Cecilia Cheung Shares Easy and Cheap Beauty Tips

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Cecilia Cheung Shares Easy and Cheap Beauty Tips

Debuting at the age of 18, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) is now 38 years old and already a mother to three boys. In the industry for 20 years already, the singer and actress is no stranger to long working hours and sleepless nights. Even though she has to juggle work and caring for her kids simultaneously, the actress has kept her looks – her smooth skin and jet black hair is evident of that. Earlier, the star generously shared her beauty secrets on RED, a social networking and e-commerce platform, for everyone to give her regime a go.

Cecilia recommends drinking warm black sesame soymilk for breakfast every day. Black sesame is rich in vitamin E and melanin. Aside from nourishing the kidney, stomach, and intestines, it also delays aging by keeping the skin smooth and rosy and prevents early-onset white hair.

A convenient way to have the drink is to mix in about a teaspoon of natural, organic black sesame powder into warm soymilk. However, one should not consume more than one teaspoon of black sesame per day. Itt has a caloric capacity of 559 kcal per 100 grams, a fat content of 46%, and a protein content of 19%, which can lead to obesity.

Another recipe Cecilia has up her sleeves is longan and jujube tea. She swears by it and makes sure to have it on her when she is working. Longan contains iron, protein, and glucose which can quickly replenish the body’s nutrients. Jujube has iron, protein, and vitamin C. When both are used together, they can replenish qi and nourish blood.

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  1. m0m0 says:

    i don’t know if it really helps but not harmful to try. at the very least, it’s got all the healthy nutrients so it can’t be bad.

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  2. jessehsuan says:

    She was a beauty back then, but her looks kind of change. Is it because of her teeth?

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