Bosco Wong Denies Buying Diamond Ring for Myolie Wu

After announcing his breakup to Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) flew to Taiwan to film mainland Chinese drama, The Woman Above the Bread Tree <面包树上的女人>. He allegedly has been burying himself in work and has not been socializing with his colleagues after hours. Tabloids reported that Bosco has been sending 50 daily text messages to Myolie and even bought a 3 carat diamond ring, preparing to propose to Myolie when he returns to Hong Kong. Yesterday, Bosco finally broke his silence and denied purchasing any ring for Myolie. 

Bosco Still Loves Myolie

After the breakup news surfaced, both Bosco and Myolie have been romantically linked to various artists. When asked if Myolie had fallen for Taiwanese actor, Eric Huang (黃少祺), Bosco was composed and said, “The news should be fabricated. I also have a lot [of rumors]!”

When he was grilled for the reason of the breakup, Bosco pleaded with the reporter not to ask further. He merely replied that both Myolie and he had mutually agreed to end the relationship, and he would leave it to fate to decide if they could get back together.

A filming crew member quickly aided him in the interview, “He loves her too much, and hence he chooses not to speak for fear that it would hurt her.”

The Woman Above the Bread Tree’s producer, Chen Yanping (陳燕萍), also stated that Bosco had confided in her that he still loves Myolie and wishes to reconcile with her.  

Still Kept in Touch With Myolie

Bosco disclosed that he regarded Myolie as a family member, and still texted her messages occasionally. When Bosco mentioned her in interviews, he would send a send text message to inform her. Bosco also revealed that Myolie will move out of her current apartment when her new apartment has completed renovation. 

Bosco Retained Distance From His Female Costars

Since filming The Woman Above the Bread Tree, Bosco has been romantically rumored with his female costars, Liu Yan (柳岩), Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), Sonia Sui (隋棠), and Jessica Song (宋新妮). His female costars allegedly avoided him carefully to minimize rumors. Bosco defended his colleagues, “I asked them not to stay too close to me. I am so sorry, it’s because of me that I brought so much trouble to the crew and everyone else.”

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  1. cmon bosco can get a much better one than myolie,she will regret it to dumb him.

    1. Don’t say that. Both Bosco and Myolie has right to choose their own MR and MRS right. This will only make you sound like a troll hehe.

      1. but not after 7 years of relationship,i know the reason, she dumb him because he can’t become nr1 “siu san” of tvb after more than a decade of acting and she become nr1 “fa dan” and earn more money than him.

      2. I really don’t think it has anything to do with his TVB status but rather his flirtatious behaviour which makes her feel insecure.

      3. i dont think he is flirtatious but more a playful caracter. he is a kind of dreamer not ambitious enough for her, she wants a powerful men with status,power and money,someone like andy lau or nicholas tse

      4. Yup ! Why does the break-up thing only happened after she became no. 1 ?

      5. @Shu
        Can you please think rationally.If Myolie would have really dump Bosco just because of their so called “Difference in status” then why would she choose to announce their relationship during her Best Actress acceptance?That should be consider as one of her most memorable moment in life and she choose to share it with him. If Bosco status in TVB and earnings bothers her she wouldn’t even care to mention his name during her heartfelt speech and might as well keep it underground for it will make it easier for her to dump him.Save all the trouble of explaining it to the public as she can denied that they have never dated but no she choose to let the whole world know on national TV!It takes a lot of courage and pride for it!So tell me if this is what a women would do if their other half is someone “lower rank” than herself?

        Therefore their difference in status(which imo their status/earnings wise are not much of a difference) is definitely not a reason for their break up.

      6. I think that their relationship is more complicated then we think.

    2. Agree with u too shu!!
      She will one day regret!
      I mean lol, she really thinks with all the money n given her age arising, n fading beauty..which I honestly dun tink of her as a beauty, she will find another one better?
      He sticks with her through her low times but once she got the lol no.1, she starts being the QUEEN even in real life!!
      I never like her acting except the one she gained weight on it, I have no idea as to why she keeps getting awards!!!
      Thanks to tvb cz nowadays seems no one can act properly >.<||||

      1. Really agree with Shu and Yen …I really think is the different status that caused myolie wants to break up with bosco. Just because she won the best actress she thought she’s on the volcano fame. But come to think of it, her acting skills is not even as good as Charmaine Sheh… I don’t like her acting at all .. for me, she kinda of spoil the TVB series if she act on it….

    3. the fact that she confessed her love on the stage will not say she cant change her mind in time! she really did loved him before but, he simply doesnt meet the requirements of her anymore. so she dumb him. you must be a very cruel person to dumb someone that you have dated for 7 years!

      1. So you’re trying to say she doesn’t really mean what she said on stage and that she change her mind at such a short period of time?I don’t know if you really keep up with Bosco’s news but he mentioned before that his paycheck for a mainland drama series is higher than Myolie and he had shares in business overseas!So income wise I think they’re on par. Status wise I seriously don’t see the difference. Best actress or not she is still one of tvb’s fadans and he is one of tvb’s siu sangs.I don’t see how winning a title can make a difference. If you insist there is a difference. Then what is Raymond Lam?He didn’t win any best actor award. So can he consider lower rank and less famous than Myolie? You think is easy for a woman to break off an 8 years relationship and smile in front of everyone?I think you would probably know how it feels a little since I assumed you are a girl yourself.

    4. its not short of a time its almost a year btween it. and it can happen a lot of things in a year. and why not could she not changing her mind? human being can change,everything can change in time.
      raymond lam is different he has a huge base of fans across asia and earns millions as a singer his status is almost nr1 in the hk music industry and he have much more advertisers on his hand than bosco. i know its not easy for her but she choose this way by herself and the reason to break up by saying to feel insecure is to soft for me to let go a 8 years relationship! and that she smile in front of the media is nothing more than a farc.

      1. It’s definitely not a year in between. It’s approximately half a year?6-8 months time is consider short to change someone’s mind about their 8 years relationship with their other half! Especially when both of them had been through so much together.You think money and status can come between them?If you insist than I would like to say even before Myolie won BA her status in tvb has always been slightly higher than Bosco.Getting leads in almost every series but did she break up with him then?Even after winning BA she stuck by him and supported him when the media said Bosco was more inferior than her! Go read the article if you haven’t and you will know what I

    5. No Shu no . -_- They both agreed to break up , That’s why their breakup was so peaceful .

      1. it was so peachful because bosco love her too much to hurt her.but who knows how painful it is for bosco? who loves her so much?

  2. Damn Bosco’s responses sound more mature and calm than Ron’s LOL

    1. I never liked Bosco, but his renponses gentleman than the so called ‘gentleman’ and ‘mature’ Moses during the BerMo ugly fiasco ROFL

      1. lol Vivien, so true. Somebody is good to answer and know how to answer, other just fail, maybe they get so nervous for those questions, that their brain can’t think straight, and the answer gets really bad. who knows.

      2. LOL big difference right. Bosco in one short interview manage to deny all the negative rumours to Myolie and all his costars. ‘Gentleman’ Moses in many interviews managed to imply that Bernice is the baddie when she’s unable to defend herself ROFL.

      3. Your comments on Bosco has been getting more positive. Are you disliking him less and less now? 😀

      4. LOL Kidd, I think I’m getting nicer too. Still not like, but less now ROFL

      5. I still like Ron more although Ron is stupid and caught in cheating and has wooden dead eyes acting LOL

      6. Lol Vivien Im a bigger fan of Bosco, but beside from the facts that he chrated on Vivien and made me dissapointef, then I like Ron too, people say that his acting is bad, but I actually think he is cute when he acts, maybe something is wrong with my eyes:P

      7. *on Viann* me bad, how come I always mess up your name:P

    2. +1. He only said what he need to say and no more. It’s only the filming crew and producer that chip in on their own, possibly to promote the series?

    3. He does sound calm and mature. The media should just give these two some space. I’m getting tired of all these versions from tabloid press. Why don’t they just migrate to TVB and write the ailing scripts?

    4. *on Viann* me bad, how come I always mess up your name:P sorry.

    1. The photo look like a drama stills. Which series did it come from? For sure it’s not WI or LOO

      1. I think it’s from the drama he is currently filming in mainland 面包树上的女人. He looks skinny and haggard looking in a lot of the filming pics I’d seen. The whole break up thing was probably too much for him to bear?

      2. It might be just picture from the drama, but he looks so gloomy and sad in this picture :(.

  3. When will the news of them stop?? I am actually a bit bored hearing about their break up and other stories related to it…

    1. i don’t think they ever will stop, I think that they love to annoy people with news about those two.

    2. Same here! Are there no other news in HK? It’s getting annoying.

    1. Im still having doubt on his sincerity. Eventhough he looks haggard and skinny now but his character wouldnt just change in few days after breaking up with Myolie. Like ppl often say ppl can change but character never change.

  4. In a relationship, there is no right nor wrong. However in order for a relationship to last, trust is the other key element besides love. One will go crazy if she cannot trust his man. Imagine one has to check his mobile phone, sms etc……that stress level is just too much to take it. Why torture yourself when we only live once?

    Be happy. Treat yourself good.

  5. This will never end with evil HK media continue to make baseless rumours that will damage at least one party. Stop the war of words already.

    Media keep saying – The third party is A, B, C, D, E, F…..Z!

    Myolie’s fans keep saying – We believe all the media rumours about Bosco cheating and all his third parties! No proof is needed. Myolie is better off with Eric Huang and Kenneth Ma!

    Bosco’s fans keep saying – Myolie left Bosco because she’s getting cocky after winning the Best Actress! Bosco is better off without her!

    I’m out of my patience now. I thought this matter will be over in time, but it’s getting worse because the evil HK media keep creating their brand of sequels to the drama, and the fakeness of their stories have been proven in some cases.

  6. Come on son, stop being so cheap and buy that Diamond ring already! I think a $4 million dollar Kobe Bryant-esque ring for adultery will do the trick and bring Myolie back.

  7. I just do not understand why man is always insensitive to woman’s feeling. I was very hurt by my bf’s behaviour towards other women. The ring of trust is broken. I feel emotionally tired. He requests for a 2nd chance. I give. Lets hope he will really treasure this relationship.

    The more tears I drop for him, the less love I have for him. When either trust or love is gone, I shall earse him from my life. Afterall, we only live once so I must protect and be good to myself. Even if no man in this world loves me, I must still love myself as I cannot let my family down.


    1. yes agree.. thts why i sparated frm my partner evn though we hve kids n been tgether a long time.. whn trust is broken is hard to get it bck..

  8. Today media said Eric Huang’s mom rejected Myolie because her son is labelled 3rd party and forced Eric to cut all contact with Myolie, to which Eric obliged. Myolie was said to purchase the house in March right after learning about real estate investment from Eric who is active in real estate business.

    1. Media also mentioned that Bosco only comes out to do this interview because this is when he finally accepted that Myolie won’t reconcile anymore and she also didn’t reply all his SMS and Bosco finally give up and leave it to fate.

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