Billy Luk Dreads Flirting with Ali Lee and Crystal Fung in “AI Rhapsody”

Taking on his first leading role in AI Rhapsody <智能愛(AI)人>, Billy Luk (陸永) will have an opportunity to showcase his acting skills. The actor is most nervous about his romantic scenes with Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Crystal Fung (馮盈盈). “I actually don’t know how to flirt and I don’t have much expectation in this aspect of acting. You should leave the flirting scenes to the young and good looking men.”

The drama focuses on the relationships between humans and cyborgs. Describing story arcs with the leading ladies, Billy said,“In the drama, Ali plays a cyborg, whom I treated like a servant until later developing feelings for her. Crystal plays my boss, and we have some sort of romantic development. Strictly speaking though, they are the ones chasing after me.”

Billy confesses that he does not enjoy being the center of attention of the two beautiful actresses. Though he already filmed two CPR scenes with Ali and Crystal, they were not romantic in nature and only necessary for the plot.

In addition to Ali’s character, Tyson Chak (泰臣) plays a cyborg with an older software and shares how he prepared for the role, “I am not as impressive as Ali since my AI is not upgraded. I spent a couple of months studying mechanical movements. The character is very fun, but unfortunately cyborgs don’t have any leg hair. I am very hairy, so I used 20 wax sheets to remove my leg hair. At first I found it hard to walk, but now my legs feel cold, and I have to wear long pants.”


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