Carlos Chan Still Protective Towards Jennifer Yu: “Don’t Scold Her”

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Carlos Chan Still Protective Towards Jennifer Yu: “Don’t Scold Her”

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Jennifer Yu’s (余香凝) sudden breakup shocked the public. Not only did Jennifer stick by Carlos during his most difficult times, he also openly admitted to perceiving Jennifer as his marriage partner. Just as everyone believed this sweet relationship will defy all odds and made it to the end, it was suddenly announced that they had already broken up for over a month.

Perhaps due to Carlos’ sweet demeanor, humble attitude, and sentimental personality, many were quick to place the blame on Jennifer, branding her a gold-digger for allegedly cheating on Carlos with millionaire Victor Hui. During a recent interview, Jennifer attempted to appease the media and clarify that she was merely friends with Victor. She stressed that the breakup was mutual. However, the public was not quick to forgive, and the press release merely fueled the fire. Carlos, who seems to still be holding onto his love, stepped forward today and voiced his support for Jennifer.

He wrote on his social media, “Sorry. These past few days, I have worried all the people who care about me. When fate binds a relationship, no matter how difficult it is, two people will still come together. But when fate ends, no matter how hard you work at something, the relationship still cannot be saved. Even though our relationship has changed, I still perceive Jennifer to be my closest family member. These past few years, we have experienced many ups-and-downs together. I am grateful to her for allowing me to grow as a person. There is no need to place blame on anyone over our separation. The only thing to blame is that our fate ended too soon. I hope everyone can give us some space. Don’t blame and scold her, or hurt her and her family anymore. I only wish for her to be happy and blessed forever. No matter what the future holds, I will continue to silently wish her the best.”

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7 comments to Carlos Chan Still Protective Towards Jennifer Yu: “Don’t Scold Her”

  1. tiffany says:

    At least he didn’t pull a Moses lol Give them time. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

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    • jjwong replied:

      @tiffany Funny you mentioned Moses because after the comments and articles I saw, Moses and Bernice “repeat” immediately crossed my mind. People sided with Moses just like now with Carlos.

      Not gonna comment who’s right or who’s wrong since no one really knows their true self and real reason behind closed doors. However, poor, chic. Hope her career and success isn’t over… And poor, dude. Hope he gets over this hump and finds new happiness.

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  2. jayne says:

    It’s very gracious of Carlos to come out and speak up for Jennifer. So easy for him to play the hurt victim, but he didn’t do that. Hope Carlos’ heart lessens with pain each day….

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  3. wm2017 says:

    Honestly, no clue who she is actually but both seem cute. The ex is still relatively young so perhaps the only thing you can blame is called “TIMING”. It just wasn’t right for them to have that happily ever after.

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  4. Glad he spoke out. It’s the decent thing to do and I know that praising someone for being a decent human being is a pretty low bar to set but sadly apparently not everyone can pass the very low standards of basic human decency and courtesy (yes I’m talking about Moses Chan).

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  5. passingby says:

    What a nice decent thing to do to protect his ex. More brownie points for Carlos. He should concentrate on his career now; his potential is limitless with his good looks, nice personality and talent.

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  6. jimmyszeto says:

    Unlike Karena Ng, Jennifer ‘has not’ gone gold digging at least so far since there isn’t any news the new kid comes from a enormously wealthy background. Once again fans are quick are jump in support of their favourite assuming that Carlos real life personality resembles his character in ‘Daddy Cool’ but that was just acting….

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