Vivien Yeo Shares Secret of Earning Over 100 Million in Four Years

Former TVB actress Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠) is earning millions through her e-commerce beauty business, and she’s more than happy to offer her secrets.

Vivien shared her experiences of building up her entrepreneur career on YouTube, sharing the sales programs she’s used over the past four to five years, and how she’s saved enough money to buy herself out of her TVB contract to earn enough money to purchase three live-in properties in Hong Kong.

In the video, the 35-year-old encouraged her fans and viewers to wait until they have earned their first “gold mine” before investing in a career they enjoy pursuing. She shared, “I turned down many lead roles [from TVB] in the past. I saved up my salary advance from TVB and paid it all back. To be honest, I didn’t need to return the money as long as I continued working for TVB, but I really wanted to start doing what I wanted to do.”

Reporters reached out to Vivien to ask her about the advance salary amount. She responded, “We’ve made a verbal agreement to not share that amount in public. I can only say that both parties have come up with a very satisfying arrangement, and I am grateful for TVB’s understanding.”

Pointing out that the money she’s earned from the ads posted on her online store is enough for her to purchase three properties, Vivien said, “I’ll go over that in more detail in my next video. I don’t want to share everything too soon. All I can say is that it’s an eight-figure sum. The reason why I’m sharing these numbers is because I want to share my experiences and stories with everyone.”

Over the past five years of her entrepreneur career, Vivien has sold clothes, jewelry, and quality goods. It wasn’t until recently when she decided on the beauty industry. “I’m always using different sales platforms. It’s not because I wanted to, but because I have to consistently keep up with the new technology. It’s an IT issue. I’ve definitely accumulated a lot of experience in this department.”

Vivien debuted in 2004 in the TVB idol drama Sunshine Heartbeat <赤沙印記@四葉草.2>. Her last drama before leaving TVB was Brutally Young <十八年後的終極告白>. Playing a deaf role, it was also her most famous role to-date. Vivien quietly welcomed her first daughter earlier this year in Malaysia.


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Vivien Yeo as the Boss and Face of Her Own Beauty Business

Vivien Yeo Leaves TVB

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    1. @terrycrews19 Lol, yeah. I was wondering why the article wrote “eight-figure sum” and the title is 100 million (100,000,000).

      Either way, even if it’s 10 million, it could very well be revenue and not net profits.

  1. Looks like she has done something to her face. I can’t tell but she just look totally different. Her face features changes. Her jawlines or her eyes

    1. @joyce Probably botox to slim her jaw and a nose job to straighten her bridge. I actually thought she looked prettier when she had some baby fat in her face. She looked much better in A Great Way to Care.

      1. @hazel I thought so too, think she looks prettier b4 than now, I followed her on IG and been guessing what had she done to her face. I like her b4 better

    2. @joyce She definitely got work done on her face. I agree her whole face is completely different. In the picture, I thought that was someone else, can’t even recognize that’s her.

      She also looks much different in the youtube video than how she looks in TVB dramas. It’s like two complete different person. I think she definitely used some kind of filter to smooth out her skin and make her features more sharp. She also look more feminine and elegant in the Youtube video but she does not resemble that at all in interviews or TVB dramas. She looks like those fake plastic dolls you see in Tik Tok videos. Also her voice even sounds different in that youtube video, it’ much softer and girly.

      I wish she would just be more of herself. I don’t find her attractive but at least I think her normal self looks better as it’s more natural.

  2. she’s so beautiful, what a waste tvb never promoted. good choice to leave there’s not promotion in sight and plus tvb is going down anyway.

  3. Just watched the video clip of her talking about the different platforms she used for her business. I LOVE HER ATTITUDE! She is a go-getter!! No bull****, fully transparent, and willing to share her knowledge with the world. And she gives good solid advice. I can see how she may come across as a bit pompous in the video but I don’t think that’s her intention to show off. I think she is simply trying to prove that she knows what she is doing. Very proud of her accomplishments and her follow-through with going after her dreams. Reminds me of ex-TVB artist, Shirley Cheung 張玉珊 who went off to become a huge successful businesswoman. Props to these strong and smart women who can better their lives for themselves!

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