“Bride Wannabes” Incites 137 Complaints

TVB Reality TV dating show, Bride Wannabes <盛女愛作戰>, rose to 25 points in ratings last week. While the controversial show continued to increase in viewership, 137 complaints were filed with the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority! Complaints involved the immoral concepts introduced in the pursuit of a significant other, discriminatory elements, as well as the promotional placement in Bride Wannabes.

The popularity of the show has resulted in the paparazzi following Bride Wannabe contestants: Mandy, Suki, Florence, Bonnie, and Gobby in real life. It was discovered that only Suki found real love through the show, after meeting insurance manager, Zion, through Mandy. Lifestyle coaches, Winnie and Santino, generated the most controversy and bashing. The show’s popularity resulted in the paparazzi’s thirst to unveil the contestants and coaches’ past prior to appearing on Bride Wannabes.

TVB received 10 direct complaints that Bride Wannabes contained exaggerated elements, denigrated women, and sent the wrong messages regarding how to find true love. However, 4 people called TVB to praise the program’s creative and realistic aspects.

Regarding the controversy that Bride Wannabes sparked, TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), declared, “We respect that audiences possess different perspectives. We produced the program because we wished to bring something new to the audience.” Mr. Tsang further added, “Bride Wannabes was filmed in accordance with the Communications Authority Bill.”

Yesterday, a video clip from Bride Wannabes‘ previously unseen footage was seen. One of the male guests said that dating women was similar to investment, squeezing a woman dry in the short term before finding another one. Although host, Koni Lui (呂慧儀), initially called the man “human refuse,” she eventually said that the man had his logic after further explanation.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: 137 complaints filed for “Bride Wannabes” is high, even for Hong Kong’s “whiny” audience standards! A hit is born! How many generations of “Bride Wannabes” will we see? 

If they ever make a celebrity version, I want to see Kenneth Ma on there! If his problem is not commitment, why can’t he find a long-term girlfriend? I want to see Kenneth Ma find true love! Maybe Kenneth Ma needs some love experts’ advice and lifestyle coaching! A makeover and new haircut would be great too!

Which eternal bachelors/ bachelorettes do you wish to see on a celebrity version?

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  1. wow that’s a lot of complaints. i watched all 10eps for the fun and something different. i don’t agree to advice that was given by those so called professional adviser in the show.

  2. The more buzz it’s generating, the more popular it is, so I’m sure TVB will continue to shoot new series on it to increase ratings and generate more talk on it, despite the fact that people are complaining about it.
    For the celebrity version, I wonder if they will match celebrity with celebrity, or how would they filter out qualified people to be able to match up with celebrities? I guess they would need to be rich or really successful professionals?
    For the celebrity version, I would probably like to see Kevin Cheng (doubt he’ll do it though), Kenneth Ma, Ruco Chan, Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Joyce Tang, Annie Liu. The list could go on. I bet if Ray is in it, ratings will go up a lot, and a ton of girls will sign up, lol

      1. TY and Theresa Fu together and Him Him calls from the audience “Sorry, have a man in Beijing who is bothering me”.

      2. Tavia- Him – Theresa kind of out already. Kenneth and Tavia pairing now is boiling up. ( maniac KenTa friends imagination)

      3. You should worried any girl that nearby him. But nothing much worried about It just weibos of any girls that nearby MM will bombard with many messages

      4. You might understand better if u read comment on Rebecca Chan photo with MM on Rebecca weibo.

      5. Yup, now I worry for the girls next to Ma Ming. Poor them, “innocently” involved :(. Somebody are just too dangerous.

      6. @a-pop: Curious, I browsed the comments in Rebecca Chu weibo with MM photos. And boy, some pretty delusional KenTa shippers out there.

      7. Those Kenta shippers also attacked Lawrence Ng! and made him wrote a weibo to console these fans when he don’t even finalize his series with TVB yet! Scary fans

      8. I’m worried Kenneth can’t find a gf because all girls he get close to besides TY are attacked by Kenta scary fans. They only want Kenneth to stick to TY. That’s delusional.

      9. Even though I love this pair but see many fans are going so extreme make me feel bit scary. Hope thing will go better since Tavia and Kenneth will not meet up for some period of time (no pic, no news together) hope can bring less some delusions of fans

      10. I suspect Kenta fans are more TY fans who dont want other girls get close to Kenneth.

      11. I wonder why TY fans aren’t shipping her w/ Him Him. They know tavia is not dating Kenneth but they don’t want anyone else to have him either?

      12. Why I don’t feel surprised at all? During THC time, they did some similar annoying actions towards others (like attacking Derek for having kissing scenes but this Fish-Head dun have). Don’t feel any lucky for Kenneth. These “shippers” can jump ship and bash Kenneth in the next day if he “dares” to hurt “goddess”. It happened.

      13. If the Fish Head shippers are that crazy, I worry about Kenneth’s other female costars. Their weibo might get flooded with insults

      14. actually the fans gone bit delusion partly have to blame Kenneth. W

      15. ..who ask him too open flirty toward Tavia during filming process of SSSS. He even playful try to sneaked a kiss to Tavia during the time of filming process and witness by many fans that visit the place.

      16. So this KenTa couple please love, get married or do everything else, and these shippers can satisfy and stop doing stupid things. After that, wish that they won’t breakup or these shippers will get crazier.

    1. Ratings would be “lights out” if they got any first line celebrities to do the show. But why would they subject themselves to all the grief when they are already famous?

      I think a “celebrity” version would be more appropriate for supporting actors or has been’s.
      I think it would be especially interesting if they featured “celebs” that have been hurt or jilted in love before, such as Joyce tang and Gregory lee.

      Also I would love to see if Mrs. Mei ling could find some distinguished gentlemen for the older ladies like single mom margie tsang and top host dodo Cheng. They don’t need the fame at this point in life but maybe they can really find a partner.

  3. Now I am curious to watch Brides Wannabes.

    From the article, “One of the male guests said that dating women was similar to investment, squeezing a woman dry in the short term before finding another one.”

    Hm, that is a new low for men. If that’s the way men see women, can you blame women for using looks, s-x and youth to hook rich or famous guys?

    1. Koni misunderstood his words. The guest said it is girls who see men as investments. Those who are looking for a short term investment rinse as much as they can out of guys (persuades them to buy designer handbags, clothes, jewelry from them) and then move on when they’ve gotten as much as they can out of them. Girls who look at long term investments will urge guys to save their money and not demand gifts from them.

  4. I do agree with the public that Winnie and Santino’s advices are really bad, but I find Mei Ling’s wise words helpful. What Mei Ling said about Florence was completely right. If she wants to be herself, old and not attractive, she can’t be picky about the guys. She wants handsome, young and rich men while not wanting to change herself, I find that hilarious. Mei Ling was right about that, those kind of men can have better girls, why choose someone old and chubby like her? The analogy they said about make-up packaging makes a lot of sense to me too. If you don’t at least be presentable, how can you attract someone to notice you in the first place?

    Santino’s advices were really lame to me. Pure textbook dating advices, how to pull men in, how to play hard to get… ugh couldn’t stand him.

    So, I find some advices useful, not exactly find it insulting but it would have been better not to have Santino. It was funny how the prettiest and skinnest girl of the group was the first to find love xD

    1. I have not watched the show so I can’t really comment about Santino but you know I was just thinking recently…

      A straight guy I know who was skinny,weak (as in not macho), and “loser” type insisted in our group conversation, “I AM A MAN!”

      I was thinking if you were a real man, you do not need to insist or emphasize to others that you are a man. A real man oozes manliness whether he eats, laughs, work or play.

      I have another friend. I like her alot. She is direct, tomboyish, not caring about femininity and we really have a lot of fun socializing. I feel sad for her that she is a great gal, has a good personality, and I know that she is looking for a boyfriend but she does not have one. I think the problem is in the way she presents herself. She is probably uncouth to guys, talks and behaves too much like them. She used to be fat but now she has slimmed down but she doesn’t know how to present herself in an attractive image. She says she doesn’t care but I know she does care. A girl can easily have a nice haircut, wears clean clothes that fit. Even if the woman is confident and successful, she doesn’t have to look old fashioned or unkempt. Looking good is part of self image for girls to feel confident about themselves.

  5. Sounds like some bacholerette reality show. So even TVB now goes into that sort of area. Since I am not watching, I don’t care. Celebrity version will be awkward.

    “I want to see Kenneth Ma on there! If his problem is not commitment, why can’t he find a long-term girlfriend? ”

    Simple. Because he hasn’t met me.

    1. Funn,

      U should give it a try. It’s pretty entertaining. Louisa so yuk wah is the narrator and they put together a lot of catchy songs to set the mood.

      As for kenneth, I suspect he likes playing the field too.

    1. Dodo Cheng is like my grandma…..she looks so old with her plastic surgery almost wear out…..

      She needs to find an old grandpa to match……maybe patrick tse can match her…

  6. Mei Ling’s words were i reckon, the most truthful and reliable. Like in one episode, she’s like “In Hong Kong, there is a law that you must provide 3 months probation to an employee when they start a new job. This is important because you want to find the right person for the job. And here you have, women who think they are smart and know it all, that in one meeting, they are able to determine whether a man is suitable or not suitable for them. Which is the trouble that is facing HK women, they are too judgemental and quick to dismiss. It’s hard enough to find the right employee, let alone finding someone to be your future husband!)

    She hits it right on the head. so f******* true.

    1. i know Mei Ling is probably giving the most normal n sensible opinions on the girls esp that FLORENCE woman hahaha shes thinks shes has a masters deg n she can still find a handsome, young, equally smart guy i mean grow up and to top it off she is OLD n NOT ATTRACTIVE. hahah she is so judgement and yet she does not buy herself a mirror hahaha.. LOL.. it was funny those women.

      1. Don’t make me laugh, mei ling. There’s no such thing as a highly educated beautiful gal can only be matched to a guy with equivalent background…….

        Look at the Singaporean gals…..A lot of them are very smart, pretty and highly ranked in the society but unfortunately either have bad marriage or remain as “lou gu poh” for the remaining of their lives…..They may have a good face with a luxurious life to enjoy in the public’s eyes but in fact they’re actually very sad, sympathetic and lonely behind the scene……….

  7. And there’s another one form Mei Ling “you can say that looks don’t matter at all, and that inner beauty is the most important. Well i can bet you that there will be 15 other women in the room who are prettier than you and will say the same thing, that inner beauty is the most important. And there you have it, you are at a disadvantaged compared to these other women”.

  8. Haven’t watched this and don’t have any plans to do so.

    I think there must be available guys out there for these women they just need to lower their standards as this is a two-way interaction.

    Those that are infected by the “princess disease” needs to cure themselves first as I can’t imagine any guy that wants to be tortured 🙂 if you are not super-gorgeous. Even so it will most likely just be for the short run.

    1. The 137 complaints were probably by Princess Diseased chicks lol

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