Carina Lau and Tony Leung Through the Years

With 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) found success and happiness in her career and personal life. In a recent interview, Carina shared her thoughts on her success and marriage life with Tony Leung (梁朝偉).

Money Cannot Buy Accomplishments

There are often negative perceptions towards artistes, who are regarded as having little education and only package themselves to gain the public’s approval. Carina believes that many people do not continue to improve themselves, but respect has be earned through their own actions.

Carina lives by the belief that feelings of personal success are more important than money itself. Now a successful businesswoman and restaurateur, Carina admits that she has failed many times in the past. Carina said, “To me, managing a business is very difficult. I’m afraid of numbers and contracts. When I see the accounting [statements], my eyes hurt and my head spins.” However, Carina said it is important to have fun, and the motivation should not always involve money.

Mutual Understanding and Compromise

Together with Tony Leung for 25 years, their relationship has stood the test of time due to mutual respect and tolerance for each other. Carina admits that she is full of flaws, but Tony has always been able to tolerate them and embrace her positive qualities. Carina praised Tony as someone who is very polite, attentive and dedicated towards work.

Containing an utmost amount of support for her husband’s career, Carina allows Tony freedom when he is filming a movie. Carina said, “Even if he films for one to two years, I will not visit him on set. I will give him personal space; I believe he needs this space to focus on his acting.” Carina added, “Tony’s achievements today are completely due to his sacrifices. He truly works very hard. He filmed and prepared for The Grandmaster <一代宗師> for four years. I think he practiced Wing Chun for four years and now he is very good in the forms.”

Tony is actually quite romantic and notices the smallest details about Carina. He remembers all the important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Carina said, “There are not as many random surprises now, but he always gives me flowers on important dates, and sends a personalized card.”

While they were dating, Tony proposed marriage numerous times, but Carina was not ready to settle down. As she got older, she finally realized that she wanted to start a family, and have a ceremony to commemorate her love for Tony. The couple decided to get married in Bhutan in 2008 shortly after Carina’s father passed away.

Living a Simple Life

Behind the glamorous facades, Carina and Tony live a rather simple lifestyle. The only expenses they lavish on are wine and clothes. Tony’s diet consists mostly of oil-free food and vegetables. Carina even jokingly exclaimed that he eats like a monk. In his spare time, Tony loves to watch movies of all genres and read books to gain perspective on life and acting.

Facing turbulence and challenges in life require an open mind to react to those changes fluidly. Carina has lived a fulfilling life and gained wisdom through her friends’ experiences. She shared that it is important to face any situation with an open mind and positive outlook, “There is nothing shocking in life. There’s a need to cherish and do more good things and actions that make you happy.”

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  1. I believe Tony Leung is a patient man. In the past I was told that Carina Lau has had strings of rich men while dating Tony Leung. But Tony Leung didnt leave her and waited patiently for her. It’s not easy to be able to stand so many ups and downs as all of us have our own set of flaws.

    1. he had his shares too ..

      maggie cheung
      chow ka ling

      1. You are wrong. Tony has his share when he was young and dating, in the 80s, and 90s, and not when he is in a stable relationship with Carina.

        Btw, who is Chow ka ling???? No such person. Maggie Tsang, yes.

        While Carina has her flings with rich men, 2 of them, in fact when she was together with Tony and when they were already widely acknowledged and known as a couple. I think even after marriage.

        Don’t simply shoot, please.

      2. To Vagabond,
        Chow Ka Ling, yes, I know her, maybe you can google Valerie Chow, she has retired from the acting scene yrs back. I read few yrs back she got married to an indian and already have a child. Not sure how many kids they’re having now.

        Yes, as far as I’m concerned Tony Leung has been very faithful (I feel he’s like Joey Wang’s ex boyfriend, Chi Cheng, waited patiently) whereas Carina Lau is a party typed that drinks and party, mahjong and always sleep around with rich men. Maybe she has mellowed after getting married, I dont know as I’ve not been following her news….

      3. Vagabond – i’m baffled by your comment, “don’t shoot please” when you fired your comment at me with, “you are wrong.”

        Both of our sources are from the media so I’m not sure where exactly you determine mine is any less valid than yours.

        Also – fooling around at a young age versus fooling around at an older age is still fooling around. Your spectrum may deem it as “fair” but not in my books.

        Carina is a business woman, not every rich guy is a sleep number for her. She obviously did not focus her career in acting only and ventured off into the business arena. To survive in business, you have to network i.e. drink and socialize.

        Whether she slept with her business partners, neither of us truly know .. so don’t jump off your wagon and start pointing fingers at me.

        My comment strictly said Tony has his share .. which is valid. Just because you are not aware of who Chow Ka Ling is, does not mean she is nonexistent. Chow Ka Ling and Carina Lau actually co-existed at the same period, meaning both claim dating Tony.

      4. Pandamao ,
        Tony is not “fooling around at a young age versus fooling around at an older age”

        Your view is, being a business woman gives her the ticket to lust and indulge. very good. I guess you must have do and done the same.

        Yes, I am pointing fingers at you, for you either can’t decipher media information accurately or choose to see things on your coloured lens.

        Carina is a flirt. PERIOD.
        Shooting at you is the correct thing to do !!!

      5. “Tony is not “fooling around at a young age versus fooling around at an older age””

        He is dating as any young man would. You understand or not? I guess not.

  2. Their kind of ‘open relationship’ and extent of freedom in their partnership is hard to understand.

    1. I think their ‘open’ (not necessarily sexual) relationship means inter-dependence instead of being attached to the hip. Both have very different interests and personalities, but they respect and accept each other’s individuality and secure enough to allow mutual space for separate interests. This type of open relationship wouldn’t work between a needy/controlling couple.

      1. When anyone says open, it really means each is free to play around but always come back home. I do believe they practised that but I don’t think it continued after the marriage vows. It works for them, and they’re still going strong. I believe both of them has been through a lot, individually (especially Carina) and together to let any so called affairs with others to get in their way.

    1. Nobody is doing that here.

      Don’t be so PC.

      1. It’s okay to judge if something is for sale. LOL! 😀

  3. It always made me wonder how their relationship work. Personality wise, they seem to be on polar ends. But glad to see this kind of stability in relationships especially between two famous pretty people.

    1. To Daess,
      You’re right, I also feel that their characters are really 2 of the opposites. Maybe that’s what ppl says opposite attracts.

  4. It could be like what Will Smith and Jada has. But I don’t think Will really cheated; I think Jada just let him feel like he has options so he can stop feeling tempted, but she also implied that he should know better than to rock their boat and actually do it. Lol. I dunno if Tony and Carina would cheat on each other – they seem like they went through a lot together. Marriages built on a strong foundation like that makes it really hard to do wrong esp since Tony is such a devoted guy.

  5. “Tony loves to watch movies of all genres”

    This line cracks me up!

    It has been widely known that Leung is an avid JAV fan.

  6. Cannot stand with Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), it is good that she is not with TVB any more.

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