Billy Luk on His Promiscuous Character in “Barrack O’Karma”

*Contains spoilers for Barrack O’Karma.

With each episode aired, supernatural TVB series Barrack O’Karma <金宵大廈> has captivated with its ability to thrill, surprise, and touch viewers’ emotions. The recent story arc featuring Billy Luk (陸永) and Zoie Tam (譚凱琪) as former lovers is humorous, but also touching as their characters realize how much they still mean to each other.

In the drama, Billy portrays a known playboy who is cursed to never find real love. Several decades ago, one of Billy’s ancestors indirectly caused a cabaret dancer to commit suicide due to his playboy antics. However, before the cabaret dancer died, she placed a curse on Billy’s ancestor – stating that he will eternally never be able to find true love, but after each breakup, the girl on the other hand, will find a rich husband.

With the curse surviving many generations and it finally landing on Billy, his character becomes a player and sleeps with many women to help them to find a rich husband afterwards. When he meets his ex-girlfriend Zoie, he initially only agreed to sleep with her so she can marry a wealthy man, but both parties soon realize that they have true feelings for each other.

Billy stated that his bed scene with Zoie is not as intense it seems, and was upfront about his promiscuous role with his wife, Reina.  On TVB green-lighting a sequel for Barrack O’Karma already, Billy hopes that he can have a chance to take part in the new series as well.

Letting Wife Do All the Work

In stark contrast to his onscreen flirtatious role, Billy is very devoted to his wife. Recently, he was spotted shopping with his wife and heading into a supermarket for groceries. Although Billy is usually known for being a loving husband, he soon split up with Reina in the supermarket and met up with a friend for drinks. Leaving Reina to do all the shopping by herself, she was seen heading back to the car and leaving with bags of groceries while Billy and his friend left separately.

Billy Luk in “Barrack O’Karma”

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Billy Luk’s Shocking Frugal Habits

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  1. How the hell did he got the part to act as a playboy what bod or looks does he have ??!! I find him and his buddy Ckwan annoying to watch

    1. @sherla1019 I know right? Perhaps they got popular being ODD looking? I know looks are not everything but sometimes they are just plain weird/oddballs.

    2. @sherla1019 Did you watch this series? In the series he was rich so I think that’s why girls flock to him. Also, it was later found out that the after the girls sleep with him they immediately marry rich; so that’s why the girls use him.

      I personally think 6wing acts better than a lot of TVB siu sangs nowaday. He doesn’t have the look but he’s very charming. He was great in Two Steps From Heaven.

      1. I like Billy too! Enjoy his sense of humor…hope to see Billy lead a series soon.

  2. I was surprised how much I liked him. At first, it was, “he’s a playboy?!?”. But it fits the storyline where he was a quiet, sensitive boyfriend that did not fit the picture of a wild ladies’ man. I also like Zoie a lot and find that they both have sweet screen presence.

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