Bosco Wong’s Reputation Salvaged; Director Claims Bosco is a Good Man!

After Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) breakup, numerous tabloids speculated on Bosco’s infidelity.  Tabloids reported that Bosco had cheated on Myolie with multiple women, including several of his female costars in mainland Chinese drama, The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人>.  Was Bosco’s image too damaged to be salvaged?

With his tarnished image, the public believed the worst in Bosco. He was blamed for the separation as it was commonly speculated that he had treated Myolie’s love irresponsibly.  The director and production crew of The Woman Above the Bread Tree have now spoken out to defend and support Bosco.  However his female costars of the same drama still distanced themselves from him, in fear of fueling love rumors.  

Bosco’s Reputation Defended

The director of The Woman Above the Bread Tree, Chen Mingzhang (陈铭章) indicated that Bosco is a respected and worthy actor.  Mr. Chen indicated that Bosco did not have any relationships with his mainland female costars.  Bosco had used his free time to speak with Mr. Chen privately regarding his character in the drama.  During filming, Bosco would normally sit quietly by himself to study the script and his role.  Mr. Chen felt that Bosco is a trustworthy and good man. 

The production crew also insisted that the cheating rumors were fabricated.  It was disclosed that Bosco was easy going and provided drinks for everybody.  Bosco was extremely professional even in the heated and rushed filming conditions.  After work, Bosco would go back to his hotel room to read the script and retire quietly for the eveing.  He did not go outside afterward.  It was said that Bosco and his character in the drama are quite similar, in which they did not like to talk and submerged themselves in work.

Despite focusing on work, it was evident that Bosco had yet to fully recover from the breakup.  As the scenes in the drama were not filmed sequentially, some of the scenes were not consistent as Bosco had lost significant weight recently. 

Bosco Treated Like the “Plague”

With his female costars from The Woman Above the Bread Tree being slashed by Hong Kong tabloids as the suspected “third-party,” Bosco understood the public pressure and was apologetic to Sonia Sui (隋棠), Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), Liu Yan (柳岩), and Song Xinne (宋新妮).  To prevent further rumors, his female costars have since avoided Bosco carefully. 

Mainland Chinese actress,Tiffany Tang, had many scenes opposite to Bosco in the drama.  Although Tiffany Tang had kissing scenes with Bosco, she would keep her distance quickly after the shot was completed.  It was speculated that she did not want to upset her alleged boyfriend, Roy Chiu (邱澤).   

Sources:, Apple Daily

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  1. I wonder how is his reputation salvaged by a group of crew that he barely knows?

    1. A group of crew that barely knows him either.They probably worked with him for a few months only and stands out to salvaged his so called reputation?He can be professional at work no doubt but who knows what is really happening behind close doors?

      1. I agree. I only believe what Myolie said. This director is a man. Stop meddling in Myolie’s relationship!

      2. totally agreed. Bosco could go back to his hotel and wait for some1 to knock on his door lol

      3. I don’t think you should only believe what Myolie says because who knows if what is she is saying is all true or not??

    2. Funn,
      HK tabloids linked Bosco with mainland actresses from “The Woman Above the Bread Tree.” To the director and crew’s knowledge, they said that Bosco spent his time studying the script and hiding inside his hotel room.

      This aspect of the rumors have been rebuked by the director.

    3. Some eye witnesses claim that Bosco and his mainland costars partied at nightclub, mainly linking him to Liu Yan.

      So the director steps forward and based on his observations, he vouches for Bosco’s reputation that he did not behave out of line while working on the drama.

      1. But he didn’t vouch for Liu Yan? Back to square one.

  2. director salvage Bosco’s reputation or his own drama? can’t afford to have his lead going down south on audience’s books eh? the ” they said that Bosco spent his time studying the script and hiding inside his hotel room ” was before or after or during the ongoing Myolie/Bosco problem (before breakup announcement) ? really, nobody knows other than Myolie/Bosco. why or how a couple breakup, it’s really difficult to pin point. it’s always a combination of factors. actually, i think it takes courage to breakup too. anyways, i wish both the best. as long as Myolie’s happy, i’m happy for her.

    1. I only believe Myolie. Nobody cares about what this director want to say. As long as Myolie’s happy then it’s good. Support Myolie.

      1. if u only believe myolie then y bother to comment and read this article, even if myolie said she cheated would u believe her? Get the hell out of here!

      2. This isnt a fairytale story, acting innocent this is actually LOL HAHAH

      3. Myolie never said she cheated. Those pictures from Eric Huang’s weibo are nothing. They are just normal friendly pictures. The media were making them up and made Myolie upset.

      4. Kidd and everyone: We should let this matter rest. Myolie is happy with her life now and she will focus 100 percent in her career. Let’s give her some space.

      5. @ Aznlaydee

        I only post one neutral comment in this whole article with back and forte comments and arguments and unfounded speculation and you pinpoint me to stop?

        I know you add ‘and everyone’, but, why name me? I didn’t bash your beloved Myolie.

  3. I know that a lot of people are against me when I say that I actually believe Bosco didn’t cheat. I feel that a lot of the rumours has been going to far, and I feel that none of the stuff the media brought up was enough evidence, so untill I get the real facts on the table, like Ron’s, then in my eyes Bosco still didn’t cheat. i will support Bosco and can’t wait for his new serie to come out.

    1. Call this weird. I like Ron, never like Bosco but in these rumours with all these mainland actresses, I somewhat think he didn’t cheat too LOL at least until now. Maybe because the media only manage to get drama stills from the internet LOL. I can do that too! Just google! 😀 Heck I even believe Liu Yan although she’s a plastic boobies.

      Ron’s addiction for fun with plastic boobies which made his dumb brain an easy attack for these attention seeking boobies. How sad 🙁

      1. lol Ron and his babyface, he looks so innocent, but i guess it is easy to fall into temptation.

      2. prettier and Prettier, i find Myolie really pretty. At least she is natural pretty.

      3. first of all how do u know myolie is natural pretty? are u a worm in her stomach

      4. If you look close, ok you can never know if a star is 100% natural with no plastic, but from her old pictures, then Myolie look almost the same, that’s why I called it natural pretty. But this is my oppinion, if you still mean Liu Yan is prettier then go ahead. We all have different thoughts about looks.

      5. I don’t think Myolie is 100% natural. If you look closely, she may have done something to her lower facial structure that made her look better than her early years. Calling that transformation ‘losing baby fat’ is bullsheet. However the effect is successful. Better than some others who failed to transform to better facial structure. No money loss here 😀

      6. I don’t think Myolie is 100% natural either. I have seen her since her early days and she definately has had stuff done, but it is more minor compared to those major plastic dolls.

  4. I agree w/violets comment a group who barely knows him could help salvage is reputation pFffffffffffff give me a break

  5. I think his character (and the ending) in Witness Insecurity helped his reputation more than anything since I’m sure a lot of viewers would like to believe that he’s like the Hui Sir character. lol
    That and Ron Ng’s scandal blowing up since there was audio proof in that and there’s no real proof of Bosco cheating.

  6. bosco’s image is not even ruin, sure if his image was ruined early, but there is no evidence that he cheated, no pics? no nothing! Ron’s image is totally ruined, there was voice recordings, I dont understand y the media think bosco cheated, if u say he cheated please give EVIDENCE! Just simple words from people arent evidence, i can say MYOLIE CHEATED

    1. Agreed. This is boring. The lazy media only get stills of drama scenes from the internet. At least they should invest some money to go to mainland and photograph him going dinner with any of the girls LOL.

      1. ok, it was some eye witnesses, but who are those people? they may be haters that don’t like Bosco, so they pretend they saw Bosco partying, and remember they claimed, it may be false too. I know that you aint happy because Bosco has a lot of cheating rumours, but how can you be sure that this is real? and those rumours, media in mainland already know about it. Bosco is a siu sang, means he is popular, If something like he having dinner with a lady in mainland, don’t you think those papparatzie would be taking pictures? but they havent because the truth is, it is nune.

        This just take me back to the rumours about Charmaine, niki and KC a lot of rumours but no 100% evidence.

      2. I think the rumours with Liu yan, Tang Yan, Song, and the assistant are not true, but in reality there are good men who are flirtatious.

      3. True story. My past manager in the office is a great guy. Easygoing, friendly, intelligent, a man with good character, a loving husband and dad, but an extreme flirt with women! I can feel his flirtatious nature when I communicate with him, and seeing him communicate with other women. My senior colleagues told me that his wife knows and has dig more about his workplace flirtings from some female staffs she knew, but she pretended that nothing is going on because he’s still a responsible husband and dad and he showered her and their three kids with lots of love.

        Once a flirt, always a flirt?

      4. Anon,
        Regarding your ex-manager, did he flirt or did he have affairs too? Did his wife turn a blind eye to any affairs?

        I was having a discussion with friend regarding peopleliving a phoney life, which happens to be the biggest regret they have upon death as indicated in some hospital studies. Living a phoney life involves staying in a marriage where the feelings have died, where partner cheated multiple times and wife turns blind eye, or staying married for money reasons.

      5. Jayne – I’m not sure if he took the flirtations towards an affair, but I know from other colleagues that he does offer some younger single girls for rides back from office for a more personal one on one chat. I never took his rides invitation because I have own transport so I don’t know how far the “chats” went.

        But he does potray a loving family man too and maybe that’s part of his attraction to flirty women who loves flirting with this flirty man. As far as the others and I know, well there’s a female staff in other department who lives in his neighbourhood and knows his wife :P, he always come back home every night.

      6. I do agree that some women tend to live a phoney life without feelings and most that I know confessed: “It’s for the children” 😐

        Some of them only appear like a picture perfect family on FB walls or in front of people but behind the closed door it was all an act.

      7. I think the rumours with Liu yan, Tang Yan, Song, and the assistant are not true, but in reality there are good men who are flirtatious.

        Agree with both points. It’s what I think too based on the compilations from all different versions about their breakup. HK media just want to sell their magazine. Many years ago, Bobby Au Yeung wants to sue a magazine who took pictures of him on the streets and create stories of him going clubbing.

        Good family men and flirtatious men can coexist in a body. Anon’s boss’s case is interesting but it isn’t rare 😀

      8. Anon,
        “Some of them only appear like a picture perfect family on FB walls or in front of people but behind the closed door it was all an act”

        There are different reasons that make people lead a “phony life” in which they feel bound to stay in situations that make them unhappy. For their pride and the necessity to convince other people that they made the right choice and are happy, they continue with the facade.

        It’s really hard to walk out of a relationship, even on a cheating spouse that may have cheated repeatedly. An elderly friend told me that amongst her friends, 50% have cheated (both men and women). Another male friend said that half of their friends have cheated as well. People may tolerate because they don’t expect their next partner to be loyal in love. And if married with kids, the money is usually intertwined as well.

        Walking out of a decade-long relationship for example may also induce fear. People are habitual creatures. People generally have this fear of separation towards a person they have spent many years with. Which is also why the death of a parent is usually such a big blow.

        So they would rather stay in a “phony” relationship rather than be alone, go through the dating game again.

        People don’t necessarily post those happy family pics on Facebook because they purposely put up a phony facade. It’s because kids, travel photos, and friends gatherings are all safe things to share with everyone. People have 100+ friends (many acquaintances) on Facebook so the above are all safe topics to cover. The overabundance of happy photos may give the impression that everyone now has a happy family.

    2. I don’t think Bosco’s image is ruined either since who really knows if he cheated for sure or not?? Even if he did, this will all pass with time. Many other celebs have done worse and are still able to move on so why can’t he?? But you also cannot say that Myolie cheated either since no one knows the truth except for them…

  7. ops, wrong place to post wasen’t ment for you Viann sorry.

  8. I too believe Bosco did not cheat. Yes, he may be the type who likes partying but don’t think he cheated on Myolie. How many single men who cheats would remain in a relationship for 8 yrs ? Myolie felt insecure but why stayed with him for 8 yrs ?

    1. yes seriously if men cheated y stay in a hella long relationship? 8 years isnt short? its hard to maintain a relationship for 8 years even if bosco did cheat why would they break up now? why didnt they break up earlier, and even if myolie did forgive him for cheating back then its her fault she didnt break up with him. IM ACTUALLY HAPPY THEY BROKE UP MYOLIE IS TOO UGLY!

      1. @Jake
        Ok I know you are upset because of all the rumours Bosco is involved in. I am in the same situation, but keep calling Myolie ugly aint helping, beside what has she done? nothing! We should step out and supporting Bosco, but that don’t mean we should bash on his ex. Maybe i say this because I actually likes both, but still the way you say it, is unfair towards Myolie.

      2. im just telling my opinion if u dont like it then dont comment on my comment! And im telling my truth i never thought myolie was pretty sorry even if they never broke up i would still say she’s ugly

      3. Do you look like Michelle Reis or Tom Cruise to call Myolie ugly? Get a mirror.

      4. why wont u get a mirror and look at ur face but i think u shouldnt because when u do its going to break so might as well not!

      5. Why should I? I never called Bosco ugly it was you who called Myolie ugly. Bosco is good looking and can be attractive and this is what can be a dangerous part for a relationship! Nobody wants other girls to admire their boyfriends!

      6. Everyone can believe what they want, but whether it is really true or not is a different story…

    2. You just answered your own question. Cos bosco cheated this time hence the break up. Cut the crap on evidence, this isn’t a court. How come there are no reports of Kenneth or Ruco or Moses fooling around? Myolie should have dumped his the first time he cheated. She wasted too much time on a guy who doesn’t deserve it. I’m glad they finally broke up. Myolie’s career has always been better than Bosco. Without Myolie, Bosco wouldn’t have his perfect boyfriend image.

      If you think Myolie is ugly, that’s your opinion. My opinion is Bosco is bad looking with those heavy eye bags and purplish lips. Good riddance.

    3. There’s no need for evidence. Myolie knows that’s why she wanted out. She’s better than Niki and Joyce who still clamoring for men who cheated and broke their hearts. It makes women look cheap! It’s enough that Myolie was a fool who wasted her time these 8 years. I’m happy she finally wakes up. Respect her!


      2. bosco said he never cheated too, and u SAID THERE NO NEED FOR EVIDENCE! well i think myolie cheated her manager told me

      3. YOU SAID THERE’S NO NEED FOR EVIDENCE! so if i say myolie cheated you’ll be pissed and say show me evidence! HAHA LOSER

  9. Please respect Myo’s feelings. she wants to forget bosco. let her do it in peace. stop saying he’s a good man or he’s sad whatever when you’re not in the relationship.

  10. Bosco surrounded by 3 beautiful plastic dolls how can he resist.

  11. The 3 plastic dolls in pic above look like typical china plastic dolls LOL.

    1. Why my post don’t show? This is latest news about Myolie’s new 16 million HKD house she bought in March to live with her two sisters far away from Bosco! She confirmed she will move as soon as possible

      【胡杏兒豪擲1600萬買樓】早於3月,@胡杏兒 已對黃宗澤死心並部署搬離舊愛巢,杏兒豪擲1600萬元買下兩個相連單位。杏兒昨日直認買樓:「係我辛苦儲錢買番嚟嘅dream house,因為大家姐住附近,我同二家姐將會一齊住。」何時搬離昔日愛巢?杏兒:「搞緊啦。」

    2. Yeah playing with these plastic mainland dolls is just like playing with a blow up doll.

      1. All 3 mainland plastics above look alike too. LOL the new plastics these day must really went to same surgeons 😛

      2. They either went to the same surgeon or those surgeons use the same reference photo to create their plastic face lol

      3. Look at their poses above Veejay. LOL look cheap and look like mainland plastic dolls textbook 101 posing styles ROFL.

      4. Especially the left doll and the middle doll. The right one is wooden doll LOL

      5. lol @ the right doll, looked so wooden ya.

        The pose of the left one looks so exeggerating and ‘cheap’.

      6. agree with you two. the 3 mainland actres look cheap. the left one is the worst and exaggerating!

      7. These unknown mainland actresses up there do give cheap and plastic product feel in the picture. I have to agree. It’s sad how nowadays girls will do anything to stand out, even becoming clone faces of each other.

  12. No matter how they tried to salvage Bosco’s reputation from being damaged etc, it still can’t change the fact that he was and could “still” be a playboy etc that hurt Myolie deep.

  13. Whew… I’m so glad this director spoke out in Bosco’s favour. This proves that Myolie was crazy and Bosco is a saint who remained huddled to himself in his apartment. So glad it’s all settled.

  14. Director can’t do anything but help to salvage his “investment”. Doesn’t want his production to go down the drain due to bosco’s rep. LOL

  15. still hoping boscolie can reconcile in the future!

  16. I wonder why this director can know so much about him although they only do one series while Myolie has been with him for about almost 8 years.I think this time I believe in Myolie rather than that director.

  17. If the above picture not photoshop, I can see Bosco so thin and tired. Poor him. In this case, I think he miss Myolie a lot and he also regret. Myolie, please, give him another opportunity, so that he can change himself to become a family man and make you happy forever. If he still make you sad again, you can say good bye immediately without regret. I hope Boscolie always happy together. I love them so much, especially Myolie.

  18. maybe its true bosco nvr cheated… just flrted around… well we wll nvr knw

  19. Bosco messed up a really good 8 year relationship. I’m actually glad. Marriage should be base on trust. If she no longer trust him, then let go. I’m sure she will find one who will respect and adore her.
    For Bosco, I can’t stand him…Cocky…

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