Bosco Wong’s Birthday Present to Myolie Wu Running Late

Although yesterday was Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒)32nd birthday, her boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) did not celebrate with her yet. He indicated that he did not give her the birthday present yet, while Myolie said that it was the thought that counted and not the actual present itself. Bosco said, “If I knew she would say that, then I would not have spent the money!”

At a promotional event yesterday, Bosco Wong and Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠) dressed as pirates to and threw water bombs at each other while playing outrageously. Wearing a revealing top and a  mini-skirt, Vivien battled the strong winds and while trying to tame her flyaway skirt, could not heed her top. 

Bosco Wong: “Women Are So Volatile!” 

Currently busily filming a new movie, Bosco indicated that he has been unable to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday and did not give Myolie her gift yet. Bosco said, “That’s right! I did not receive the gift in the mail yet.” (Did you spend a lot of money on the gift?) “Please do not ask! A person will feel more relaxed with the release of money. She likes the gift, but I do not want to talk about it. You can ask her about it later. Women are so volatile! If you tell them what the gift is in advance, they will say that there is no gift at all!” (Myolie indicated that it was the thought that counted and receiving a birthday card would be enough!) “She should have told me earlier! Then I would not have spent money!” As to Myolie falling sick, Bosco laughed and said that he also caught the cold from her. 

This year’s TVB Anniversary Awards allegedly excluded Wong Hei (王喜), Bowie Lam (林保怡), and other actors who had disagreeable relations with TVB from the nomination list. Bosco commented, “Each year, there are numerous rumors before the TVB Anniversary and I have grown accustomed to this trend. It is also dependent upon the audience to put in the votes.” (There are fewer competitiors this year?) “That’s not true. My competitors are too strong, thus my level of confidence is only average.”

Vivien Yeo Refuses to Discuss Old Flame 

Wearing a revealing outfit, Vivien Yeo indicated that she took the necessary precautions to avoid accidental exposure. Regarding Macy Chan (陳美詩)and Queenie Chu (朱慧敏) involved in an auto accident while working in Japan, Vivien noted that she just returned from Malaysia and will not disturb them [from recuperation]. Vivien hoped that similar accidents will not occur at TVB. 

Vivien’s ex-flame, Eric Suen (孫耀威), blasted TVB for taking improper safety precautions which caused Macy’s traffic accident. Asked to comment on the incident, Vivien said, “I read the news, but it’s best not to comment on these matters.”



Jayne: It’s good to see Bosco and Myolie bantering about their exchanging birthday gifts. I wonder what he got for her?

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  1. Jayne: It’s good to see Bosco and Myolie bantering about their exchanging birthday gifts. I wonder what he got for her?

    I guess we’ll only find out after they ask Myolie lol. Anyway, that is a very funny picture of Bosco haha

      1. if he is stupid enough to buy a wedding ring online without seeing it in person im sure myolie will beat him up badly and reject his proposal…

        not a chance!

      2. Lol, the stuffs online now are as good as they are in real life. Myolie won’t beat him up if the ring is good.

  2. Maybe some kind of expensive jewelry from other country but not a wedding ring.

  3. If Vivian knows the wind will blow strongly, why didn’t wear a safety pant inside the skirt? Is she trying to pull attention there or what?

    1. Perhaps the event organizer didn’t tell her beforehand that the costume will be that sexy?

      1. Maybe I’m a cautious person so I will wear safety pant under any short skirt i wear..its like common maybe vivian though it’s safe to wear short skirt outdoor? hmm pretty smart her hehe.

        Also, I thought “the custome” she’s wearing belongs to her own? if its really true as you said Masaharu, I think the organizer is a bit naughty trying to use her to gain publicity hehe.

      2. Veejay, from other photos of this event I saw that some other models are also dresses the same way as Bosco and Vivian, that’s where my thoughts of organizer-provided-costume popped up 😛

        Vivian has a nice body, which advertiser don’t want to use it for publicity? Hehe jk.

      3. Yeah Vivian does have nice body. She’s one of the lucky Ms Chinese asia frm Malaysia that was choosen by tvb and be in many series so far. There used be another artist from Msia who has filmed numerous series in tvb too but never was given the 1st lead prolly not pretty enough. her name is Cheung Wai Yee.

      4. @ Veejay

        Yeah, Angie Cheung never has a leading role in TVB series. But, she has played second lead before. Her most popular role I believe is in ‘Kindred Spirit’ as Ah Kwai.

        Looking at the current development of Vivien’s career, I feel that Angie Cheung has a more successful career. She may not be first lead, but, all of her roles in TVB series are major roles and she gets to branch out to movies. My favourite roles of hers is actually her role in MDWAV2. Her only ATV series I believe.

      5. @kidd,

        Do you think it could be that old series frm TVb and ATV has more better script/storyplot quality which gave Angie Cheung a memorable role? Because many ppl complained about tvb recent series that are either poorly written or copycat. That’s why Vivian has yet to be promoted or get to be play any remarkable role? I’m not sure but I don’t really like how Vivian going so far, her looks give ppl a foxy feels just like Fala did in her first two series. She does changed alot though all these years..rumours say she had botox.

      6. @ Veejay

        I don’t know. The few 90s TVB series that I watch recently didn’t impressed me that much. On the other hand, I was impressed with ATV’s 90s series. Maybe it’s just my choice of TVB series is wrong.

        I won’t blame the script totally for Vivien’s lack of successful. Her Cantonese is still poor, which affects her acting. Angie Cheung is an overall better actress than Vivien and her Cantonese is very fluent.

        Lastly, luck also plays a role. Angie was lucky she landed a role that was well-liked by the audience. Her role in Kindred spirit was meant to be a short lived role. But, because she was so well loved, after her character died, the scriptwriters have to write another role for her to continue her romance her character’s husband. Vivien has yet to get a role that shot her to popularity. Although people complained about the bad script nowadays, there are still outstanding roles that can shot an actor to popularity. Examples include Laughing Gor (Michalle Tse), Suen Ho Yeut (Tavia Yeung), Ka Ka (Linda Chung), Seung Joi Sum (Linda Chung), Chai Gau (Wayne Lai), Law Ba (Kevin Cheng).

      7. Veejay, Kidd rings the right bell. Vivien is pretty, but she has no luck getting “the role” 😉

    2. Intentionally? Uhm, not all the type of skirt that can accept a safety pant inside.

    3. Actually, she’s wearing biker shorts underneath her skirt and she said that she didn’t realize that was the outfit until she got there. It’s more likely that the advertisers want to pull attention towards her. lol

      1. Poor Vivien. Shows that event money is not easy to earn sometimes.

        Don’t know why Bosco always gets the best gigs. Throwing water bombs at sexy pirate girls sounds like every guy’s dream.

  4. Too many rumors about anniversary awards being cooked up making it turn into TBB humongous reality show of the year. Don’t sweat it Bosco, I like your performance but I have to say you have no chance 😛

      1. Muahaha Fox, …magical stick will appear and Raymond wins. Taking from Wayne, give the chance for the “younger”(not young) generation. “Reality” shows always have spices added inside the broth *LoL*

        Fun analysis from me, the probability for the reality show contestants to win the TBB Emperor/Empress throne are

        Myolie: 90%
        Fala: 9%
        Tavia AND Linda AND Others: 1%

        Michael Tse: 45%
        Kevin: 45%
        Raymond: 4%
        Bosco AND Wayne: 5%
        Moses AND Others: 1%

      2. I’ll take the magical stick and:

        1. Him will win Most Growing (in strengthen) award.

        2. TY will win Most Growing (in nose) award.

        And they are a couple :P.

        3. Linda will win Best Pepper (to cry) award.

        4. Bosco will win Best Mustie award

        5. Jessica will win Most Heavy (makeup) award, share it with Myolie.

        6. Ha Yu will win Deepest (after winning Best Actor, disappeared) award, share with Louise.

        7. LF will win Most Spring Blossom award (his number of gfs to be revealed this year passed anyone)

        8. Moses and Aimee will win Best Endured Couple (who can appear sweetieeee in front of the window – opened for paparazzis to do the job and only feed each other)

        9. Fala will win Weakest Police Award (don’t need to explain).

        10. Laughing will win Best Coming Back and Special Zombie Award in one day.

        11. Ricky Wong will win Best Spammer award!

        And we are going to the last and most important awards, which belongs to Best Actor and Actress! Here we have the winner……………………

        620 and Stephen Chan! Just look at their faces after Stephen’s court and we can determine the winner!

        Oops, so there are 13 awards to be sent. Unlucky number. Who care? TBB is already Totally Big Bullsheeeeeet, lol.

      3. at least Tavia is winning all the polls especialy weibo whcih means that she gets audience support. Myolie’s performance in Curse have gotten many crticism and the ratings are just average. Even if she does win, its not well deserved. Tavia already won best supporting actress, femail character, and most improve so shes just waiting for TV queen which she will get eventually(possibly this year since things might change if Myolie continues to get bashed by audience) TY’S chance is 50% as oppose to 1%

      4. @unkown lol, if Curse’s ratings are just average so far, then there are only 3 series that are considered above average. TVB’s ratings are not as good as they once were anymore. I like Tavia too but I think Masahuru’s probabilities are actually pretty realistic.

      5. @unknown: Which weibo poll? If you refer to the HKchannel one then it changed :P.

      6. @Masaharu: Finally can view your picture, lol. The emo is cute hehe.

      7. Unknown, hehe feel free to voice your views. I’m not against Tavia. I’m neutral to most of TBB female artistes perhaps with exception(and bias) to Kate. I favored her more since LOO 😉

        It’s just my analysis covering my subjective views on what basis TBB will cover in choosing the award recipients hehee

      8. @Masaharu: It’s good to know you are bias to Kate, haha. Me too. I started to like Kate after ppl bash her a lot and like her more after meeting her. She is really pretty in person and she is the friendly type, laugh a lot with a bright smile.

      9. Fox, LOL..I got amused with “ragecomics” emoticons recently

    1. Bosco… no chance… true. There’s always next year or depending how long the tenure of his agreement is.

  5. What happened to vivien yeo? She looks so dark, thin? I barely recognised her from her, well days of past. And her body is nice? Don’t you think she is too thin?

    1. Funn,
      I think Vivien has a nice figure, with good height and curves in all the right places.

      Poor Vivien looks very uncomfortable in her outfit and she had to bend her knees to prevent exposure.

    2. Funn, if Vivien is too thin, Fala, Myolie and especially Tavia will be skeletons hehe. In my POV Vivien and Kate has the right amount of meat on their bodies. Kate is fit especially. As a girl, I admire her looks in Paris Yiu’s LOO wedding gown. She has *the body* to make the gown look dreamy(despite the tragic events).

      1. How did they get such a perfect body? I mean like Fala, Myolie, Kate minus TY off (lol). I notice their arms are rather thin and they don’t have any “fat” belly at ALL.

        I know Botox can actually slim down those fat areas like Gillian told the press last time….

        So i think these girls actually have to starved themselves and be in an intense pressure inorder to slim down.

      2. Perhaps miscellaneous combination of slimming treatment, injections, diet, gym?

      3. Gym… I think they don’t have much time for that..

        Probably diet, intense pressure (lol) and injection 😛

  6. I think Bosco and Myolie are so cute together. I like that they’re okay with talking about their relationship while also not admitting it. haha

  7. What bugs me is that Myolie gave up her acting carrer to sing for a few years although she claims that she loves acting and that TV Queen is her goal. After loosing to Charmaine for TVqueen in 2006, she lost the passion for acting as evident because the audience did not liked any of her performances. Im not saying Myolie is bad, but its not fair that she comes back to TVB this year and gets all the hype to win TV Queen when the only thing that motovates her to act is the award. She use to be the actress that has the most potential, but things changed after 2006 when her carrer went downhill. THis is just my opionion.

    1. She loves both singing and acting. She didn’t give up her acting career. She still act in series every year, as far as I can recall.

      She gain back her audience love for her performance in ‘Rippling Blossoms’ and ‘Ghetto Justice’. But, I guess ‘Curse’ bring her down again? I have not watch the series. So, I don’t know how is her performance.

      1. She’s probably not win if based on her performance in curse. Haha whatever… I support tavia and linda.

    2. Myolie never gave up acting. She’s been in series every year as well as filming in Mainland so there were periods of time where she was not in Hong Kong. I don’t think she lost the passion- more that she hit a rut and her acting did not improve during 06-07.

      She’s just been praised more for her roles this year because she has likeable/interesting roles in Rippling Blossom and Ghetto Justice. I think she’s also doing a good job so far in Curse but her character is not very likable so far. It’s hard to judge her complete performance since only a few episodes aired.

      Anyways, does this mean that the TV Queen has to be really visible and been in series after series to show that she’s committed to acting? If so, I guess Kate Tsui should be getting the award. :X

      1. No I blv unknow mean TY is the winner. The Myolie comment is kinda typical. No different to the ones given to Charmain in 2009 and Sheren (even Sheren) last year.

  8. Uh, pushing her skirt down isn’t taking safety precautions. Maybe a booty shorts would have worked better?

  9. I admit that I am truly a TY fan. I know theres a lot of TY haters in this site, but I have to say is Tavia had started out doing side roles( with no lines) to minor roles to supporting to second femlae lead, and now to leading actress. I think she truly expereince the journey of an actress. I know anit Tavia fans thinks this point is getting old, but she is the only popular actress in TVB currnetly that started out from TVB training classs. I think she deserves some respect even though people say that her acting got worse, but many people do not think that. People should stop making front of her nose and what not because thats her business so why do people have to judge her physcial appearance? Im not trying to brag about Tavia because I felt like she is a good role model. As extreme as it sounds, I learned from her that if you work hard, you will suceed. Just like how she remained strong thorughout the years in TVB and tries her best even when she gets a boring character to portray. Like YSSS and MWNS, she took what she got and tries her best. Enough said, some of you might think im talking nonsene, but I just want to write out my opion about actresses in TVB.

    1. Her character in MWNS is hardly boring. If you think she’s boring in MWNS, maybe it could be her fault and not her character? Maybe she give a boring feeling to viewers no matter her acting?

    2. unknown: cool story bro, tell it again.
      I know that you’re trying to make Tavia sound deserving, and I agree that she has accomplished a lot, but why so defensive? All people are saying is that she doesn’t have a good shot this year…not saying she’s not as good as Myolie. No need to bash on Myolie because she’s doing well this year; she truly did a good job. At least if you’re going to say it’s unfair and it bugs you, you should get your facts straight.

      1. Did i even mention myolie in my comment? No so you should read before you reply to my commeent. Im only saying this becasue this website is constantly putting Tavia down for no reason like her nose and looking old? There are too many haters in this site that just bash her for no reason so i just want to know why this is the case. It is a nice story and i dont mind telling it again but i perfer not to cuz haters at this stie wont care. Myolie had a great year, but most of her reviews are negative in Curse( im watching this show and i think she does fine so im not bashing her)

      2. “Im only saying this becasue this website is constantly putting Tavia down for no reason like her nose and looking old?”

        You just give the reasons yourself at the end of the sentence.

      3. A little confused matter: Bob is unknown? You changed usernames here or it’s an accident that forgot to change username?

        If bob is unknown then look back, you have mentioned of Myolie with quite negative comment.

        Nose and Looking Old are 2 reasons :P, why say No?

        And I saw more reason than the nose and looking old alone. Just me I have given more than these 2 reasons to hate TY.

      4. Boy we all had it coming when die hard fans come to this site…

      5. @HTS: I blv they are already in this site but either not dare to post or using some random username to post.

      6. @Fox,
        I think you are right but luckily most of them don’t post or else there would be sooo many arguments and discrepencies… This site would then become a war zone…

      7. In case of war, Fox will disappear because Fox loves the peace.

        Ok, kidding.

      8. In the case of war; Fox will destroy anyone with a rain of 1000 arrows who dares to oppose her, haha.

        TY is a good actress but her nose is starting to look a little out of place. guess i have been affected a little by all the focus and her “shark” nose 🙂

      9. Exoidus, which side you will stay? Please stay by Fox’s side because Fox dun wanna fight alone :(. Fox scared ah~

      10. LOL, there will be no war anytime soon besides i think you already have many soldiers.

      11. Errrrr… Tavia’s nose is funny looking, I get very distracted even now and she is sorta older looking and she is boring. What’s not legitimate about those?

      12. Someone told me that Tavia was reported got herself a chin job just to match with her pointy nose in China Press Newspaper in Msia..

        She’s getting abit like LF now.. lol (Fox dont be mad) keke.

      13. Hmmm in China? Isn’t their skills still relative new compared to the elite in Korea?

        Have to admit that she has lost her appeal in my eyes. will still watch her if the male lead is good though i.e. Ruco or Steven

      14. Exoidus,

        No, I meant the Malaysia’s daily newspaper which is called CHina press LOL not the country country..

        Speaking about plastic surgery, I heard Korea has the best plastic skill.

      15. @ Veejay

        I thought she didn’t have surgery but just inject something in her nose that is not permanent? Why need to add the chin to match the nose. Wait for that nose to go back to it’s original shape/size is better.

      16. Uhm Fox will say to Veejay that LF’s nose looks nicer and believable than TY. If he did the plastic surgery, he is sure to have a better doctor than TY. So what? Sometimes cheap stuffs mean not good quality, lol. Maybe she should ask him for the number to solve the matter now. Her nose looks too distracting.

        And Face is the first mag who point her chin out. Uhm, now her chin can put a ruler on it.

      17. @Kidd,

        “if” tavia’s statement is correct that she just got herself injection on the nose to look better than is okay cuz it won’t last long but my friend told me that he saw the news of TY got herself a chin job recently just to match with her pointy nose..and I’ve a feeling that TY is getting obsessed with plastic enhancement now and also remind me of LF lol (fox :P)

        Nothing against Plastic surgery as long as it makes you good (NOT bad)..I doubt TY would be that silly to get herself a cheap surgeon..since she’s considered quite well off in HK. Maybe TY already got some advises from LF before she goes get her chin job?

      18. Veejay, practically speaking she has to balance the nose with the chin. But wouldn’t she look like the joker in the cards? Can she reverse the nose thing? Reverse it Tavia!! Look at Kenix Kwok and learn what NOT to do!

      19. her nose will prolly look worse if she stop the injection now. why not just do it permanenty just like LF.

        all you need is a little maintenance work done once in a while.

      20. speaking about Nose…

        Saw LF’s cousin sister, she’s quite pretty with sharp feature except the Nose though.

      21. @Veejay: Just look at the result and I blv she met wrong surgeon or injection. Her face looks extreme for the nose and the cheekbone. High to unbelievable.

        Xia Wei (LF’s cousin) is the type that the more you look at her, the more you think she has something special. First look, she is male-alike.

        For LF, my mother noticed his L chin even from ASITP. She said that this guy has a L chin. So I dun think he did something with his chin to be a L one, as it is already L. The nose maybe, sometimes not sure because his brother’s nose looks exactly the same to his and they share same faces but the chin, not sure. Then I’m sure that TY has more things to be changed in face than him by compare her from 01 to 05 and 11. She was look pretty in the past with a quite high nose, normal cheekbone, normal eyes and normal chin. Now she is going to go to this point: . Then I will say that TY makes herself look uglier than she used to be.

      22. @Fox,

        I didnt think LF’s cousin looks anything male like at all, I think she’s quite pretty with big eyes and nice skin..

        As for LF, I’m not trying to say LF’s plastic operation is something bad but this pic convinced me that LF did something to his chin

        As for TY, she still looks pretty despite in some angle, she looks kinda “urgh..odd” looking though but overall, she’s still attractive after the nose injection..

      23. If you see in this topic, the first pic is the straight angle while the second is 90 degree one. Even in the first pic, his chin is already L.

        One of his newest pic and from straight angle:

        It’s totally the same to the first one in this topic (for the chin).

        As for TY, the raise of the nose is more noticable. Even white ppl can’t have such height.

      24. No worries. I’m from malaysian and I support tavia. In fact, I’ve got a lots of frends love her.

    3. Btw, just want to clarify. I really like the character Fong Fong in MWNS. Tavia’s look does not match the character, but, she portrayed the character well in the series.

      I used to like Tavia a lot, really a lot, because I have high opinion on her acting. But, somehow, after BTROC, she kinda give me a boring feeling. I don’t know what happen. Was it because she disappointed me with her acting in BTROC or because her acting deteriorate after she got fame or because her look change? I really don’t know.

      But, I’m still able to appreciate her when she did a good job in acting.

      1. Kidd,
        “I used to like Tavia a lot, really a lot, because I have high opinion on her acting. But, somehow, after BTROC, she kinda give me a boring feeling. I don’t know what happen.”

        Tavia, like other actresses, such as Jessica, Myolie, and many others have hit a speed bump in their acting. Much like everyday people like us will sometimes hit speed bumps in our careers and don’t know what to do, how to overcome current challenges to surpass ourselves and do better. In real life, this may be equivalent to reaching a certain plateau in our jobs and being unable to get promoted or earn a salary above a certain level. It makes us wonder, is this it? Can we hit higher or this is the position I can only achieve? Am I meant to only climb to a certain level on the ladder?

        Actresses are people like us and have the same weaknesses too. The obstacle to reaching higher is really ourselves because we have long-time habits that may make us perform and do things the same way, or perhaps a mentality and tendency to respond to problems the same way. This sameness does not allow us to break through old habits and achieve higher.

        I will speak about Myolie and Tavia because they entered the industry around the same time and started from supporting to fadan status. Their acting styles are different but both hit a speed bump in their acting around the same time. I wouldn’t say their acting got worse, rather fans’ expectations of them grew over the years. Fans also expected to be entertained in a different manner and not always given the same acting interpretations, same expressions etc. We wish to be pleasantly surprised, much like the plot and dialogue in a series. Myolie and Tavia are both competent actresses, but it is their competency that also carved higher expectation from fans, who hope to see them surpass themselves and continue to get better.

        I see Myolie as the more desperate of the two and willing to take more risk through her more expressive emotions onscreen. Unfortunately, this also means that Myolie takes more severe criticism for acting in a manner uncharacteristic of what is expected of her, or when she attempts a new acting delivery, gets criticized for exaggeration. I still applaud Myolie’s efforts, although her performance may not always be spot-on, but I like her willingness to take risks. It is rather the TVB producers who may cast Myolie in the same romantic comedies that are inhibiting her career.

        IMO, Tavia is the more conservative actress as compared to Myolie. Tavia has achieved a certain level of status, credibility, and fame. I feel that she is less willing to take risks in her current career unlike Myolie. Tavia has perfected her emotional scenes, she can cry very well. However, there lacks a certain difference in subtlety between her onscreen performances. Thus, she may seem as if she is playing the same character types and thus viewers complain she is boring. Tavia is still quite solid, but again it is audience’s expectations that she surpass herself, which raises the benchmark much higher than what we have for Christine Kuo for example.

        I think Tavia would benefit if she observed Bowie Lam’s type of acting more. Although Bowie may play the same cool, calm types often, he manages to give a distinctness each character at the same time. Bowie’s technical expressions may be the same, but he somehow exudes the characters he plays. Great actors such as Bowie make his characters more 3D and breathe life. Tavia is a very competent actresses and I think one of the strongest fadans of her generation, however, she is unable to deliver overtly distinct personality in her onscreen performances.

        My recommendation is that Tavia leave her comfort zone behind, perhaps watch more series/ films from overseas and try to do things a little differently. Myolie should examine her own strengths and weaknesses a little more and adapt to suit herself. I feel that the criticism towards Myolie’s acting is a result of Myolie’s inability to identify her own weaknesses, thus she continues to pursue acting performances that make her look exaggerating.

        Winning the Best Actress Award may not be to topple a competitor’s acting, but to surpass one’s own weaknesses first. Btw, I believe in continuous improvement in oneself. The rate of improvement may be slower and we may be restricted by circumstances, but a strong will, good understanding of yourself, proper goal setting and flexibility really helps a lot.

        I hope Tavia and Myolie overcome their speed bumps!

      2. I used to like Tavia more than I do now as well. Her acting in BTROC was not good to me and she really overacted… I am still shocked that she actually won an award for that role. But then again, not really since TVB awards have now become a big joke…

      3. Kidd, I have always felt that way about Tavia generally expect when she gives out some occasional great ones. Like Vigilante Force, she was awesome there, alive. That Land Of Wealth? With Steven, what a pair! I love her to bits there. And then suddenly, when she is in the limelight, she is just boring. BTROC was aweful. She wasn’t that bad but frankly her character was badly written and she didn’t do the role justice too. I think the reason why you find her acting deteriorated is because she is suddenly in the forefront and you notice her more and you discover her acting is the same but somehow she just doesn’t have that leading lady charisma, which I have been saying for years.

        I used to call her zombie girl for her half opened eyes, like she is a walking dead. She’s not zombie girl but she ain’t miss sunshine either. It is sad but true that sometimes those with leading lady charisma is not always the best in acting and vice versa. And yes, her nose didn’t help things. Her feeble attempt at changing or vamping up her image doesn’t help. I wish she remained as she was; that girl who went to acting class instead of joining the Miss HK route, I respected her for that but now she seems to blend in like the others, therefore for someone who was different amongst the many she was refreshing but now she is someone blended in like the others, amidst the others more charismatic ones, she is unfortunately forgettable. I wish she go back to her roots; be the ordinary Tavia and focus on being a character actress. Fame or rather the pursuit of fa-dan route does not suit her.

    4. I think a lot of actors/actresses did have a rough journey as Tavia’s or even worse, so I don’t get the point of pointing that out. It doesn’t make her a better actress. Tavia is a public figure, so of course her physical appearance would be judged and talked about. I’m glad that you have learned a lot from Tavia, but you can’t expect everyone else to feel the same way. I don’t think you’re writing nonsense because different people have different opinions and I respect that. You should respect what other people think, too.

    5. Life of being an actress is hard and she is definitely not the only one who is hard working. Many others are even more hard working than her. I have never seen TY to be said to film 4 days without sleeping like Charmaine. TY still can enjoy her life much and have vacation frequently.

      Coming from TVB acting class is her advantage, not a disadvantage. She is trained before joining, not like the Miss-es who have to start to learn everything from zero. I give more credits to the Miss-es to have good acting because they don’t have a basement like TY but they still can improve and have good acting.

      Her nose is made fun by ppl because of the way she kept denying that. If she just admits, she won’t be teased. It’s too obvious but she still denies, so the point is there.

      As for working attitude, I also have a small collection of complaints from ppl who worked with her about her working attitude, such as Bobby said she often comes late and don’t collaborate in dirty scenes, or like to play and don’t focus on the director’s instructions in MOL, or make fun of Charmaine’s assistant in BTROC :P. So I also can say she isn’t a good role model of working hard. From her, I also can see that if you are in high position, you can act DIVA, keke.

      And in YSSS, MWNS, her character isn’t boring but her acting is boring. She did not bad, but not good neither. BTROC one is interesting, har? But she overdoes it. 2009 seems to be her peak time, after that she went down. TRB role is quite interesting, but she also gives ppl a bore feel.

      I’m admit I’m her hater, but see fair, she is a good actress in her top and can’t do anything better. Just stay the same.

      1. P/S: It’s a big hurt to other fans if a fan agree all above with me, then don’t be worried if you don’t agree.

    6. @Unknown
      I do respect Tavia’s decision to enter the entertainment industry via acting training class, rather than through a beauty pageant. She had her principles and did not wish to join a pageant, although this is the easiest and quickest way for women to join the entertainment industry. Tavia had her dream of becoming an artist and perhaps chose the more difficult and slower path to recognition and fame, rather than overnight fame for certain beauty pageant entrants/ winners.

      Regarding work ethics, perhaps all the leading fadans and siu sangs have very good work ethics and work very hard and long hours. We always hear of the leading artists sleeping for 2- 3 hours while filming a series. If they possessed diva or complaining attitude, they wouldn’t last at TVB. So in this aspect, they are probably equal.

      I don’t think the plastic surgery should be such a sensitive topic. Raymond Lam also had his fair share of teasing, along with other artists who had plastic surgery and denied it. Tavia’s nose enhancement is not really a very dramatic process in the scope of cosmetic enhancements. As in real life, people will say negative and positive things in all regards. Even among our real friends in life, people will gossip and talk about things no matter what you do. The most important thing is to remain somewhat open-minded and as long as you know what is important to you and feels right to you, that’s fine. This site is meant as a platform to exchange opinions, although at times it may be such polar opposite opinions that people get emotional and upset.

      “As extreme as it sounds, I learned from her that if you work hard, you will suceed.”

      It’s great that you find Tavia to inspire you in life. Aside from their talent, our enjoyment from watching them onscreen, it is nice to get to know our favorite celebrities a bit deeper. We can find inspiration in everything around us if we choose to. It is really about how you think and perceive things, such as this site. Some fans may focus on the negative comments, but there are also positive ones out there too.

  10. I wonder how will Myolie or TY fans reacted if the best actress award goes to Fala or Kate who are known as the blackhorse this year.. lol

    Me too have no prob with Myolie or TY winning the award since both seems to deserved it as they’re considered the longest one in the industry if compare with LInda, fala, kate etc. I honestly think Both acting skill are good but not as great as Sheren, Gigi though…

      1. My perception of Gigi Lai: One of TBB’s prettiest actress of all time although her acting is average to my eyes.

      2. Prettiest I agree but great acting or same level of acting with Sheren, I heard that the first time :P. That’s why I asked again for Gigi wat.

        Ppl always say that Gigi Lai is a beautiful woman with average acting and a lot of luck.

      3. I never thought Gigi Lai as pretty, just average. Agree with Fox that Gigi’s acting is not even great, so don’t categorize her with Sheren.

      4. I’m not sure if it’s the makeup or Gigi’s natural beauty, but I started to notice her beauty(from my POV) in War and Beauty. I was more mesmerized at Jade Leung(?), but Gigi got my honorable mention. She has this delicate classic features that I found beautiful.

      5. @masaharu: Yeah Jade Leung is stunning in WAB. Most beautiful girl.

      1. I don’t think Gigi is a too bad actress but she often OTT. Sheren is way better.

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