Bobby Au Yeung Shares Birthday Kiss With Evergreen Mak

When Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) learned that Happy House, Hidden Dragon<樂府藏龍> co-star, Bobby Au Yeung’s (歐陽震華) birthday was the day before, she especially prepared a cake to celebrate his birthday. In addition to Myolie, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Angela Tong (湯盈盈) offering kisses, Evergreen Mak (麥長青) grabbed Bobby and kissed him on the lips! The scene was very humorous!

On his blog, Bobby revealed that he had celebrated his birthday with his wife, Fu Kit Lan, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), and Marianne Chan (陳妙瑛).  He laughed and said that his “three wives” celebrated his birthday with him. After finding out that Bobby’s birthday was the day before, Myolie prepared multiple birthday cakes to celebrate the occasion with the Happy House, Hidden Dragon cast and crew.

In the midst of filming a scene, Myolie suddenly pushed out the birthday cake, surprising Bobby. Since it was a grand scene and featured numerous actors, everyone present sang a birthday song for Bobby.   Numerous actresses pretended to kiss Bobby. Shockingly, Evergreen Mak rushed forth and forcibly kissed Bobby on the lips! Afterwards,, Bobby immediately wiped his lips. Bobby laughed, “Evergreen’s lips are very kissable and quite soft. I was very surprised today. I have never celebrated my birthday with several dozen women before.”

The filming of Happy House, Hidden Dragon was approaching to an end. Although most people would lose weight while filming in the intense heat, Myolie gained weight instead! “Since it is very tiring filming under the hot conditions, I wanted to eat more. Thus I gained weight.” Cooperating with Bobby for the first time, Myolie was very happy about the filming experience. Although Bobby often cracked jokes, Myolie was impressed that he could cry instanteously in emotional scenes.


Jayne: Indeed it was a humorous sight to see Bobby and Evergreen kiss! Happy belated birthday to Bobby!

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  1. I want to see Bobby in another police role… no idea why… I miss his chemistry with the generation of actresses that hav all left TVB

      1. Bobby’s interaction with Jessica Hsuan in ‘A Recipe for the Heart’ is priceless. The comedic talents of the two are unsurpassed in TVB, at most only equalled.

      2. My vote for Bobby and Esther Kwan. Jessica’s acting is always a bit restrained.

      3. Gotta agree I loved the Esther Kwan and Bobby pairing too. She always matched him perfectly. Jessica as well!

        Wish Esther would come back and do another show. I thought her talents were wasted in Best Selling Secrets.

  2. Is that Myolie? She looks scary and old in the pic above.

  3. It looks like Bobby is very well liked and thought of. I love Bobby too! HAHA He’s my “type”…too bad I’ve not found one in my own life day to day lol but at least I can watch reruns of his old series 🙂

    Happy Belated birthday!

    1. He is well liked and respected within TVB. He sounds jovial but I wouldn’t cross him. He looks rather stern sometimes. He may laugh ha ha ha but be careful of his sort, meaning you step on him he sits on you sort of mentality I gather from his looks.

  4. I still remember back in the days when Bobby was only playing cameo and minor roles. WOW, can’t believe that time has passed by so fast…. Happy birthday to Bobby and wish him the best.

    I bet they had a blast that day and it was so nice of Myolie to prepare all of the cakes for him. Hope they had fun filming and can’t wait to see this series. I have not seen an ancient series from TVB for awhile now..

    1. That was a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago. Still feel his best was in what was that negotiator role with Chilam??

      1. I know that was a long long time ago but I still remember and it is great to remember since it showed how far Bobby has gone….

  5. Bobby is a natural actor, being excellent in both comedic and serious roles… He had really good chemistry w/ Marianna Chan.

    1. What series were they playing opposite each other? From memory Marianne Chan didn’t really lead many series.

      1. “A Witness To A Prosecution” which starred Bobby, Jessica & Marianne 🙂

        I would love to see 3 of them in a series again!

      2. Marianne had plenty of lead series. She was one of the leading fa dans that left at her high point to start her own business in the 90s.

        Love the 3 of them together.

      3. ” From memory Marianne Chan didn’t really lead many series.”

        It will be harder to find series that Marianne did not lead in. In my memory, other than the fashion show series, Marianne lead in all the series she was in.

        Beside WTP, Marianne also play opposite Bobby in ‘Happy Ever After’.

        Just saw ‘Short of Love’ yesterday. I think Marianne make a very small cameo in the movie. There’s no close up pic, but the woman look and sound like Marianne.

      4. Love is beautiful, that Mulan series, she leads in I suppose ALL of her series either sole lead or shared leads. Can’t remember her being in the background. TVB did use to emphasise on Miss Hk contestants when in roles and luckily Mariann could act. What is she doing now? Married with kids? Still in that successful business of her?

      5. Not sure why, but I haven’t seen that many of her series. Most memorable is ‘A Tough Side of a Lady’ where she basically played Mulan, which I really enjoyed. Then there’s also Ultra Protection where she played support, and The Disappearance with Gordon Lam which was alright.

      6. Wasn’t she the lead in Love is Beautiful too???

  6. hmm for some reason, I don’t feel attracted to this ancient drama… looks boring. Mainly due to the ‘weak’ cast: Bobby, Evergreen and then Myolie + Linda and 20 other supporting actresses….

    TVB is giving Bobby all these crappy roles … i liked him in FOJ, FH, Witness to a Prosecution etc……

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