Ali Lee Plays a Robot in New Drama, “AI Rhapsody”

Although winning TVB Best Actress for her performance in Who Wants a Baby? <BB来了>, Ali Lee’s (李佳芯) career hit an unexpected hurdle when she expressed her pro-democracy views last year. As the station was concerned about the Chinese market’s reaction toward its politically-outspoken artistes, Ali’s job opportunities disappeared for six months and she was dropped from four dramas. Luckily, due to the good reception of her series Death by Zero <殺手>, Ali was finally given a chance to film another project.

Confirmed to star in new TVB drama, AI Rhapsody <智能愛(AI)人>, Ali will challenge herself as a robot. Behind the drama is producer-scriptwriter Chan Kiu Ying (陳翹英)–a former esteemed TVB script editor in the 1980s who later worked at ATV and produced the hits, Hong Kong Today <今日睇真D>, Who is the Winner <勝者為王>, and The Good Old Days <再見艷陽天>. His latest production credits include critically-acclaimed 2019 ViuTV drama, The Republic <理想國>, which explored the unanticipated problems of a technologically-controlled society.  Exploring the theme of robots and human love in AI Lover, Chan Kiu Ying expressed his excitement on having Ali on board and is confident that she will be able to bring this role to life.

Cast in the drama are Billy Luk (陸永) in his first lead role, and also Crystal Fung (馮盈盈). Working with Ali again, Crystal said, “Even though I haven’t finished reading the script yet, I know the three of us will be romantically involved, and we will have many scenes with each other. I’m really thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to filming–especially after working with Ali in Big White Duel <白色強人>, I’m so happy that we’re collaborating again!”


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Billy Luk on Landing His First Lead Role in “AI Rhapsody”

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  1. Woooo another Ali drama! I’m guessing that’s the drama that she said was going to be filmed in August. Billy as lead lol but I don’t mind him on screen. Crystal although annoying in real life she was good in Apple Colada so hopefully it’ll be okay. If it was just them 2 I wouldn’t watch it but since there’s Ali then let’s go!

  2. I am excited to see Ali again. A robot will be a cool role. Unsure about Billy being lead. Crystal is so bland, so I am not looking forward to get in this series.

  3. Because encouraging people to vote = separatism?! At least the issue is over now. Hopefully this drama has a good budget for styling and locations. Billy is a good actor but FYY may ruin the whole drama for me eeeepp. But I will support Ali forever

    1. @bubbles23 wait till you see the latest about Sharon Chan! Sharon put up a pic about 2 kids returning to their father ( that looks to me like lost child returning to Jesus) and the Chinese are calling her pro democracy. Sharon just got pulled out from Flying Tiger.

      I support the return of Ali! I hope the producer and Ali will bring success to the ratings of the show! The producer is apparently well known and it’s rumoured he specifically asked for Ali

      1. @conan2209 I was a bit skeptical about the theme of the drama but it seems like it’s by a famous scriptwriter/producer so there’s that.
        I guess a decade down the road we won’t have anymore Cantonese shows because apparently that’ll be anti-establishment too. Cherish the language while we have it.

  4. 陸永 Billy?? Seriously, a bit of a joke, he is no way ready to be a lead role, still see him as a comedian host lol. Ali can tell will do well in this role

  5. The drama seems like a fresh idea for TVB, I am excited to see Ali again but not Billy Luk or Crystal Fung

  6. I love billy. This is an interesting concept, annoyed that crystal is again in another drama with a good plot but Ali will outshine her so it should be fine.

  7. OMG..Billy Luk as lead? TVB has been sinking can they sink any further/lower? hahaha lol….Oh lord!! Imagine, next his equally talented costar? Jesus!!

  8. Billy Luk as lead.. This is one of the reasons why I can’t take TVB seriously anymore and is getting worse every day.

  9. Ali play as a robot? That’s dumb things ever why don’t they put Billy play the robot better and he’s the lead really? Is all the good actor dead or what? There’s plenty of choice I can name some. Chris Lai, Owen Cheung, Carlos Chan, Ruco chan, Stephen Wong, Jack Hu, Jonathan Cheung and Hugo Wong maybe?

    1. @cutie777 if she pulls it off well, she may be a hot contender for best actress! Even if she does not win, it’ll show everyone she’s a force to be reckoned with.

  10. I’m happy that Ali is finally filming again, but her co-stars… billy?! crystal?! You’ve gotta be kidding me. However the theme sounds interesting

  11. Crystal Fung again!! I find her super annoying lately.
    Excited for Ali.
    With Billy as lead, this might be a comedy drama. To me, he can act – probably his appearance may not fit as lead actor

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