[Breakup Files] Bosco Wong Gave Myolie Wu a Sense of Insecurity

With Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) infidelity speculated to be the reason for his breakup with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), the “witchhunt” has officially begun!  Hong Kong tabloids accused Bosco of having flings with practically all his past female costars. 3 Weekly’s latest report claimed that Bosco had a fling with Growing Through Life <摘星之旅> costar, Toby Leung  (梁靖琪), years ago! Allegedly, Myolie was shattered when she discovered the betrayal.

When Myolie and Bosco announced their breakup on July 24th, they did not disclose the reason behind their shocking separation. Bosco denied that there was a third party wrecking the relationship. However, Myolie commented on the infidelity rumors, “You have to go ask Bosco himself!”

Nevertheless, TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), shot down rumors that it was Bosco’s infidelity that led to their current breakup. However, Ms. Lok revealed that Bosco flirtatious behavior was a thing of the past, in which Myolie had forgiven him at the time.

Hong Kong tabloid, 3 Weekly, rehashed Bosco’s list of past rumored costars, including: Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) during the filming of The Seventh Day <最美麗的第七天> in 2006; Fala Chen (陳法拉) during the filming of  Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>; Elva Ni (倪晨曦) during their overseas performance in 2006; Toby Leung (梁靖琪) during the filming of Growing Through Life <摘星之旅>; Bosco’s mainland assistant, Lee Siu Lam in 2011; and Liu Yan (柳岩) from The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人> in 2012.

3 Weekly highlighted four busty women who were linked with Bosco, including  3 stars from The Woman Above the Bread Tree, Liu Yan, Tang Yan (唐嫣), Song Xinni (宋新妮).

Toby Leung a Top Suspect

Among Bosco’s past and current rumored flames, 3 Weekly chose to focus on Toby Leung’s alleged affair with Bosco Wong. Three years ago, while filming Growing Through Life in mainland China, Bosco and Toby allegedly became very close with each other, disappearing together on the filming set at mysterious times.

3 Weekly claimed that the entire filming crew knew about Bosco and Toby’s rumors, which had fueled 2009 tabloid reports covering the filming progress of Growing Through Life. It was reported that Bosco and Toby referred to each other as “wifey” and “hubby” on the filming set.

Myolie Had Depression?

While working in mainland China 6 months ago, Myolie came across a past crew member from Growing Through Life. Accounts of Bosco and Toby’s intimate behavior on the drama’s set was recounted to Myolie. Allegedly, Myolie felt shattered, which induced her current depression, even requiring her to take medications to control. 3 Weekly cited Myolie’s past Weibo blog posts over the last year as signs of Myolie’s internal turbulence in her relationship with Bosco.

An insider revealed, “Myolie has a serious attitude towards everything, in work and love as well. She was shattered when she heard about Toby’s incident, how can she not feel depressed? Myolie cannot tell anyone about it. She loved only Bosco all these years. Myolie considered marrying Bosco after working for another 2 to 3 years. However, Bosco is like a ‘bird without any feet’ who cannot give Myolie a sense of security.”

It was understood that the ex-couple had a cool-off period at the beginning of the year, to allow both to sort through their existing relationship problems. Myolie worked in mainland China for the first 5 months of this year. In May, Bosco allegedly went to Suzhou, China to reconcile with Myolie without any advancement.

Bosco Gave Myolie Insecurity

As Bosco’s career took flight in mainland China and he took on more movie projects, he was often separated long distance from Myolie for lengthy periods. According to 3 Weekly, as Bosco’s social network expanded, he appeared to be more withdrawn from Myolie. His phone calls to her allegedly grew less frequent. It was reported that Bosco’s old penchant for late-night partying returned as well.

An insider close to the ex-couple revealed, “Bosco loves to have fun; he has an unstable personality. He does not fully consider the consequences of his own actions, sparking small problems with Myolie. Over time, these small problems will grow into bigger problems.”

The insider continued, “Behind Myolie’s back, Bosco asked another woman out. This was not a single occurrence, but it occurred many times. Each time, Bosco will use his words, give her small gifts, or cook meals to sway her. He cares a lot for Myolie, but if he is disloyal, what good is that?”

When Bosco’s rumors with his female costars in The Woman Above the Bread Tree surfaced again, this sparked problems with the ex-couple. An insider revealed, “Each time Myolie thought of Bosco, she would cry. She cannot put behind their relationship, but there is no other way.” The insider added, “If a man always goes out to play and does not come home, what will happen after getting married and having kids together?”

Furthermore, Virginia Lok also remarked that Bosco gave Myolie a sense of insecurity. Ms. Lok said she understood Myolie’s decicion to end the relationship. Ms. Lok said, “Putting in so many years into a relationship, yet there is still a lack of security. Since there is unhappiness, you have to let go no matter how much you love [him]!”

Source: 3 Weekly via Kuangaitvb.com

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Jayne: There is no concrete proof that Bosco had cheated on Myolie this year. The insiders’ accounts gave me an impression that Bosco’s personality always made Myolie feel insecure. Their long distance separation over the last 6 months did not help matters either. 

However, Virginia Lok said that Bosco gave in to temptation years ago. And I hope Myolie does not have depression, as stated in 3 Weekly’s report.

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    1. My sentiments exactly. She is not even what I would call pretty

    2. I don’t think this is true but I agree that Toby is faraway from pretty LOL

    3. I doubt this is true. But Toby is really well connected.

    4. are you guys really that clueless? Sow what the person he cheated on not pretty like his ex? The point is that he is bored with ex. Even if you eat the best tasting fruit, you get bored of it eventually. Why do you guys think even guys with hot ass girlfriends or wives still cheat and most of the time, their flings aren’t on par with their partners? Cause they want something fresh. Get it?

      1. Darren, I get it. The guys who do this are douchebags and they just can’t help it. They don’t deserve their hot ex gfs and it’s a good thing they sabotage the relationship so she can find someone better. Boredom is such a lame excuse for cheating. If you’re bored, do something productive like putting effort into spicing up your relationship or ending it before you go panting over the next piece of meat.

  1. I love Myolie, she’s adorable!!! I hope her heart heals and that she finds happiness whether she reconciles with Bosco or not. I don’t know if Bosco’s infidelities are true, but if they are, what was he thinking? And the women who are involved, what were they thinking?

    1. Trang,
      “And the women who are involved, what were they thinking?”

      I think cheating is less about a moment of weakness, but rather that the involved person who cheats think that the relationship gives him/her so much unhappiness, he/she would rather seek comfort in someone else. Having a physical fling offers that momentary escape. Tomorrow’s consequences do not seem important when you are drowning in that moment of unhappiness caused by the relationship.

      As to the woman who are willing to be a “third party,” I think these type of women also live in the moment of love. They often yearn for a man’s love, and do not discriminate even if he is married or attached. If the man tells these women that they are very unhappy in relationship, these women believe them. They think nothing is wrong because they think “in love, there is no wrong,” and chase that love feeling. (This is an insight I gained in Michelle Reis’ interview where she admitted to having long-term affair to a married man, as well as Vicky Deng, who had affair with Frankie Lam).

      In Bosco’s interview with Eileen Cha, he mentioned several critical points:

      1. He had problems and did not like to talk about them. Presumably he did not share with Myolie. This caused him to act in a rash way to hurt Myolie deeply.

      2. He mentioned, “Once the feelings are gone, they are gone.” He felt emotionally disconnected with Myolie at one point (likely during that moment when he committed hurtful act).

      3. He cried over breakup, therefore feeling guilty over his rash actions.

      4. Bosco said there is no third party. If we were to take his statement as the truth, then there must have been some very heated arguments between himself and Myolie, in which he was the instigator and hurt her deeply.

      1. I suddenly remember Linda and Laughing in L’escargot LOL

    2. I don’t like her ambitious and aggressive personality. Some people want her to hook up with KM. I don’t like it. She’s too ambitious for a simple KM.

      1. It’s that attitude that got her the fame she has now.

        I remember she had a very low point after her Fat Tin series. Not everyone can get out of that slump, she did though.

      2. I admire Myolie too for getting out of her low point after Fei Tin. I don’t remember how she did it but I also think it’s because of her strong and aggressive attitude.

      3. She got through that slump with the help of Bosco by her side supporting her during that difficult period and was very thankful for him for being there for her. I had read it somewhere where she said so herself.

  2. Toby Leung has already married. I feel sorry for her that she has to be pulled in to something like this…And although Toby is not what one could call gorgeous, she is still definitely more than average looking.

    1. I actually think Toby is quite average looking compared to other Asian stars, however, she is the daughter of a high-powered exec at TVB, so I am not surprised why other actors would want to get close to her.

      1. Yes maybe he was trying to get a step up the ladder for his career. However still needs his head examined for cheating Myolie

    2. I do feel sorry for Toby as well for being dragged into this mess but this is the entertainment industry so everything is fair game and all artists know the consequences of fame and fortune. No one is immune.

  3. The picture above is just a really bad picture of her, making it quite unfair.

    1. Because, if it’s true, you are responsible for your own behaviour?

      1. Even if they dated, it’s the past. The present now they are not dating and Toby is having a husband. Unless they both cheat to be together, if not, leave her alone.

      2. past is present. present is still present. when there is an attachment, it doesnt matter whether it is past or present. the stigma of hatred, suspicion, anger, vengeance, insecurity or any other destructive feelings are always there to haunt the victim (myolie in this case) for the rest of her life unless surrender all her humanly attachment and go for nunhood!!!!

  4. Toby already married. The press shouldn’t pull Toby into this mess.

    My sister said that our local Radio MyFM interview Bosco’s friend in Ipoh. I asked here what the friend said. She only remember the friend said Bosco really really loves Myolie.

    1. Kidd,
      “She only remember the friend said Bosco really really loves Myolie.”

      I have no doubt that Bosco and Myolie love each other deeply. However, Bosco’s nude scandal last year already proved his very passionate and uninhibited nature. Just because he loves her very much, may not be able to rein in his inhibitions.

      Myolie is a very careful person, which also makes me think that if deeply hurt, she may not be able to forgive so easily. When she spoke about her childhood growing up in a divorced family, it was implied that her mother left her father because she married too young and did not have enough fun in life. I understood it as her mother might have cheated on her father (although Myolie never expressed stated this). Ultimately her mother abandoned her daughters and it took many years for the adult Myolie to forgive her mother.

      Given her abandonment by a possibly infidel mother, I’m pretty sure Myolie would not easily forgive her boyfriend/husband cheating. It is like opening up the same can of childhood wounds, which have already tormented her for most of her life.

      1. It sounds very logical. However, those are only assumptions and assumptions can be dangerous.

      2. Myolie’s family background is what makes me totally be on her side. Bosco healed her childhood wounds and gave her hope of having a happy complete family, which she did not get when she was growing up. Now after all those marriage talk and love declarations, Bosco did something which hurt her badly. The pain isn’t simply one most girls experience when they discover their boyfriend cheated, but in Myolie’s case she is also reminded all over again of her parents’ failed marriage.

      3. You’re only making assumptions Jayne. Nevermind, what I know is Bosco did something wrong to Myolie which most probably cheating based on these articles here and that is bad enough. He doesn’t deserve her so what I say to him is don’t bother her anymore. If he keep contacting her he will only hurt her more. Let her forget and find a better guy who deserved a great woman like her. I’m pissed to read Bosco saying he still SMS and discuss things with Myolie. It’s enough that she wasted 8 years with him.

      4. 8 years is long. Myolie wasted 8 years for a man who make her insecure totally not worth it. She would’ve been happier if these relationship with Bosco wasn’t there and these past 8 years could be better.

      5. I want to know didn’t see already know his playful character before she entered into the relationship. Maybe she thinks with time she can change him but can’t then rather break up now instead later.

      6. Myolie can use the famous quote of Sai Gau: “There are how many 10 years in a lifetime?”

      7. She knew he likes partying while in TITS but when they got closer in WOIL she said she likes his other good attitudes while working together. She said she’s good to elderly, hardworking, good at martial arts and punctual. She was too naive. A man can have all these good side but have a bad side when it comes to woman temptation. Myolie made the wrong decision 8 years ago and I feel bad for her.

      8. Because of her bad decision she has to endure 8 years of wasting time

      9. KD – In an article on Jaynestars Myolie admits that her first impression of Bosco was that he was a bad boy, and that she should stay away from him.

        “The first impression that Bosco gave Myolie was not a good one. Myolie thought that he frequented night clubs and was not faithful to his girlfriend. She felt that he was not a good man, in which she said to herself, “This is definitely not my cup of tea!””


      10. “Because of her bad decision she has to endure 8 years of wasting time”

        Don’t say that. That belittles whatever true feelings they had or she had for him during those 8 years. How many of us could predict he will cheat or she will cheat at the very start of a relationship. To say that she wasted 8 years meant this relationship was wrong from the very start which only means as much as he is a bad boyfriend, she had bad taste in men. That can’t be true either way.

      11. Yes.. and I don’t think “endure” is the right word either. I’m sure she enjoyed those years for the most part. She looked so happy at the award ceremony talking about the relationship.

  5. I hope that Toby being pulled into this mess won’t negatively affect her relationship with her husband.

    1. HK press needs milk money, using unknown celebs link to the scandals. They dont have ethics.

      1. Larry,
        I’ll say HK tabloids are targeting TVB stars because they are easier targets than bigger film stars, who have more clout and money backing them. Interesting how the insiders of TVB artists and TVB production staff leak so much “inside knowledge” but with bigger film stars, everyone around them are kept mum (presumably well paid).

    2. Who’ll be pulled next? I just saw Linda post pic of Bosco in her weibo tonight and got thousands of clicks. Damn. Be careful Linda paparazzi may attack you LOL

      1. no one will believe a bosco-linda story. linda has reputation as good girl

      2. Linda and Myolie got close after acting together in House of Harmony and Vengeance, if there is ever such a ridiculous story, Myolie will come out and clear the rumours for Linda.

      3. No wonder Linda so brave to put Bosco’s pic. It was popular too among their fans. Maybe because of WI ending.

  6. I feel sorry for Toby. She’s married and although she’s not pretty at all she has always been friendly to everyone. This report is 100% speculation

    1. I am only sorry that such a thing is brought up again. I am not sorry for her for what happened in the past.

    2. Come to think of it they may be flirtatious with one another but to suggest they went on a full sexual relationship may not be true.

  7. What will happen if a man does not come home and play outside after getting married and have kids?

    Joe Ma and Benny Chan and Rose LOL

    1. man is born to be flirtatious. the wealthier he is the higher the tendency that he will cheat, hurt and betray his wife in one way or another.

      If a wife cant take it, then divorce is perhaps the most peaceful option.
      If a gal cant take it, then she should not start or further pursue any single relationship with her beloved boyfriend.

      Road and bumps must be beared/endured if a female wishes to have a long lasting successful & happy relationship .

  8. I just rmb that few years ago, there were a news Myolie shot Bosco out of the house. Then they appeared sweetly after that. Now I think it might be true last time.

  9. So sad… Myolie should’nt have forgived him the first time around. ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’

    I think after countless times of forgiving him, she just lost all trust she had. And what’s a relationship without trust? Nothing.

    I no longer wish they would reconcile. Myolie deserves a real man that doesn’t stray so easily. I think Ruco and Myolie would be cute together =]

    1. If women never forgive and accept back their men for 1st time cheating, I can’t imagine the number of jilted boyfriends. Women are die hard romantics; they will take back their men. Men may not be as forgiving.

      But funny truth from observation; women will forgive an abuser who beats them but once these same abusers are found to be having affairs, these same women throw a fit and even leave these men. Funny.

      1. A lot of it depends on the character of each woman. I have met quite a few people with their significant others cheating on them throughout the years. For some, a strike is enough to call it quits(very rarely does this happen), but others decide to turn a blind eye and just endure it.

        What I notice is that when a woman is in a good place in her relationship, and asked if they would dump the guy if they found out he cheated on her, most would sternly say they would end the relationship. But when it really happens, I do notice a lot of women just being in denial, not wanting to face the truth. And most forgive their partner. Quite saddening.

        I think women can be just as big a cheater as a man, however.

        Abusing is a whole ‘nother thing. I can never understand women that endures this.

      2. Women abuse men too and women can cheat as well so it is not just the men.

    2. She must know better than any audience like us that who is truly good for him and who she can fall for. Maybe the fans shouldn’t give her suggestions for new men at this moment. Leave her sometimes.

  10. they probably got together too young. at 25, myolie was ready to settle down, but the then 24-year-old bosco hadn’t really had a chance to sow his wild oats. i’m sure he loved (loves) her very much but the temptation of greener pastures was probably too great to resist.

  11. Some days ago, when the news of Bosco and Myolie breaking up first came out, the reporters have actually tried asking Bosco’s ex gf and rumored gfs about it. Carisa Yan, Natalie Tong, Elva Ni all made replies, and Nat and Elva both affirmed again that they weren’t involved with Bosco. But when the reporters asked Toby, she declined to answer.

    唐詩詠和倪晨曦也對宗杏分手驚訝,詩詠說:「有啲意外,但外人好難講太多。」傳當年 Bosco拍劇追詩詠,詩詠說:「唔係啦,佢同山聰成班男仔成日玩我,唔覺佢追我。」倪晨曦則提到當年與 Bosco的緋聞,她說:「佢對每個人都咁好,當時我唔知佢有拍拖,之後冇聯絡。」 Bosco是否她喜歡的類型?她說:「幾好,至於係咪花弗好難講,要佢兩個先知。」 Toby則表示不回應。

    1. Toby did right. Don’t give them change to drag her in.

    1. @Jayne @anyone

      Can anyone help translate Mingpao version?

    2. Vivien,
      According to Ming Pao, the real reason that Boscolie broke up is that:

      1. Bosco gave Myolie insecure feeling for many years

      2. Myolie fell for Taiwanese star, Eric Huang, while filming in Suzhou this year

      3. Myolie eager to resume single status, so determined to announce breakup with Bosco

      4. Bosco heartbroken by Myolie’s decision, eager to win her back. Thus he said, “If the feelings are gone, they are gone.” Ming Pao alludes that Myolie’s feelings for Bosco are gone.

      5. Virginia Lok had repaired their love relationship many times

      This long version of the latest twist for Boscolie will be published tomorrow morning on JayneStars.com

      1. Wow, this sounds more like Myolie bashing article! I wonder who gave them the idea…

      2. Funn,
        I read the article already. As per Ming Pao news, it is very neutral.

        If you dissect Bosco’s responses thus far, there are only two possibilities:

        1. He cheated, he’s guilty, he still loves Myolie and wants her back

        2. She fell for another man (which explains the statement “if feelings are gone, they’re gone”

        Depending on which theory you choose to believe, there are clues to back up both.

        — Bosco is the one acting more desperate that he wants Myolie back, which may explain why in May, he was still talking about marrying her.

        –I remember in April, I wrote an article about Myolie praising and loving Bosco deeply. So the theory of Eric Huang doesn’t quite fit in.

      3. Mingpao is not a trustworthy source as how they would like to be portrayed. They give me the impression that they are biased against females. Mingpao’s constant support of Nic during the FengChi’s marital crisis clearly shows how subjective their report is.

      4. Actually all tabloids in HK can’t be trusted fully. Let’s just watch how they will milk the gossip LOL

      5. Please don’t believe this Mingpao article. All the pictures they took are from filming in Suzhuo and don’t imply anything more than costars. Myolie has said before that the rumour between her and Eric Huang is not true.

      6. Jayne, I think Bosco is acting more desperate, because he wants to ku bo, that’s why he’s giving Myolie so many extravagant gifts like car or condos.. but what does a woman really wants?
        Myolie always give the impression she’s serious about many things, like work and love. I don’t think she would have spent 8 years with Bosco, if it’s so easy for her to fall for someone else in a couple of months, after all, according to 620, Bosco did cheat on Myolie in the past, and she did love him enough to forgive him.

        As a woman, reading the 3weekly report, you can understand, why she feels insecure. Even if Bosco did not cheat on Myolie recently, if he always goes out and playing with his friends, can you imagine raising your kids under such circumstances? Where your husband always comes home in the wee hours , all drunk and derelict, maybe yelling and waking up the kids, we don’t know.. I can relate to this, because it’s so similar to my own childhood.
        Maybe she hoped that Bosco will changed as he mature, but after so many years, he still is the same way.

      7. Just like Nicole, as a woman I believe 3 Weekly report more.

      8. Even if Bosco stopped cheating during this 4 years, he still go out to play and get drunk until he passed out. A woman don’t want a husband like this. How can he take care of his wife and kids and there are a lot of woman waiting to take advantage of drunk men in these clubs. Myolie isn’t into this behaviour.

  12. dont believe in mingpao? Your just bias admmit it

      1. On the contrary, Mingpao is one of the most respectable and credible HK newspaper unlike 3 Weekly.

      2. so what please believe myolie words? NO! i dont have to believe her if i dont want to

      3. Disappointed at Mingpao. Myo often did interviews for them but they treat her like this 🙁

      4. I’m disappointed too. Eric Huang has nothing to do with Myolie they’re just friends and costars. I don’t know if Eric has fallen for Myolie but Myolie said by herself the rumour before isn’t true.

      5. Mingpao has more credit than anything from Next corporation, Monday, 3 Weekly, etc.

  13. @Jayne:What a coincidence, I didn’t not Eric Huang is Huang Shao Qi (黄少祺) who is the other male lead in Steven Ma’s recently wrapped up mainland series, Yuan Yang Pei. First off, I don’t believe Mingpao. I believe Myolie when she said there is no 3rd party for her.

    Just to shed some light on Eric Huang, below is transcript excerpt of Yuan Yang Pei cast’s interview. I must say I have a very good impression of him on how he comported himself during the interview, and I like his good looks too.

    Interestingly Steven did say HSQ seldom join their troupe for group activities, such eating together because he was always off somewhere with his friends, maybe with Myolie perhaps?

    From what Eric and cast members said of him, he is very quiet and reserved.

    Transcript excerpt:

    Eric: I feel that he (SM) is very lively, very quick to befriend people. To me this is a good thing. Because in shooting a series, need to quickly close the distance (of unfamiliarity) so this is a very good trait. If the troupe is to be divided into halves, he (SM) is responsible for action; I’m responsible for quietness, quiet as in slow to become familiar with other people. Not easy for me. In filming, besides the script, don’t know what else to talk about but he can.[..]

    Eric: Actually it’s not that I don’t have much to say but that I’m slow to warm up, a bit shy, so besides filming, I honestly don’t know what to say to the other people. So studying our lines, when I saw Zhang Meng (female lead) sitting there, I thought to myself I should say something to her

    Host: So in your heart you want to say something.

    Eric: What should I say? Talk about our lines?

    ZM: I truly have nothing that would make you want to speak to me?[..]

    SM: I did say to Shao Qi. Shao Qi is more quiet. Also he has many friends there (in Hengdian) so he often went out with them, so less often joined us, like having meals. So last time I said to Shao Qi, I don’t care, no matter what, you have to join in our activity more often. [..]

    HSQ: When I saw them (SM and ZM conversing), I want to say something but don’t know what to say. I mostly smile; a silly smile; a silly, foolish smile; just to show I’m listening to you two talk. I was participating, just didn’t speak out.

    But another actress exerted that once Eric becomes familiar with you he will have lots more to say. Guess Eric must have hit off with Myolie.

    1. Thank you for not believing Mingpao. Myolie has said that she has no third party. Please believe her words.

      1. I agree with lol. Yes Myolie said loud and clear at the press conference that she has no third party on her side.

      2. I believe in Myolie too. In the future even though she really went to Eric Huang or not it doesn’t mean any third party because Myolie is not in a relationship with anyone. She’s innocent and hurt.

  14. OMG poor Myolie i hope she fall in depression.

      1. Dont bash Mingpao too soon. It’s used to be neutral toward the scandal.

    1. yeah, I always thought its too good to be true when Bosco so good looking and such a good boy without so much gossips like Lam Fung and Ron and this happens.

  15. Even if there are good feelings btw her and Eric Huang, I will fully support. Can you imagine how tired Myolie prob is with the forgiving and the suspecting. A cup broken and glued back will always have cracks. Its been non stop for the last 8 years, his rumors and indiscretions.

    I think a part of her probably died to him, she most likely still loves him but is finally ready to move on to someone who will give her less heartache.

    Eric Huang’s 41, established and by all accounts by those who know him a nice man… maybe its a good match after all.

    I think its the right thing to do to end one relationship before starting another. Thats the true measure of an adult. Bosco could benefit from this lesson.

    1. Eric Huang does look like a mature man and gives security feeling.

  16. Just read that Eric does not smoke or drink. Absolute health nut and avoid going to clubs. He’s also a multi millionaire apparently and owns 6 properties in Taiwan and China.

    A true suen poon. I will pick him too… hehehehe

  17. Who knows about Eric, I don’t really think people can remain healthy after entering showbiz industry even Linda, so naive Linda, she might be second A Gil, just hasn’t been revealed yet.

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