Bosco Wong Wants to Attend Myolie Wu’s Wedding

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Philip Lee (李承德) will be holding their wedding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong on December 28. Inviting approximately 500 guests, the couple also intends to invite Myolie’s ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).

Myolie expressed, “If [Bosco] is free, I hope he will attend [the wedding], but I know that he is very busy. He did text me on my birthday.” Myolie added that things were not awkward between her and Bosco, as they have remained friends after breaking up. “I believe he is happy for me.” Myolie also pointed out that Philip is supportive of her decision to invite Bosco.

On the subject of netizens urging Bosco to crash the wedding and steal the bride, Myolie laughed and said, “Are we filming? This is real life…everyone has been watching too many dramas.”

In response, Bosco joked, “Of course, she cannot not invite me!” He added that he would be sure to attend the wedding if he is free, and is attempting to free up his work schedule for the wedding. On the “encouragement” from netizens to steal the bride, Bosco commented along similar lines as Myolie, “Are we filming?! Like Hui Man Keung in The Bund <上海灘>!”

On whether Bosco feels sour on knowing that Myolie is getting married to another man, he joked that if the wedding banquet served sweet and sour pork ribs, he would definitely have a sour taste in his mouth. On a more serious note, Bosco said that he did not feel hurt from seeing his ex-girlfriend getting married, as “it has already been a long time”.

As for the amount he would give the couple in the customary wedding red packet, Bosco said, “I can’t reveal how much I’m giving, but I’m currently selecting a very special wedding gift.”

While Myolie is deciding on the guest list, she has apparently also decided on whom not to invite. Among those not invited is actress Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏). While Jacqueline is a good friend of Philip’s, Myolie has allegedly firmly requested him not to invite her, as a show of loyalty for Nancy Wu (胡定欣), one of Myolie’s closest friends.

Jacqueline and Nancy’s rivalry started when Nancy was dating Deep Ng (吳浩康), and Jacqueline was allegedly the third party who broke them up. There are even rumors of a confrontation that took place between Nancy and Jacqueline, when they bumped into each other in an elevator at TVB. Nancy had allegedly said to Jacqueline, “I guess you like wearing my old shoes!” Apart from this incident, Nancy and Jacqueline generally avoid each other unless they absolutely have to be at the same place, such as the TVB Anniversary celebrations.

In response, Jacqueline confirmed that she had yet to receive a wedding invitation from Myolie or Philip. She said, “There is still some time to the wedding, so I have not received an invitation yet. It is too early to say whether I am invited, or whether I will attend the wedding. I believe that everyone has their own choices to make. If she wishes to avoid an awkward situation, or is worried about any possible incident, I understand and empathize with her.”


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  1. Good to know that they ended in good term. Liked them as a couple and was sad when they broke up. But happy that Myolie found her other half. Hopefully it’ll be Bosco turn soon after.

  2. Speaking of rivalries, I’m surprised that Myolie and Selena Li are such good friends, since Philip had allegedly dated Selena in the past. Not saying that ex-couples can’t be friends, but I’d think there would be some awkwardness? It’s like Philip and Bosco being really good friends lol Not sure if Myolie and Selena were friends prior to Philip dating Selena?

  3. It seems that Philip is more generous than Myolie Wu. He wouldn’t mind to invite Myolie’s ex-boyfriend (Bosco Wong) to their wedding while Myolie wouldn’t let Philip invite his ex-girlfriend (Jacqueline Chong) to the wedding. Well, I am not surprised as women are generally less generous that guys in the history of previous relationships.

    1. @orchid123 i think you didn’t read the article properly. Jacqueline isn’t philip’s ex. Brw who on earth is she? Never knew of her existence in tvb.

      1. @isay That’s because she’s not a TVB actress. She a model-cum-actress who mostly works in movies. If you watch recent HK movies you would have seen her. You can check out her resume in imdb, hkmdb or lovehkfilm.

      2. @kidd thx for the info. I thought she’s from tvb since the article mentioned nancy bumping into her in tvb and tvb anniversary celebrations. I don’t watch hk movies. Same old boring actors and storyline that i won’t pay a cent to watch. Is she even remotely famous?

      3. @isay I think people who often watch HK movies will recognise her. I don’t know if that can be considered ok famous.

      4. @isay @kidd

        She comes from a wealthy family if I remembered correctly. She also dated Deep Ng. And had a TVB variety show called ‘All girl things’

        And her younger sister was Miss HK a few years ago (Lisa Chong Si ming), the girl who played ‘Water’ in Come Home Love

      5. @idontknow Thanks for the info. I didn’t know Jacqueline Chong has a variety show in TVB. I only know about her movie career.

        I just check her chinese wikipedia page. She has played some bit part in a few recent TV series. I wonder why she’s willing to do so when she has much bigger roles in movies.

      6. @isay Thanks! You are right. I made a mistake in assuming that Jacqueline Chong was Philip’s ex-girlfriend. In fact, it was Nancy Wu who did not like Jacqueline Chong.

        However, if Jacqueline Chong is a good friend of Philip, Myolie should respect her better half and invite his good friends such as Jacqueline Chong.

      7. @orchid123 I agree. If Jacqueline Chong is Philip’s good friend, she should be invited. That’s mutual respect.
        Just seat her and Nancy far apart. That will do.

      8. @orchid123 philip seems to have a lot of female friends in the entertainment industry including his ex selena. Makes me wonder if he’s a skirt -chaser ie. if he enjoys hanging out with starlets.

    2. @orchid123 No lar. Myolie don’t want to invite Jacq is cos she treasure her friend Nancy Wu. Not Phillip ex lar. Read, slowly read the article again with open mind. Sometimes, we tends to missed out the informations when we already have a fixed mindset.

  4. I am happy for Myolie and wish her all the best with her new beau hope he love and give her lots of happiness she deserves. Glad Bosco and Myolie are still friend. Hope Bosco find he other half soon!
    why don’t he consider me hahah!

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