Cecilia Cheung Preparing for Lucas Tse’s Birthday Party

Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) good friend, make-up artist, Rick Chin, appeared at a function yesterday. Allegedly, Cecilia was afraid to sign divorce papers with Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒). Rick said that he has not heard about the rumors. “You have to ask Cecilia about this issue. Of course, in my heart, I want Cecilia and Nicholas to reconcile. I want her heart to be the same as mine. However, that’s not the case.”

Assisting Cecilia with taking care of her two sons, Lucas and Quintus, Rick revealed that Lucas has been attending a summer playgroup. Later, Lucas will be preparing to start school.

Currently, Rick and Cecilia’s manager were preparing for Lucas’ birthday party on August 2nd. Rick revealed, “We have to plan the time accordingly. Cecilia was very happy that she was able to take time off to celebrate Lucas’ birthday.” (Will Cecilia and Nicholas appear in separate time slots at the birthday party?) “That should not be the case. We are uncertain what Nicholas’ arrangements will be. Hopefully, they can appear together, which will make the celebration more complete. Since it is a children’s birthday party, everyone will try to make the gathering happy.”

Asked whether Lucas’ grandparents, Patrick Tse (謝賢)and Deborah Li (狄波拉), will attend the birthday party, Rick said, “Yes, yes, yes, but we have not discussed this on the phone yet.” (Who will contact Patrick and Deborah?) “We will do it together.”
Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc
Jayne: Since Cecilia did not sign divorce papers yet, I wonder if it is due to the inability to negotiate the divorce terms or that she does not want to divorce Nic? On the other hand, Nic seems decisive on wanting a divorce.

Future situations will arise similar to Lucas’ birthday party where Cecilia and Nic should appear together. Since Cecilia and Nic have two young children together, they will need to continue to communicate even after their divorce.

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  1. I have a feeling that the couple is going to pull through this crisis once they see each other at the birthday party.

  2. I am hoping Nic won’t change his mind to divorce Ceci. If he decides to reconcile with Ceci, he would be a loser for a rest of his life.

    If I am Nic, I would never re-marfry Ceci at all. Even she is willing to issue an apology to Nic in public and anounced that she was lied.. I don’t think she would do it. She denied about sitting next to Ed on airplane until Ed’s manager confirmed a story.

    One slogan for Ceci:
    – When did you know Ceci lied ?
    – When Ceci moved her lips.

    1. I am with you, Jenni. He is better off without her.

  3. good mother for her kids, happy birthday to lucas and hope his parents has chance to back together.

  4. For the children, they should stay together. Though, many divorces are common these days, when they can be tried to be prevented they should try. “One day a married couple, a whole life a married couple”…just saying…

    1. Stay for the sake of his children?
      It’s easy to say when your not in the circle. Nicholas seems to have suffered so much. Cecilia seems to show no remorse. If they cant be lovers..they can always be FRIENDS for the sake of his children.

      1. I am agreed with Sweet_like_Candy. Divorced does not mean their kids will suffer. Sometimes staying as married couple with unhappy married will not doing any good at all.

    2. No matter if they stay friends or not, the children will still be effect by divorce, after all they aren’t growing up in a “normal family”, but then again that’s just my opinion, call me traditional if you will…

    3. I personally don’t think it is healthy to stay in an unhappy marriage just for the sake of the kids. Even though it is true that a divorce will be hard on the kids, especially if they are old enough to know about it and remember it. However, as long as the parents always put their kids as their first priority, then I think things should be ok. When a couple already has kids together, they will still have to talk to each other and communicate one way or another.

  5. Lucas is such a handsome boy, huh? Baby Quintus has a baby mohawk. haha. I usually don’t care for celebrity marriage n divorce news, but I love celebrity babies!

  6. Cecilia and Nick should reconcile and have more kids—life s too short

  7. i have no doubt she has yet to sign because she wants reconciliation. This party may be the first step towards that.

    1. If Ceci one-sidedly wants reconciliation and Nic wants divorce, they would automatically divorce after 1-2 years of separation, right? That’s how TVB dramas says it, not sure how much truth there is to it.

      Even though their divorce rumors have been dragging on for forever now, there’s still the last bit of me that wants them to reconcile.

  8. I hope Ceciia and Nic will reconcile, shouldn’t they give one another a chance to love again. It takes two to tango. so i do not believe it is only Cecilia is at fault all the times, Nic also contributed to it. I still believe Cecilia is a good mum and also a good wife. It all depends on how you read all the news on this couple. How can all faults fall unto Cecilia. It is ridiculous. In a chinese proverbs/idioms, i translate it this way, “You advise parent to cane their son, and never advise their son to divorce his wife. (LING KAU YAN DAI CHAI, MOK KAU YAN FUN CHIA}

    1. Honestly, I’m really confused whether if it’s the right choice for Nic to divorce Ceci now after reading all the comments here. I gotta admit that I do agree that Life is too short qouted by Chili and Nic and ceci should really think thoroughly before deciding their future which involved the kids. I can’t blame Nic for acting all cold towards Cecilia after the Ed and Ceci incident on the plane, it definitely insult the integrity, reputation and status of a man/husband. Ceci was wrong in the beginning for being selfish and ignorance for indirectly insulted her husband’s reputation in public. AS a husband like Nic, it’s hard to accept a wife who lied and hurt him but people are not perfect, there will be mistake and etcc and if Nic is to divorce Ceci now…will he feels regret afterward? LIfe is too short to end things just like that when both parties are still prety much “inloves” if they’re still on it..

      Many would said Nic is better off without Cecilia..but if Ceci is really a good wife and good mom to the kids and Nic himself, why care how others view you rite? The Kids will indirectly suffer from having 1 single parent when they enroll into primary school later, others will ask embarrasing questions to these poor kids..They will not enjoy what a complete family/parents enjoying now.

      1. If life is indeed too short, then they should divorce. Because life is too short, why be miserable and stay together for sake of children? Be happy, be selfish sort of way.

        I still think they will reconcile, whether they should I don’t know.

        “The Kids will indirectly suffer from having 1 single parent when they enroll into primary school later, others will ask embarrasing questions to these poor kids..They will not enjoy what a complete family/parents enjoying now.”

        I doubt that will happen. There are many divorced parents, single parents, remarried parents, no one will ask such questions. What these kids will ask is surely about Cecilia’s nude photos. I am sure those will still be seen for years and years to come. I think being a kid of divorced parents is nothing compared to being a celebrity’s child and especially if everyone has seen your mother fully naked top till bottom.

      2. Is Ceci really a good wife ? I don’t think so. A good wife would not curse a husband in public especial when both of them are in show-biz.

        When Ceci’s nud pictures were happend, if Nic were unhappied with that situation. At least he did his best to show his support in front of public not curse at her. By doing that Ceci said he was a fake. Even it was faked (if it was true), he did it to save both of their faces and their careers.

        However Ceci said Nic is a bad husband, bad father, a fake in public. It is not a good wife at all. She did it to save her career and intended to destroy his career.

        Latest news.. I read one news that Ceci is still suing Nic’s read creditcard for all of her spending: families, her personal stuffs, gifts and many things. Nic is still paying for her.

        Many questions come to my mind:
        – according to Forbe, Ceci is highest paid Asian actress and is listed as number 8 of making money in year 2010. Why did she still using Nic’s credit card ?
        – is she intend to drain his financial ?
        – is it her move to trap Nic ? If Nic cancels that credit card, she would use it as evidence of bad father.
        – it seems that Ceci spending is uncontrolled. May be it is a reason she doe snot want to sign divorce paper. She still wants to marry to Nic.. not love.. but only Nic can support her uncontrol spending.

        Life is too short. Nic needs to move on with his life. Divorcing Ceci does not mean he does not love his kids. It is a best situation for them and kids.

        I agreed with Lim

        I think being a kid of divorced parents is nothing compared to being a celebrity’s child and especially if everyone has seen your mother fully naked top till bottom.

        and your mother was sucking other men (not your dad) penis.

      3. @Jenni
        At least Ceci did call and let Nic know that she was going to blast him to the media if he continued to spill info about her. Nic was the one who told her he did not care if she went out and blast him. Has Nic been a good husband? Did he release those info of Cecilia to Cha Siu Yan? Because if he did, that would be a very terrible thing to do since that could allow the media to continue to attack her and their children. With her fragile mental state, he should’ve known that she could snap at any time. Both parties are at fault, and both need to behave like adults and not hormonally-charged teenagers.

      4. I agree with Funn and think that it is better for them to divorce because what is the point of staying together when you are not even happy together anymore?? You are just making your life more and more miserable.

        I feel bad for the kids since many have seen their mom naked and performing a lot of sexual acts on a guy that is not their father. I really wonder how the kids will live with that? Sadly, the Edison Chen scandal will haunt not just the people involved but maybe their kids as well. It’s like a scar or black mark that will never completely disappear…

      5. @Cloud

        You said

        At least Ceci did call and let Nic know that she was going to blast him to the media if he continued to spill info about her.

        Do you have a link to that news ? Is it true ?

        This is 1st time I awared this. If it is a true, then I am agreed with you. Both parties are at fault.

        However I still think it is better for them to divorce.

      6. @Jenni, it’s true according to the interview given by Cecilia. Nic never came out to deny it either. You can read the article here: http://www.jaynestars.com/news/cecilia-cheung-attacks-nicholas-tse-%E2%80%9Cstop-pretending-to-be-a-good-man%E2%80%9D/

        It’s possible that the media could have twisted Ceci’s words, or Ceci could be lying, but Nic did not deny the allegations.

        If they really can’t amend their differences, then they should get a clean divorce and not drag their children into their mess.

      7. @Cloud

        Thanks for a article..

        With histories of Ceci of lying, I don’t think it is 100% true. Nic did not denied does not mean it is 100% true either.

        It could be partial true in it. But only Nic and Ceci know the truth behind it. One thing it is a low life tactic of Ceci to drag Fay Wong into this mess.

        Divorced or staying togehter is still involved kids. Divorced is still a best solution

  9. I totally agree with Cloud. Also whatever past Cecilia had, Nic has accepted it. Why we still keep bringing the past issue and harp on it. Let them move on, we do not need to remind them of their past. Who has not done wrong in the past, how bad or worst we cannot judge, it is up to the person who is involve with. We can only wish the best for them.

  10. How is it not weird that this dude is so involved in this family’s life?

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