Bosco Wong Pursues Niki Chow to Anger Myolie Wu?

In the list of shocking celebrity breakups of 2012, the “Boscolie” split definitely comes on top. In July, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) announced that he and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) have called it quits during a Commercial Radio interview. The couple has been together for 8 years, and according to Bosco, it was Myolie who decided to call if off.

Bosco and Myolie insisted that they parted ways peacefully and they remain as good friends. While Myolie has moved on with her life, Bosco appears desperate to win back Myolie’s heart. A source claimed that when Bosco failed to reconcile with Myolie after gifting her with a 3-carat diamond ring, he changed plans to pursuing A Change of Heart <好心作怪> co-star, Niki Chow (周麗淇) instead, hoping that his pursuits would make Myolie jealous.

Bosco Asked for Reconciliation?

“On Bosco’s birthday, he texted Myolie and said that she was his best friend. He told her that he really wanted to spend his birthday with her, but Myolie never replied. Bosco is not willing to give up just yet,” an insider revealed.

Bosco Warms Up to Niki

Furious with Myolie’s silent treatment, Bosco decided to publicly pursue Niki to anger Myolie. A member of the A Change of Heart production crew exposed, “This isn’t Bosco and Niki’s first collaboration, but when filming first began, Bosco always sat far away from everyone else, and rarely interacted with Niki. Recently, Bosco is always teasing her, flirting with her, and would also buy a cup of coffee for her every morning. On Bosco’s birthday this month, the producer knew that Bosco had another film project in hand, so he decided to give him the day off, but Bosco rejected the offer and said that he would rather spend his birthday with the crew!”

The source said that Niki is aware of Bosco’s advances, and is considering the relationship. Last Wednesday,Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and Niki replaced a birthday cake with a sponge cake and presented it to Bosco. After blowing off the candles, Bosco looked at Niki and said, “Where’s my birthday kiss?” A red-faced Niki coyly kissed Bosco on the cheeks. Michael laughed and said, “Excellent! More rumors!”

Having to celebrate his first birthday without Myolie, did Bosco feel lonely? “Not at all,” said Bosco. “It feels great to celebrate my birthday at work. It’s festive and lively!” (But that’s not sweet enough!) “Of course it is, the sponge cake is very sweet!”


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  1. bosco n niki physically do look compatible but i dont think bosco is serious enough for niki. i also understand why myolie is giving bosco such cold treatment… sometimes, enough is really enough.

    1. I agree that Bosco and Niki look physically compatible. Niki has the looks that are compatible with most of TVB young handsome siu sangs, however. 🙂

      1. As a woman I think Niki is pretty although not a fan of her stiff acting. I still wonder what makes Kevin left Niki for Charmaine.

      2. Niki Chow seems to be a sweet and lively girl, while Myolie Wu seems to be more serious in her personality.

        Personally I think Niki is prettier.

    2. So what should myolie do? IF bosco does not want to let go and myolie wants to let go but can’t, what else can she do besides ignoring him? I had an ex who kept texting me after we broke up and yes, enough is enough.

  2. Why can’t TVB script be as colourful and creative as HK tabloids script. Michael Miu was right earlier, more rumours come after the birthday celebration peck!

  3. Honestly I really feel Bosco is much more compatible with Niki 😉
    Niki is so much sweeter than Myvolie >.<

  4. This rumour sounds fake but just for sake of fun, Bosco looks more matching with Niki looks wise but sometimes Kate matched him well too.

    1. weey I have to agree…

      BTW I wasen’t surprise that it would be a rumour like this, I actually waited for it to come. You know Media waiting waiting for a chance to write about Niki -> Bosco -> Myolie. Bosco can use this as a PR for his new series )

  5. i still like Kevin and Niki!
    But is it possible for niki to be with Bosco? sounds like the 2 pairs switched couple to me!
    wishes them all happiness!

  6. aw his text is cute lol. and Michael Miu ahaha… so true though. whether it was true or not is not really important as the ‘single-status’ still remains the same anyway.

    1. Last week Bosco said he wishes a wife resembling Michael Miu’s wife Jamie Chik who is a very thoughtful and considerate wife.

      1. i think niki’s character comes more closer to jamie. niki is more mature and nicer and will give bosco more space than myolie did, because she isnt so jealous type as myolie. i hope the rumours are true. myolie looks like a man with those hairstyle hihi.

      2. LOL. But Jamie accidentally said Bosco and Myolie reminded her of Michael and herself.

      3. No it might be false. Niki and Myolie both denied the rumour and said just friends.

      4. Sam Gor and Bosco are fun and party lovers. Saw them attending Eric Tsang’s doomsday party last night.

      5. Is it wrong to party? so been a party lover is ok as long as you don’t get over the top.

        My cousin before he got married he partied a lot, but when he got married, then everything got calmed! Common party is not bad.

  7. would rather see bosco together with niki or kate rather than myolie

  8. Niki’s appearance looks like she is a sweet, nice, and gentle girl. I prefer Niki with Kevin than Niki and Bosco.

    In this article, it sounds like Myolie took Bosco’s 3 carat ring but she didn’t want to come back with him. (?!?!)

    1. Niki is symbol of femininism. Myolie is symbol of feminist. Niki looks less intimidating and more gentle.

      1. Agree with your descriptions. Both of them are well described.

      2. Actually I want to say Niki is ‘feminine’ symbol. Feminism is same as feminist or strong woman image.

    2. This article sounds bogus. Better take it like a joke and wait and see what really enfolds in the future. I think Niki looks good with Kevin, but that’s the past, so be it.

      1. Niki seems to be a very very sweet girl. Don’t know why Kevin dumped her.

      2. Maybe Charmaine is more exciting and playful. Imagine quiet Kevin and gentle Niki, must be boring right.

      3. Hey, I had the same feeling. I remembered that Kevin Cheng had said that he liked smart woman. Charmaine might look smarter to him vs. Niki.

        Sometimes it is not too good to marry very smart woman unless you are the smarter one.

      4. I feel niki is the kind of girl kevin wants now. Someone who can give him babies and take care of them at home. Charmaine is more career minded.

      5. Kevin said that? Yea I agree. Charmaine looks career minded while Niki looks like a woman who will settle down after marriage. If Kevin likes the former type, that explains why.

      6. Niki is sweet, caring feminine type who wants to settle down and stay at home and have babies after marriage?

        Where did you guys get this idea? Did Niki said so herself.

        She looks like a bright and fun girl. But, I never get the impression that she’s the stay at home and have babies type of woman. She didn’t stay behind Kevin like Maggie Siu did for Ekin while they were dating. What makes you guys think she’s the stay at home to take care of babies type?

    3. myolie should return the 3 carat ring to bosco if she don’t want to be with him anymore

      1. How do you know Bosco give her a 3 carat ring? He said he never give her one.

        How do you know Myolie keep a 3 carat ring that Bosco gave her? She said she never received one.

        Does the ring even exist at all PEOPLE???? Or only media imagination??? Wake up PEOPLE!!!

      2. It was a rumour Bosco denied. So that’s the end, now let that be 😉

  9. If it’s true that Bosco is trying to make Myolie jealous, I don’t think it will work. She’s already ignoring his messages. Myolie seems like a strong woman, not someone who will give in because of jealousy.

    1. Agree that Myolie Wu seems to be a very strong woman. Well, she was raised in a single-parent family and it might have done some harm to her in her childhood.

      1. harm to her cildhood or not. she mustnt take her shadow to her relationship.its not fair for your partner.

      2. and i think she had projected her shadow on bosco, cause she is too afraid for he will ever cheat on her.

      3. Wow you sound as though bosco was very unhappy in the relationship. Is this something else you sensed?

        FYI, myolie has said bosco healed her childhood wounds. So, what shadow?

      4. nope, i just want to emphasise thats not his fault that the relationschip comes to an end.

        if she said he heals her why then the fear?

      5. Who said it was his fault? No one.
        Did she say she was fearful? Also no.

    2. jealousy, thats exact the reason why she dump bosco,cause she cant withstand seeing him too close to other actresses while she knows thats only for acting.i wouldnt say ‘strong’but more an egoistic type.

      1. If she knows its all acting, then why would she get jealous? So she’s jealous of kate/niki/linda/whoever bosco is acting with and dumped bosco for that? Yeah right.

        An egoistic person wouldn’t get jealous, because they think the world revolves around them.

      2. NO, I don`t think so. I hink she break with bosco is something that he promise to her an did not do it. or something wrong that he do but dont tell Myolie.

      3. Or the third thing behind it, she didn’t find them to match each other. We all know that their personality was difference! And sometime to difference personality leads to arguments, and then lead to getting tired, and then puff breaking up.

        You make it sounds like Bosco was wrong in here.

  10. i still love the pairing of bosco and tavia in the heart of greed. i think they really match

    1. haha actually me too! i felt bosco-tavia pairing is so awesome as compared to boscolie!

    2. No I disagree. Tavia looks too mature for Bosco now. Niki and Kate are his best match. Linda is not bad too from what we see in WI.

      1. wow yeah.. tavia and bosco were pretty compatible back then.. suddenly tavia has aged so much…

      2. If you think Tavia looks too mature for Bosco, how do you like Tavia with Him Law who is even younger in age and looking?

  11. If Bosco Wong is not a devoted boyfriend, I suggest that Niki Chow ignores him. Niki was hurt quite badly in her last relationship with Kevin Cheng, she should not be hurt again.

    1. that’s right. strongly agree with u. i’m not a fan of niki but i don’t want her to be hurt 2nd time. she is not a player like kevin or bosco!

      1. I think Bosco is more a player than Kevin. Kevin did not have many rumours with female artistes seriously besides Niki and Charmaine.

      2. There were big rumours of Kevin juggling 7-8 women when I was staying in HK a few years ago. 2 of them are Niki and Charmaine. I remember seeing the magazines on bookstands.

      3. why do evrybody here say bosco is a player? he is just easygoing and can easy make friend with women. he doesnt cheat on myolie, they are actors and for the role you must have a good chemistry with your partner on the this industry you have to give your lover more space and TRUST like sam ko and sam so do. they are a good example.

      4. and if he is really a cheater he doesnt lost so many tears for her!

  12. I highly doubt this is true I swear HK tabloids are ridiculous sounds like a typical TVB plot storyline to me. Bosco is much more mature than that, him and Myolie are still friends.

  13. I still wonder what’s the reason to their breakup that makes things so unforgivable/irreversible. They never elaborated on it.

    1. it has to be 3rd party. myolie mentioned when sobbing not to ask this kind of question because she cannot answer on bosco’s behalf and don’t want to tarnish his reputation. she also asked the reporters to go ask bosco themselves about the involvement of 3rd party. it’s a pretty clear hint.

      1. My intuition tells me perhaps Bosco committed the most unforgivable act…bedding someone. It could be an honest mistake perhaps during one of his drunk moments and knowing how Boscolie spent months apart, and he misses Myolie.

        Bosco has a playful personality which is why he gets along with most people. Someones people like that can’t help themselves because they feel it’s just friendliness. But once they’re married, they do change and Myolie should take a chance on that instead of throwing away 8yrs of relationship. Myolie is a feminist and quite controlling.

        But wasn’t there also ‘rumours’ about B and Kate when they had those steamy scenes ?? Perhaps K gave B a freebie? We’ll never know.

    2. I don’t think many women can accept a 3rd party, especially Myolie was raised in a single-parent family. She would clearly know the consequences.

      1. perhaps she has given him many chances before the final breakup? that’s why she has got a heart of stone ever since it came to public…

  14. I’m surprised they didn’t try and add in anything about Myolie and Kevin to create a love square storyline. lol

    1. I’m also surprised that there are no rumours about myolie and kevin. Myolie dates ghetto justice’s co-star and ex boyfriend’s good friend, kevin, causing bosco and kevin to become enemies. Bosco takes revenge on both of them by chasing kevin’s ex girlfriend niki. Niki accepts bosco to get back at kevin who dumped her for charmaine. ROFL.

    2. I’ve read HK magazines that wrote Kenneth and Myolie hooking up instead. Also some older Taiwan artiste with Myolie.

  15. Myolie also said at the anniversary party that this rumour is not true. Niki also said it’s false.

  16. If he isn’t even willing to stand the coldtreatment and just ends up trying to make Myolie jealous, is he even worthy of a second chance? This isn’t preschool Bosco…adding a third party just makes the situation even more unable to be fixed.

    1. huh year two year?,he desperately begging her forgiveness more then half years now and she is still icecold to him. at least give him a little bit hope, no need to play this hard if she really loves you think yung kwo really exist?

      1. If she does not want to reconcile then give him hope for what? So he can never move on?
        And how do you know bosco has been desperately begging for forgiveness for the past 6 months? Do you stalk him?

      2. bosco you read this? its time to move on,no more need to wait for her.

      3. TO SHU: How do you know he desperately begging her forgiveness and she’s still icecold to him? Believing everything the media said? Aw sweetie, you naive little thing.

    2. For all I want, let them not reconcile I don’t care, then at least I can have him single and I can keep on daydreaming *whistle* lol joking. But yeah.

  17. bosco like myolie cause she is like one of the actress that can be not serious, playful, funny, friendly. if you were to think of kate, linda, niki, none of them has myolie’s personality. bosco and myolie even if they chat they would laugh and play each other. ( in a good way )

    1. How do you know the Kate, Fala, Linda, Niki can’t be fun? Are you their bestfriends? Really..

  18. Myolie actually denied it when the reporter ask her about it.

    In her response she seem pretty confidant that Bosco wouldn’t do that and believe the reporters are just cooking up stories.

    Anyway whatever it is just let bygones be bygones. They both should just move on with their own respective lives. IF Bosco really loves her he shouldn’t have done whatever he had done in the first place that caused the breakup. There’s no point crying over spilled milk!

    Personally I despise guys who come crying over you when they had done something so bad that they think us girls are easy to coax! Yes some girls can give their man a second chance or a third fourth fifth chance however a wise girl would definitely not give a third chance! Fool me once shame on me but fool me twice shame on you!

    1. IF Bosco has been lying through his teeth more than once to Myolie I don’t see what wrong she did by giving him the cold shoulder even after the break up. If she bother to reply his sms she’s actually giving him hope for a reconcile but if she’s determine that they both had no future might as well cut all ties between them.

      1. TO VIOLET: Are you Myolie’s sister? How do you know Bosco has been lying to her and come crying to her? Believing what the media said? Aww another sweetie, you and SHU should be bestfriends.

      2. Hello Anonymous! Can you read the word IF in every sentence that I said? I purposely typed it in CAPITAL LETTERS for a reason you know?

      3. P.S: I don’t think I have reach the state of finding myself a best friend online however I thank you for your KIND intro 😀

  19. Wasn’t Bosco caught on camera looking longingly at Myolie? But Myolie avoided his gaze?

    It’s only been a few months since their breakup and Bosco does come across as if he wants her back, waiting and probably texting.

    1. You guys are imagining things. I can’t handle this funny insanity anymore. You people Boscolie fans should GIVE THESE TWO PEOPLE A BREAK! Stop blaming one of them or any of them. Why don’t we just enjoy the current saccharine sweetness of Aimee Chan and Moses Chan and the new hit couple Yeung Yi and her young beau Himhim? As a fan of nobody I watched the whole award shows and follow most of the news and photos of the event including all these so called Boscolie moments and I see nothing unusual. As photographers or paparazzis who want cheap quick gossips, obviously these paparazzis will took millions of shots and choose the one second that best fits their description even if only a fleeting gaze.

      That so called messed up was messed up by all three of Kevin, Bosco and Raymond. As a general audience I didn’t find anything odd, sometimes people are bound to be confused especially if little rehearseal is done.

      1. Not imagining but presuming I would say. However it’s all up to each individuals on how they would like to look into this matter. If you think is nothing odd then be it. We can think otherwise and if u can’t handle it then it’s just too bad!

      2. agreed with violet, this is a platform to discuss such things and i thank you for your comment.

  20. Myolie should stay strong and show this guy the door. Men who think they have the license to play around and still have someone to come home to ought to be kicked to the curb.

  21. yeah, myolie can stay not married forever, afterall she is financially independant

  22. I think Michael Miu’s relationship with Bosco is very cute. Michael feels like a great mentor to Bosco both regarding career and personal life.

  23. I think Boscoe is adult enough not to resort to this sort of thing, to anger Myolie by pursuing Niki. What childishness would that point him out to be! Further, he would be using Niki to achieve his intentions. So, I don’t think that’s true of him. Myolie is finished with him and that’s that.

  24. God! For what I want, I want Raymond, Ron and Bosco to be together. Move in together and be brothers for life. They can take care of each other when they gets old ^_*

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