Bernice Liu Breaks Up with Boyfriend; Returns to Canada to Pursue Education

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) is single once again. After her high-profile breakup with Moses Chan (陳豪), Bernice suffered through several other failed relationships. It was only until recently that Bernice was confident enough in her newfound relationship with entrepreneur, Calvin Lo (盧啟賢), to finally publicize her dating status. However, Bernice and Calvin apparently broke up and the 39-year-old actress announced she is going back to Canada to further her education.

A divorced father, Calvin continued to be in a tangled relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Nina, while dating Bernice. Although Bernice fully trusted Calvin, he and Nina were recently spotted going on a date to see a Bruno Mars concert. Since then, Bernice disappeared from the limelight. It was only recently revealed that she had quietly returned to Canada for school.

Before becoming an actress, Bernice had attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver but did not complete her business degree. Deciding to go back to continue her education, Bernice shared, “I am currently living in the dorms. I am a college student now. This is my unfulfilled wish. A lot of people wonder why I want to go back to school after so long. Actually, the thought would cross my mind every few years. Personally, I am someone who enjoys school and learning. I don’t know if people know this, but I was actually pre-med. When I entered college, I wanted to become a doctor to help people. I switched majors in the middle of though. Afterward, I joined the pageant. My life made a 180-degree turn towards Hong Kong.”

Bernice shared that she will be staying in Vancouver for six weeks for school. Already 39 years old, is she still able to memorize things well? Bernice shook her head and admitted, “My memory is not good, so I have to find another way. Fortunately, my classmates are all very nice. I really enjoy life as a student! I am not focusing solely on school though. There are a lot of things I need to think about. I fly back to Hong Kong every week for work. I have to finish these six weeks of school and pass before deciding whether I want to continue with school.”

Though Bernice enjoys life as a student, her heart is still ultimately in Hong Kong. “I can’t leave my fans. When I have time, I will return [to Canada] and continue with school. I won’t give myself too much pressure. The most important thing is to enjoy the process.”


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  1. school is great but given that she’s flying back every week, how is she suppose to focus? given that she has yet to finish her bachelors and close to 40, there’s really not much time left to pursue another career.

  2. I really think she’s gotten botox on her jaw. It used to be a lot more prominent. Even with weight loss, I don’t think the effect is so drastic.

    But aside from that, sucks for Bernice. Thought she had it in the bag for this one – maybe she’ll find someone on campus. Wonder if anyone recognizes her at school. And omg a trip back to HK every week…that’d drive anyone bonkers. Why doesn’t she try staying in HK for school?

  3. I doubt she’s flying back every week. That’s an insane amount of money and time.
    Also not sure how she got into the dorms since they should really be for undergraduates and mostly first years?

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