Bosco Wong Prepares New Restaurant, Oystermine, for Grand Opening

After slaving away in preparation for his new restaurant, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) finally invited close friends to Oystermine for a trial run before the official launch. As an avid consumer of oysters, Bosco invested $4 million HKD in the new restaurant which he started up with friends. This is his first restaurant venture in the competitive Hong Kong market following the opening of a bar/lounge in Malaysia in 2011.

In July, Bosco was spotted scouting rental properties for his new oyster bar. The space he finally settled on is 2,000 square feet in size and located in a quieter area in Kowloon, Oystermine with few competitors surrounding it. However, with its accommodating parking and easy-to-find location, the area is an ideal place for an upscale oyster bar. Unlike larger eateries, Oystermine possesses a cozy and familial atmosphere, featuring an outdoors patio for those warmer nights.

Bosco Is A Wine Expert

At Oystermine’s early food tasting, Bosco reached out to his friends to suggest the restaurant’s signature dishes, which received good feedback. Besides his love for cooking and gourmet cuisines, Bosco has a special interest in wine tasting. To ensure a perfect visit to his restaurant, the 32-year-old actor makes recommendations on the choice of wine to accompany the different seafood options.

“Even if Reisling’s production is relatively low, I ordered around ten cases, thereby making it exclusive to us. It’s not very expensive, but it’s our restaurant’s signature. I’ll research on the different types of wines that other restaurants don’t carry and use that as one of the selling points.”


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  1. First LoL but dam Bosco is so successful compare to other Tvb sui sungs. Ron Ng,Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma ,Raco need step up the game.

  2. Is he quitting TVB? He’s rarely on tv now and looks like he wants to go to business

    1. bbfanny,
      Bosco was busy earlier this year filming movies and in mainland China. He’s starring in “Midas” with Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu, so he’s not quitting TVB yet.

      1. Well there is no news about him filming Midas and no series aired. With the sudden quiet profile it’s easy to think he’s not active with TVB anymore.

      2. Theres been a few news about the filming of Midas, one just came out yesterday but then again most of the series right now barely have any news…curious though. His other new series with Nancy is airing at the end of next month.

  3. i would have thought raymond lam is ahead of bosco wong, no? raymond does have a clothes line, a singing career and an acting career

    1. Yes, but RL came w/money so that’s easily accessible I think. BW came from the HK mediocre family background so compares to the other dudes there, he is a bit up their game I guess. Good for him!!
      But what’s up w/this hairstyle? Is that the latest HK trend or what? Looks like Eason Chan. Awww….no..

    2. LF also has 2 luxury apartments valued 20++ mil on hand. But because he was born rich, ppl dun fond of his income.

    3. Raymond does not have a clothing line, it was only merchandise for his concert which about every artiste has when they have a show. While Raymond may be more popular and in demand than Bosco but Bosco seems to be more successful both in his career and invest in outside projects.

      1. No he has. Tat clothing line is launched while the merchandise for concert is first step.

    4. Raymond Lam is certainly ahead and more successful and wealthy by miles. There is no comparison. He is a lot more popular and demands twice than Bosco. Bosco is like a poor street bloke compared to Raymond. Raymond is also more active with 3 mainland series in a row and a series of concerts.

      1. Bosco works hard for his money and invests in his own businesses. It’s what they call starting from scratch. I admire his determination and down-to-earth approach.

        Raymond maybe popular with his singing career (and he did worked hard I must admit) but he was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

      2. I agree Jasmine7,however, to be fair Ray worked hard for a lot of his own money which I think is independent of his family fortune. But it is true that he is luckier than most artists and people who come from more humble backgrounds and must work even harder and would not have a back up in case being in this circle did not work out.

  4. People are born to be successful/unsuccessful on different things in life. “God” does not give one person everything, so there is no need to compare the artists.

  5. Wine expert? How comical. A recent scientific publication just dispelled such a title bestowed upon certain individuals who supposedly know his/her wine. ‘Wine Tasting Is Not Exact Science’is the title I think.

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