Bosco Wong Likes Eccentric Fashions

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is known for his unique fashion sense, and often pushes the limits when dressing for a special occasion. The 32-year-old had once considered becoming a fashion designer. Bosco is a fan of mixing and matching outfits, and is unafraid of breaking gender stereotypes, appearing often in skirts, eye-catching accessories, and heavy makeup. Bosco discussed his fashion preferences and revealed his admiration for lyricist Wyman Wong (黃偉文), crowning him as a fashion icon.

Bosco said, “Besides the smart casual style, I really love strange-looking outfits. I have a high level of tolerance so I am okay with wearing skirts. I love pastel pinks and blues and orange the best. Those are my favorites.” Bosco is also a fan of accessories, and has a collection of sunglasses and hats at his home. “I have dozens of sunglasses. Of course most of them are black so they can match anything. As artists, we must own accessories so we can mix things up and never look boring.”

Since male artistes also have to wear make up on-screen and in public, Bosco understands the importance of skin care and dedicates time to basic cleaning procedures. “I don’t do facials, but I would spend time to clean my skin. I like to exercise instead [to keep a healthy complexion]. I feel great afterwards. Since I appear on-screen I must always keep myself in good shape. Besides running, I would visit the gym four or five times a week when I don’t have to go to work. Sometimes I have to diet, and I try to eat less oil and grease whenever possible.”

Bosco also likes to read fashion magazines to keep up with the latest trends. He feels that everyone should choose clothes that fit their own styles, and not blindly follow what is on the runway. Bosco admires Wyman Wong’s style the most among Hong Kong celebrities. “Wyman is definitely an icon! He also likes odd clothes like me. He had many unforgettable outfits.”

Source: Sing Tao

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  1. There;s a difference between being fashion forward and fashion flop. he is the latter. He needs a consultant, pronto.

    1. Disagree that he need a consultant. I like his eccentric and non-mainstream fashion.

      Fashion forward and fashion flop is only a thin line. It really depends on luck, whether you are able to match what the majority likes. It’s like making series. One cannot predict the audience taste.

      Fashion forward – you created a fashion that everyone likes and follows.

      Fashion flop – you created a fashion that everyone dislikes.

      1. Let’s measure his own taste against himself and even to me he fails big time. He tries to be edgy but looks like somebody else has done it, and done it better. He wants to look different, to put himself apart from others but he became the odd man out. Nicely put, he is eccentric when it comes to fashion. Reality is, his fashion sense is just silly. So to me he is fashion flop. I know he wants to be different, he wants to dress the way he wants to, good for him but doesn’t mean it is not a sore to the eyes. He is a handsome man, young as well even if way too thin. I just wish he mixes style with eccentricity rather than just eccentricity alone. And I don’t his any non mainstream than what was attempted by countless others before him, most notably Leslie Cheung or Aaron Kwok. I just find his fashion sense appalling.

      2. i agree with funn. i don’t know much about fashion but think he looks ridiculous most of the time. raymond lam does as well. and even though i like him least out of the new generation of siu sangs, i think ron ng dresses best out of them all. he usually looks stylish without trying too hard.

    2. why need a consultant? as long as you feel good in what you dress is already enough. you dress in what you like and not what other people like what is dress.

      1. hu,
        “why need a consultant? as long as you feel good in what you dress is already enough.”

        Artists have to keep up a certain image to appeal to potential advertisers. So the clothes they wear may not always be reflective of who they are, but to capitalize on a certain image. For example, Kate Tsui admits she is a tomboy, but she always dresses in skintight dresses at promos.

    3. Funn and Kidd,
      Bosco is an expressive individual and his fashions have become more outlandish lately. He’s been wearing a lot of skirts lately as well. He’s comfortable in his masculinity and doesn’t mind the gender bender designs. His hair is still conservative and he hasn’t experimented with longer wigs though.

      I was surprised to read that he loves pink and orange, colors that the doesn’t normally wear. He still sticks with a lot of black and white.

      1. @ Jayne

        Maybe Bosco is already very satisfied with his hairstyle.

        As for not wearing the pastel colors he likes, maybe he thought he looks best with black and white.

        Side note: Bosco’s birthdate number is 25/7. What do you feel about the description?

        25 is a number that cannot sit still. It needs adventure in order to quell its thirst for more knowledge. 25 relies on spiritual insights, faith and inner wisdom. It is only by understanding the self that one’s obstacles may be overcome. This is one of the reasons why 25 has a hard time expressing its emotions. As a result, in the negative state, they like to stir up trouble as a way of expressing their inner turmoil. The only solution is to quell the turmoil within themselves. But once they’ve found the truth, they can be very lively. This can be a warrior vibration, as it represents relationships in turmoil, water and fire mixed together. This number will also see much travel.

      2. Kidd,
        From Bosco’s choice in outfits, I would think that he prefers black the most since it gives a mysterious aura and you can dress down or dress up easily. But his personality seems to match the different hues he has been appearing in.

        Although Bosco said that he has problems expressing his feelings and will not outright clarify misunderstandings, he comes across as a good communicator. He makes every interview fun and is able to lighten up the situation. I think it’s a matter of choice whether he wants certain people to understand him, instead of Bosco having a difficult time expressing himself.

    4. I agree Funn… it’s okay to dress how you like on your own time.. but when you are on someone else’s dime you need to portray an image for them.

      Bosco’s current design image is what? Eccentric? I’m sorry, but for a while Bosco was wearing more dress suits than Myolie… he really does need a good consultant.

  2. He is so good looking and with his height, he just look great in whatever he is wearing

      1. Maybe his dearest ambition is to become Myolie.

      2. @Nicole
        I still feel he looks good even in that clothes!
        Not everyone can wear it! not someone who isn’t as good looking as Bosco!! Look+Height+Slim!!
        He is handsome and he got the height! He can basically wear anything and looks good in it!

      3. Or should I say with his pretty face, he can basically wear anything and still wowwww the audiences! XD
        I can excuse his clothing as my eyes are on his pretty good looking face! Hahas

      4. I’ve always had the impression that he was a bit of a player… or that he batted from both sides of the plate. His dress wearing phase just sorta helps that feeling along 😛

      5. Bosco dressed very stylishly when he was still with Myolie. Maybe he lost his good fashion consultant (Myolie)? 🙂

        Agreed, Bosco needs serious help in the style department. Is someone trying to ruin his image? Hmmm…

  3. Bosco and RonNg, two faces that never changed!!
    They look great in the past and still look the same even now! Especially Bosco!!
    Re-watching Lethal Weapon of Love and Passion, Bosco still look the same!!! Raymond..wahhhh!! His face definitely gone through some fix fix!!

  4. I actually always thought Bosco had a good sense of fashion. I like what he wears!

  5. Bosco can pull off any weird outfits! Look good in anyways heheh HOT!

  6. Personally I don’t like Bosco’s eccentric fashions which are weird and odd to me.

    Chan Chin Pang is another actor who does not know how to dress well. He always has the wrong mix-and-match in clothes. I hope he will hire a fashion consultant to make him look good.

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