Carman Lee Doesn’t Regret Giving Up Career for Ex-Boyfriend

Carman Lee (李若彤) regained her popularity again since the broadcast of Never Dance Alone <女人俱樂部>. Portraying a middle-aged housewife who tries to juggle her family’s happiness with her own interests, Carman’s portrayal of a mother’s sacrifices struck a chord with viewers. Despite her realistic portrayal as a housewife, Carman only experienced motherhood through raising her niece, but she has never been married.

Many years ago, Carman met wealthy businessman, Kwok Ying Chuen (郭應泉), whom she had considered spending the rest of her life with. While they were deeply in love, the relationship raised eyebrows when it was reported that Carman was a third wheel in her Kwok’s relationship. Carman clarified, “At the time, his marriage issues have already been cleared up. We had a very memorable and deep love relationship. I even thought about marrying him before.”

Since Carman prioritized love over her own career, she made the decision to slowly retire from the entertainment industry at the height of her fame. Even though they eventually parted ways, Carman does not regret her decision. She explained, “At the time, family came first for me. I hoped to be together with him. Although we didn’t register marriage, but our relationship was similar to being married. I know that he didn’t want me to work in the entertainment industry, so I gave up on my career. I tried to do my best as a wife; I’m a very traditional woman.”

On a lighter note, Carman cleared up confusion about her real age. Although some reports claimed that Carman is only 39-years-old, the actress revealed that her age has always been a secret. A senior previously explained to her that revealing her age would only limit her acting lifespan.


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  1. “Although some reports claimed that Carman is only 39-years-old, the actress revealed that her age has always been a secret. A senior previously explained to her that revealing her age would only limit her acting lifespan.”

    From what I read it is a difference between 40 to 48. So which is which?

    1. She said in the report that she’s older than 39. I can’t say for sure but some sources say she’s born in 1973 which makes her 41 now. Personally, the way she responded to the question makes me feel she’s probably 45ish.

      1. I also think she around 44-45
        ROCH 95 was about 20 years ago when it film. If she only 40 now, which make her 20 when she film ROCH, which I DOUBT.
        She must be at least older than 25 at the time, since she already do movie before TV series.
        She is definately older than Louis though.

      2. Wasn’t she from some pageant? Could she have lied in the pageant then?

      3. She not from pageant. She got her role in her first film due to a director meet her on the flight. Carman’s was an air hostess of Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong airlines)
        A director was on the plane on a trip, meet her and see her fit for the role, so she start from there.
        Ex-occupation : Flight attendant, Air-hostess of Cathay Pacific

      4. I see! Now I know why the confusion. If she’s 40, she looks old. If she is 48 or 47, she looks good. I tend to believe she is more than 45.

      5. Her age is not important. She just be herself. Even she is over, she is still beautiful.

      6. It is important because if it is not why the secrecy? Doesn’t mean she is not beautiful but if someone makes such effort to not reveal a number, maybe the number is more than just a number.

      7. Funn, I also think Carman’s more than 45, this news article said she 47 year olds.
        Even though she didn’t publish her age, but those are her fans know the facts that before she film drama “series” for TVB, she already have a name for herself doing “movie”
        She did alot of “movie” and then TVB grab her to film “drama” for them, such as ROCH 95 and SDSG 96 (those drama are 20 years ago)
        So we all know she can’t be 18 when she was Air-hostess of Cathay Pacific. So the movie director did not meet her at that young age.
        After the director see her and give her roles, she done many movies. That should be another 4-5 years. Then she film for TVB dramas.
        So 47 year olds sound right to me. No way 40 when 20 years ago she film for TVB series.

      8. Rehi Funn,
        And here, I have proof that Carman is not 40 year olds.
        Here is her filmography up to the year 1995 when she start doing TVB drama ROCH. There was a 5 years timeline gap, which give her 5 more years of her age.
        Killer’s Romance (1990)
        The Wicked City (1992)
        Awakening (1994)
        Victory (1994)
        Burning Paradise (1994)
        The Final Option (1994)
        The Little Drunken Masters (1995)
        Loving You (1995)
        TVB drama: ROCH 1995

        So her first movie is in the year 1990. At the time 1990 she was an Air-hostess of Cathay Pacific airlines. She got to be in her 20s, I doubt if airlines hire underage teenage girls to work as flight attendant.
        So ROCH 1995 was 20 years ago, plus her first film was in 1990, add 5 more years to her age.
        She have to be at least 45 to 47, no way younger than that.

  2. “Many years ago, Carman met wealthy businessman, Kwok Ying Chuen (郭應泉), whom she had considered spending the rest of her life with. ”

    sure…falling in love with a rich old guy..sure……she loves him for his money first, then everything else 2nd.

    1. her career or money off from him? i’ll take money over career since he’s rich.

      1. Is that what he looks like! Gosh! See what I mean all the beautiful actresses dating or married to ugly,old, rich man!!!!! She can do better than that!

    2. WTF… He can be her dad. I thought he the same age as her. But dam, u gave up ur career and wanna take ur own life for this ugly old guys. Love is blindddd……

    3. HOLY, you sure that’s NOT the grandfather? hahaha LOL…man, that’s insane.

  3. i wouldn’t be surprised if her real age is 45. she looks 45.

  4. I don’t understand what is with the secrecy surrounding her age. A simple search on Wikipedia will reveal that she was born on August 16, 1973.

      1. wiki is edit by anyone, as long as you have an account in wiki. This is why wiki stretch the important of link the original source [1]. [2] in every sentence you write in wiki article.
        I wouldn’t trust wiki if I were you. Anyone can go to wiki and update, edit as they want, sign up for an account.

    1. I have several old magazines and some say she was born in 1973 and some say 1974. But those were the only 2 years that I have seen and have nit seen her being listed as older than that.

      1. If you read Chinese, then there are articles said she older.
        Here is the recent one,
        in there said 47 year olds Carman Lee.

        I believe she 47, because no way she only 20 when filming ROCH 95. Before she film “series” for TVB, she already make a name out of herself in the “movie” industry. She actually have MANY movies compared to TV series.

        NO way at the age of 20, she already start in tons of movies and then do ROCH 95 with Louis.

  5. Haha. Her response will make ppl wanna find out more about her real age.

  6. We know she’s 40+ so the extra few years doesn’t make a difference.

  7. She should be around the same age as louis koo. Anyway, she looks flawless regardless

  8. whether she is 39, 41, or 45… she looks absolutely amazing for her age.

  9. most actresses married or date rich and ugly old men. sad reality.

  10. I’m so curious as to how she managed to keep her age a secret?? I mean nowadays almost if not every artists’ age is a given information to the public and media..

  11. I wish Carman Lee will find Mr Right. It could be Yang Guo (Louis Koo) lol. Hope she’ll find a perfect man better than her ex.

  12. After all these days, the first time I saw her in this show- I go wow !!!
    She looks great- don’t care how old she is 🙂

  13. hi there

    1. whether Carmen is 20, 39 or 48.
    2. she is still hot hot hot.
    3. she looks very gracious too.

  14. I see her name everywhere these days, thanks to that M club drama. No idea who she is. Was she once very famous? From her pic, i think she’s around mid 40s.

  15. the pic above Carmen looks abit like tracy huang.

    Carmen looks LOVElY!!! Gorgeous for her age!!!!

    Yeah to women aging gracefully!

  16. Carmen looks great and energetic in her age! She is so passionate in acting and she is what she is , not like some artists who show 2 faces, she seems friendly and helpful person . I adore her!!

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