Cast of “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area” Responds to Criticism 

Netflix’s thriller Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area has quickly risen to the top spot after accumulating 33.7 million viewing hours in 3 days. Although fans are excited to watch the South Korean adaptation, the the thriller has garnered polarizing reviews while being compared to the Spanish original series.

Responding to the public’s concern, director Kim Hong Sun admits that he expected that there would be comparison despite that the adaptation had many cultural, language and plot setting differences. Kim Hong Sun understands that many fans loved the original series and it would be natural that fans would be making comparisons and having very diverse reactions.

Actress Kim Yun Jin who plays the head of the negotiation team shares the same sentiment and is thankful for all the reviews. Kim Yun Jin is grateful that the series is getting attention and adds,  “It would be interesting to see a South Korean adaptation with Asian cast.”

Actor Yoo Ji Tae who plays the mastermind of the heist shares that when he received the script, he expected there would be mixed reactions. However, Yoo Ji Tae was determined to accept the role. The actor hopes that the South Korean adaptation could make a breakthrough and would still be loved by the world. 

Actor Park Hae Soo, who previously starred in Netflix’s Squid Game explains, “This is the fate  of this work. It cannot be compared to the original work, but instead of focusing on the differences, it’s better to tell the story that we want to tell.”

Source: World Journal

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