Bosco Wong Sees Decline in Restaurant Business

With the earlier government restrictions placed on restaurant facilities in Hong Kong due to the pandemic, many struggling businesses are further affected. Celebrity-owned restaurants such as Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) oyster bar, Oystermine, is also not an exception. Despite the downturn in business, Bosco is trying to come up with creative solutions and promises not to lay off any employees.

Predicting that he will lose about 20 to 30% of his business as most of his revenue comes from dinner clientele, Bosco plans to offer discounts for online takeout orders to attract new business. Though his business is struggling, he is firm in his decision to not lay off any staff or cut any salaries. “All of Hong Kong is facing the same problem. We will try our best! My staff all have families–if they lose their jobs now, they won’t be able to find another.”

The government has also mentioned that there may be further restrictions depending on the extent of the pandemic. Bosco wearily said, “If the pandemic worsens, then we have no choice but to follow the guidelines. We must stay strong during these tough times! I hope the pandemic will be over soon– everyone must stay vigilant.”

Though his oyster bar was originally opened in Kowloon City in 2013, it was later relocated to the Royal Pacific Hotel in 2018 with the new space doubling in size. Oyster Mine specializes in fine dining with a menu including raw oysters, foie gras, and sashimi. Pouring in a lot of effort into his restaurant, Bosco spends several days a week working at the restaurant when he is not filming.

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