote Till Death Do Us Part <婚內情>, film this sitcom, and had studied for an exam. That’s why I haven’t been appearing much lately.”

Filming has been hectic as the studio hopes to be able to film enough episodes to premiere the sitcom in July. The Entertainment Storm is currently set at 100 episodes.

“I haven’t filmed an actual sitcom since Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜>,” shared Bernice with a laugh. Virtues of Harmony was Bernice’s debut television drama and her entry into the industry after winning Miss Chinese International 2001.

“I’m really excited about this,” she said. “I spent the last few years playing characters in complicated love stories. A lot of depressing love triangles. [The Entertainment Storm] is much more relaxed and fun to do in comparison. We get to play some fun office politics. I love working with Power Chan and Ben Yuen, who plays my boss.”

As for her relationships on the show, she said, “There are plans for my character to meet some potential love interests. A love triangle, but this time, I’m the one being chased by both of them!”

On the other hand, Rachel Lee shared that she’s only started filming a week ago. Spending a lot of time with the younger cast members, Rachel said filming the show reminded her of her first few years of debut.

“The younger generation is very smart,” she said. “Compared to when I first started, I felt stupid! I didn’t know anything, just went with the flow. The kids nowadays are much smarter.”

Playing a mother on the show, Rachel also shared, “I don’t understand a lot of the slang that the younger generation uses now. I had to ask around a lot.”


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