Bernice Liu Thanks Sunny Chan for Guidance On Set of “Till Death Do Us Part”

Currently pursuing her business studies in Canada, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) will return to Hong Kong to start filming for a new 100-episode sitcom for ViuTV once she completes her academic studies.

The 40-year-old actress said, “This time my role will be more light-hearted and funny, I look forward to presenting a brand new image as my dramatic roles for the past three years have all been very intense.”

Praises Sheren Tang for Powerful Acting

In the new ViuTV series Till Death Do Us Part <婚內情>, Bernice and 53 year-old Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) play a pair of sisters who have some animosity between them. Bernice praised Sheren, “It’s my first time working with Sheren. She is a very serious worker and is very immersed in her role. She maintains this throughout the very first meeting to the reciting of lines until we get on set. Although she is my sister in the show, we didn’t know each other well. I recall a scene where we were supposed to meet up after a very long time apart. A few hours before filming, Sheren intentionally distanced herself from me, because she didn’t want us to feel as if we were very friendly with each other. This was very helpful for our scene.”

Bernice also admires Sheren’s powerful acting, as she recounted how the latter was able to deliver a completely new way of approaching the scene she had just done upon the director’s request, and said she is a very good role model to learn from.

Grateful to Sunny for His Guidance

In the drama, Bernice’s character had left to a faraway place due to Sunny’s character, and discovered upon her return that he is now her brother-in-law. Despite this, the two continued to have a complicated relationship. “Although I have acted as the third party in other dramas, this time, my feelings were much more complex and multi-layered. I have collaborated many times with Sunny, such as the period drama The Greatness of A Hero <盛世仁傑>. He always watched over me and took care of me even outside of filming. There was once when I was doing an emotional scene for Healing Hands III <妙手仁心Ш>, where I broke down over my father’s demise. I could not recollect my emotions after the scene ended. He happened to be filming close by and came over to help calm down my emotions. He understands me rather well; maybe it’s because we share the same horoscope sign!”

A Selfless Co-star On Set

Sunny also helped her tremendously on set with his rich acting experience and meticulous working style. Bernice said, “He would do a lot of work and would read through the entire script. Although being an artiste is about showing off your abilities and often putting yourself first, he is very experienced and is able to spot any issues that would arise from a broad bird’s eye view. Although I have been in the industry for years too, I would sometimes miss these as I am not as meticulous. Sunny would discuss how best to approach the scene before the cameras start rolling, and bring me into the thick of the plot – to have co-stars who would do such ‘homework’ for your role is definitely rare!”

Sees Who Her True Friends Are After Life’s Trials

Encountering failed romances these few years, Bernice looks back laughingly at her life plans to get married and start a family at 24 when she was younger. She realized that one can’t force things to happen, and also that love is not the only thing she needs to be happy. Kinship, friendships, and unconditional support from a group of close-knit friends are also equally important to her. Recounting how she once injured her waist during filming and had to be hospitalized for three months, she said, “Who came to visit me then? Who are the ones who truly cared for me? It became apparent then. Because of this, it made me realize I have to love and appreciate myself before I can give the same to others.”

Tough to Find A Partner?

Although she wants to have her own family and raise kids, Bernice understands it is challenging to find a partner who can accommodate her busy lifestyle and career commitments. “Because I will not be able to go on dates freely, I can’t accommodate my boyfriend’s schedule, and will fly off anytime, especially since I have my own businesses to take care of, and also want to continue furthering my studies. I also have a big family and even a simple family meal would mean three or four tables – this can be stressful for the other party!”

Nevertheless, Bernice admits that she prefers the coziness of a family while others might like a quiet romance with just two persons. Luckily for the actress, Bernice’s parents do not pressure her into marriage and give her plenty of support. “My sister has two kids and my younger brother has three. My parents are happy with five grandchildren already, and just tell me to be happy instead of forcing myself into doing anything. They give me a lot of space and this allows me to pursue my dreams and do what I really love.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly 
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