Bosco Wong and Linda Chung Film Explosion Scene in “Dangerous Protection”

Although Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) may have been disappointed in not winning major awards at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, this did not affect their fighting spirit. Bosco’s romance with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) was becoming increasingly open. The rumored-to-be-groom-in-2012 wore a chok expression while filming a gunfire and car chasing scene in Dangerous Protection <護花危情>, which resulted in an explosion. Apparently, Bosco did not mind the risk of facial disfigurement. Of course, a man needs to establish his career first before getting married and it was not good for Bosco and TV Queen, Myolie Wu’s distance in their careers to be too far apart!

Failure is an impending step to future success. By learning through one’s failures, one is a step closer to success. Bosco was convinced in this mantra, thus he quickly recovered from disappointment [in the TVB Anniversary Awards results] and gathered his spirits together.

Last week, Bosco filmed new TVB series, Dangerous Protection, in the Tseung Kwan O in the Industrial Estate area. He filmed from early morning until sunset for a gunfire exchange and explosion scene. Witness Protection Unit police offiers, Bosco Wong and Lee Yee Man (李綺雯) were responsible in protecting depressed, wealthy cello player, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣).

Responsible for PTU’s team’s actions at the scene, Bosco rushed to catch the robbers, which resulted in a gunfire exchange. The rear window of Bosco’s burst; the scattered glass was quite dangerous.  With the slightest mistake, the passengers in the car would risk disfigurement. However, Bosco was not timid and appeared chok and incredibly masculine when the cameras started rolling! Even the pedestrians were attracted by his charm and asked to take photos with Bosco.

Dangerous Protection was considered to be the spin-off series for Linda Chung’s Miss Koo character from Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>. On set, Linda was very friendly with Lee Yee Man, in which the pair huddled over Linda’s cell phone during a filming break. When a female fan climbed over a two meter high gate in order to take a photo with Linda, the crew members were alarmed by the incident.



Jayne: Dangerous Protection will be TVB Producer, Lau Ka Ho’s last series before he and his wife, leaves TVB for Now TV.


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  1. …………………..

    That first paragraph of the article is a really a demeaning HK style tone of tabloid piece. Another fail for HK journalism.

    1. NowTV are signing artiste from various places including China,Taiwan,Korea, etc For HK they’ve signed Bowie and WongHei. It’s funny how they’re in the same company now yet they don’t get along lol.

      1. ROFL. It will be awkward for Bowie and WH when they have to meet for company events and they must need to keep straight or smiling face like the catfight never happened ROFL

      2. Bowie: Meh! Even change company still have to see him!

        Wong Hei: Comradeeeeeeeeeeee!

        The company is small, they will have to see each other soon.

      3. Bowie: Thank God I’m getting 10 million. That will pay me for having to meet him again.

        WH: We’re company now Bowie! Anything you want to say tell it to my face now! Don’t keep it for 5 years man, because of you I wasted nearly 10 weibo posting.

      4. Bowie: Sina is free, FREE, you see?

        Wong Hei: Oh well, you are stingy I know.

    2. Here’s a news article. They’ve also signed Lau Ka Ho and his wife Miu Siu Ching over as producers. Now that’s smart. Most important are the producers who are making the series. NowTV’s executive also used to work for TVB so he has great connections with many actors and singers even friends with many of them. They’ve signed many great hosts like Ronald Leung, Vinci Wong, etc

  2. Given Myolie’s status in TVB now is the highest among TVBs younger generation and is the first to win Best Actress award, it’s hard for Bosco to catch up very soon. He also a lot less popular and successful than Ratmond. So there’s a long road ahead.

    1. to lol,

      Bosco has his own career path.

      Myolie Wu has another.

      Enough said 😉

      1. Oh, and Raymond Lam has another too. Heh, and to be innocently dragged into an unrelated news..bwahaha.

    2. Bosco has a different career path though since he’s also doing movies and he’s making a lot of money off his investments.

    3. Maybe Bosco will break into movie career and win over Myolie there?

      For singing career, both of them stay in nowhere. Then Myolie might focus on series while Bosco on movie, thus they can be equal.

      Watever, even age Myolie is more than Bosco :).

  3. Not to offend any fans of the cast but this series seriously sounds boring and repetitive. There is nothing new with the idea of fell in love with your protector.

    Maybe LKH has no spirit to produce a mega series since he’s leaving anyway and this is his last.

    1. Was there a tvb series that copied “the bodyguard”? Guess it’s never too late to play homage.

      Besides, falling in love w/ your protector is better than falling for your abductor.

      1. josie, “falling in love with your abductor” can be a good area to meddle in. There is a lot more potential depth to be created in the “falling in love with your abductor” scenario than a straight-to-the-point protector-the protected love. In my POV, the wicked scenario gives more potential for exploration by the scriptwriter. However, TVB scriptwriters are mostly following the producer’s vision and orders; and are held back by tight deadline.

      2. IIRC, there was this one HK(was it?) film about Takeshi Kaneshiro(was it?) and an assistant who robbed a bank, takes hostage, and in the end making the hostages work together with them, although the ending…..

      3. All I can say is that it would be an unhealthy relationship. Unless the kidnapper looks like takeshi. Then all bets are off!

      4. Masharu I agree fall in love with your abductor would be fresher scenario. TVB has done it before but on supporting character only. It was in DIF4 where Roger Kwok the abductor who wanted revenge on Louis Koo falls for Anne Heung over the years he was keeping her captive

    2. Yeah, sounds a little boring but guess i will give it a try bc of linda.

      1. Linda is still lacking and is not good enough yet to save a boring series

      2. U know exoidus & lol,

        Both your idols will be in tvb series soon together with Bobby Au.. I think the series will be a light comedy ended up the 2 girls being rival because of Bobby Au.

        Bobby is sure lucky to get pretty girls to act along with him hehehe.

      3. my idol, LOL

        i will watch the 1. episode, but will prolly pass since i think it looks lame.

      4. @Veejay: Bobby’s comment: None of them can compare with my wife, hehe.

    3. you do know that there’s nothing original about storylines anymore, right? that every drama just uses the same storyline but retold in a different way…you know this right? internet users can probably find copycats of any drama…or that an idea originated from somewhere…

    1. Watch Raymond Lam MV “Chok” and you might understand, LOL

      Hopefully you won’t be choked to death, haha

      1. Hmm, this song’s lyric even dun define wat is Chok. So watch the MV and listen to the song can’t help to define Chok.

        @Grace: Chok is a slang means when a handsome guy/pretty girl does gesture to make the girls/guys feel like choke. Some ppl think it means look cool.

      2. That is a best example of ‘chok’ by watching god awful rap song and gangster wannabe Raymond Lam.

      3. LF = gangsta wannabe haha…he does look awful in the ‘gangsta’ getup..wait till he wears a grill ala Flava Flav! ewww boyyyy haha

      4. Which half asset of this song is rap? It might be a Hip Hop style but if you say it’s a rap song, LOL, you dun know what is Rap? Try to listen to Emmiem one time first.

        Or seriously, you have never listened to it before criticizing. You just criticized for the purpose of criticism.

      5. I speak the truth, “Chok” is the worst rap wannabe song ever sing by your favorite idol. Go ahead, idolized your idol all you want.

      6. Yawn~. Conclusion: You (1) don’t know wat is RAP or RAP wannabe or (2) have never listened to the song.


        This song even if it is sung by TY (who I hate) I still say it isn’t a RAP song.

      7. In the clip you given, I’m listening to it and he said it’s a RAP song in where? Which mins can you show? The only words he said are: “Come on”, “That’s right”, “Fellow”, “It’s so rock/Chok” and “Here we go”? Where is rap?

        Awful or not isn’t the topic we are talking about. We are saying about the genre of the song and you said it’s a RAP song while it isn’t. Totally NOT. So your truth failed halfway :P.

      8. “Let’s rap”? you didnt hear that unless you have hearing problems listening through this ugly rap song….

      9. @Larry3: Your ear ah =)). Give me the exact min and I’ll check for you to know you mistaken “That’s right” or “It’s so Rock/Chok/Yo”. I even can’t find he said “Let’s…” in any min of this clip.

        Maybe the quality of the fancam isn’t clear for you to hear? I’m listening to another fancam and can’t find either:

        If you still have a problem, we can find a third party to listen and say. Jayne? Since she is in U.S and her Eng is perfectly well, I think she can be the third party.

      10. Uhm, I’ve just found out that you are trying to go far from the topic. Chok is a RAP song or not, it must be judged by the song itself. It isn’t a RAP type or half RAP as it dun have any Rap part. Rap is wat? According to

        a. A form of popular music developed especially in African-American urban communities and characterized by spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics with a strong rhythmic accompaniment.

        So a song to be considered as Rap must be spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics. In Chok, it’s obviously true that he SINGs it, dun speak or chant the lyric like in Rap.

        To let you understand, I give out a Rap song of MC Jin (in case you want to say Chinese Rap is different to English Rap or you can’t listen to Eminem and English Rap). If after listening to it, you still can’t know what is Chok then I’m speechless.

  4. So LKH and his wife is leaving? Well, I never too fond of their series anyway, but I do appreciate LKH’s family scenes, he did good!

  5. Have any TVB actor/actress died when shooting series? With fake exploring scenes, cheap smoke, suck car crashes, it will be a shame if artists get hurt.

    1. There has… just recently in 2008, Chan Hung Lit died of heart attack in the dressing room…. that counts?

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