Carman Lee Forgives Herself for Dropping Out of School

Carman Lee (李若彤), who is famous for her iconic role as Little Dragon Girl from Return of the Condor Heroes <神雕侠侣>, guest starred in Flora Chan’s (陳慧珊) new variety show After School <放學後> earlier. Being away from the school environment for over 30 years, Carman reflects upon her secondary school days and how she felt she had disappointed her teacher.

Meeting on the set of Never Dance Alone <M Club> in 2014, Flora and Carman stayed in touch. When Flora first invited Carman to share her student experiences on the show, Carman immediately rejected the offer and only agreed after a week of consideration. Carman decided to step outside of her comfort zone and address the regrets she has been avoiding.

During Carman’s school life, she was known for her good grades and conduct. Her teachers had high expectations for her. However, after a failed test, she decided to become a flight attendant after Form 6. After a few commercial shoots, she eventually became an actress. Though her career was prospering, she always had the regret of not finishing school and felt she had let her teachers down. Whenever she drives past the school, she feels embarrassed to even look at the building.

Through Flora’s show, Carman felt she could finally let go of this burden she has been carrying for many years. Carman’s biggest regret was never visiting her old school to thank the principal and teachers who held her in such high esteem. Through the show’s arrangement, Carman was able to see her former teacher again, “I’m very upset at myself. I should have returned to the school earlier. I couldn’t get past certain issues at the time, and felt I let everyone down.”

She said, “I shouldn’t have only focused on grades. Now that I look back, I felt I was foolish. because it wasn’t really a big deal. I need to learn to forgive myself!”

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