Ali Lee Proves Her Acting Chops Once Again in “AI Rhapsody”

“Frozen” by TVB in 2019, Ali Lee (李佳芯) is finally given a chance to shine again. AI Rhapsody <智能愛人> is currently airing on subscription platform, myTV Super, and will also be broadcast this summer on TVB Jade. Portraying an emotionless android in the drama, Ali takes on her most challenging role to-date.

Despite her Best Actress win in 2018, Ali’s status at TVB became shaky after making a politically sensitive comment on social media. TVB immediately halted all her dramas and she was pulled out of the casting list for four dramas, including Plan “B” <寶寶大過天>, Legal Mavericks 2020 <踩過界II>, Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II>, and Kids’ Lives Matter <星空下的仁醫>.

Recognizing Ali’s talent, TVB tested the waters last year by airing Death by Zero <殺手> to observe viewers’ reactions. With the positive reception, Ali was subsequently cast in AI Rhapsodywhere she portrays an android who primarily functions as a family maid. She unexpectedly becomes attracted to Billy Luk’s (陸永) character, and even has fantasies about him.

Billy Luk and Crystal Fung Praise Ali’s Acting

Filming AI Rhapsody proved to be a new challenge for Ali, who had to control her micro expressions to resemble an android. 

In the drama, Ali competes against Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) for Billy’s heart. Crystal praised Ali for being able to portray such a difficult role. “She is not allowed to blink and she has to keep her eyes wide open for many minutes. One time, her eyes were so dry that her contact lens fell out. Even I got rashes from filming in the intense heat.” 

Billy believes that Ali’s acting is beyond the level of a TV Queen. “She is able to portray a non-living being so well, that she should win an inanimate object acting award. It is very tiring [to act this way]; she was amazing!” 

TVB executives are very pleased with Ali’s performance and decided to give the actress a second chance, which is why the station recently aired Beauty and the Boss <愛美麗狂想曲> and variety show Doggie Training Camp <狗狗診療所>, which she co-hosts with Gregory Charles Rivers (河國榮).        

With TVB’s gestures perhaps paving a road for her to win Best Actress again this year, Ali  remained modest, “As long as I fulfill the duties of an actress, I will leave everything else to the company.” 

“AI Rhapsody” Trailer


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Ali Lee’s Lowest Point in Her Career: Dropped From Four Dramas

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  1. Finally a post about this! I’m interested in hearing what people think.

    I really enjoy this drama so far, it has a refreshing storyline and cast, not just another gang/cop/lawyer story. Ali is nailing the character, she’s so good in this and again brings that special charm/quality that makes you fall in love with the character.

    Only thing is that I’m annoyed they premiered this online first because it will hurt ratings when it airs. But maybe they will get lucky with Ali being in it, I heard beauty and the boss did pretty decent even though it aired online earlier.

    1. @tt23 I watched one episode and a bit more. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to finally NOT have a theme song from The Voice. It’s literally music to my ears!!!
      Fact: Ali gets her role right EVERY TIME. Fact: C Kwan’s comedy is saving TVB’s variety shows/dramas from complete doom.
      I will withstand FYY for Ali, but she does seem less annoying in this. I think the way her mouth moves when she speaks is less weird here.
      Anyways, I’m glad Ali got dropped from Big White Duel 2, because of is current cast it just sounds like a flop. I do wish she stayed on for LM2 but then again Never did actually die instead of the open ended finale in BWD. TVB needs to give her a new drama or else we’ll all be on an Ali drought for the rest of 2021!

      I’m so glad I can watch this instead of what’s airing right now. The new Ruco drama is absolutely a repeat from the 2010s, which were a repeat from the 2000s police shows. One word: boring. Such an old-fashioned, predictable storyline and crappy editting about cops/cases/shoot outs/love life problems. I want 2010s Ruco back. Reality Check was such a good drama. (sorry for off topic).

      1. @bubbles23 I love the song they have! It’s cute. The editing feels a bit choppy but it’s not too noticeable.

        I’m slowly watching it because I want to enjoy it, everything has been crap. I will try to watch Bobby’s show because it’s Bobby but that one is hard. Yes you are so right Ruco’s show is very 2010 haha. I’ll watch it because of ruco but yeah 2010 ruco was the best. I think this will be his year, they seem to be promoting this show a lot

      2. @bubbles23
        Yeh congrats to Ruco for going backwards once again. Another terrorist drama and another of the same role, same acting. At least Ron has moved on since Ruse of Engagement but Ruco seems stuck in 2010.

      3. @jimmyszeto they don’t call it the “ATV smell” for nothing haha! Tvb should stop with the investigator/cop series as evidently they cannot write cases properly. This goes for Bobby’s show too. And those cop training scenes are cringe x100 with a bunch of skinny guys going on a survival test.

      4. @tt23 ikr. Like the police are either overweight or stick skinny and you want the audience to believe they swam in the lake overnight??
        The “omg I’m so exhausted” look on their faces (even Ruco) is so laughable because the whole thing is cringeworthy.

    2. @tt23 with all the chats about this show now, i hope it will garner enough attention from many more in Aug.

      TVB needs to give her a new show soon else we will not see her in any more drama for the rest of the year or even next year! ;(

      1. @conan2209 hopefully it will, I don’t understand tvb’s tactic lol. And yeah I hope they give her a new show soon too!

  2. I’m not a fan of Ali but I watched the first episode and she’s incredibly convincing as an AI. Really top notch acting

      1. @conan2209 when i saw a post about Ali, i knew you’d be on it promoting her LOL

        looks like i have to fight with you for ali’s number one fan

        Ali is definitely perfect for this role!!

  3. love the trailer. it gave away the entire plot. typical tvb production, predictable.

    1. @m0m0 it’s actually not a TVB production. The producer and his team are not from TVB but it’s aired in TVB. That’s why when the show was announced, many were concerned it meant TVB will continue to sideline Ali.

  4. I’ve enjoyed all the episodes so far. It’s definitely fresh and so different compared to all the other themes TVB has produced. I’m an Ali fan so this was a definite must see and I’m so glad I was right. She is so so convincing as an AI and the main cast is just as great. This is my 1st time watching Crystal Fung in any series and thought she is fine and plays her part decently, but Ali has stolen this show.

    This series was not shot in a studio so it gives the series a refreshing point of view. I find that the office scenes has that Wes Andersen feel; quirky, a bit retro, and has a defin color palette. The irony is that given their high tech business and products, there is nothing in that office that is high tech in 2020!

    This series has a heart and so many feelings and asks some important questions regarding AI and humans. Overall, it’s a great series so far and I highly recommend.

    1. @jackjackbug many here, like me, will watch it for Ali 😉

      She’s so convincing in it!

      This proves its scripts and acting skills that earn ratings , not big budgets

  5. Honestly, she’s probably the best actress TVB has right now. Versatile, and has actual fafan presence imo. Pretty rare at tvb these days.

  6. She’s the only TVB actress that viewers would watch a series specifically for her. They need to promote her more and cherish her.

    1. @potatochip i had a look at TVB’s published result and income from partnership with China is their largest source (or 2nd largest). They have no choice but to continue to kowtow to the chinese. Income from paid station is going up though so hopefully, we will see more of Ali on TVB Gold/TVB Anywhere.

  7. Honestly, Ali is the only TVB actress that I enjoy to watch by far as the station lacks of talents.

  8. Honestly as great as her acting is, the story itself is kinda cringe and should belong to anime lmao. Real life people enacting these kind of stories are just pure cringe.

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