Cecilia Liu on Wedding: “I’ll Wait for Nicky Wu to Surprise Me”

Mainland Chinese actress Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) recently revealed that she is not at all concerned about her and husband Nicky Wu’s (吳奇隆) upcoming wedding ceremony, which they plan to hold in February or March of next year.

At a recent press conference for her drama, If Love Like This <如果可以這樣愛>, Cecilia took to the stage alongside male leads Tong Dawei (佟大為) and Jeff Bao (保劍鋒). Although Dawei and Jeff performed various ways to win over Cecilia, from reciting romantic poetry to preparing delicious desserts, neither could hold a candle to her real-life husband, Nicky Wu.

Since Nicky recently shared that he and Cecilia plan to hold their wedding ceremony early next year, reporters rushed to ask the bride for her thoughts. However, Cecilia expressed that she was not concerned about the wedding’s details and happily added, “I’ll wait for [Nicky] to surprise me.”

During the press conference, Dawei and Jeff mentioned how Nicky would often visit Cecilia on set, each time bringing lots of snacks for her and the crew to enjoy. One time, Dawei shared with excitement, Nicky even brought fried chicken and lemonade. Both Dawei and Jeff plan to attend the wedding ceremony.

If Love Like This Slated for 2016 Release

Directed by Wang Lei (王雷), If Love Like This is based on a novel by Qian Xun Qian Xun (千尋千尋), who is also serving as the drama’s screenwriter. It tells the story of international pianist Geng Mochi (Tong Dawei), who initially butts heads with a seemingly crazy TV hostess named Bai Kao’er (Cecilia Liu) but ends up falling for her.

If Love Like This features a change in image for Tong Dawei, since many of his previous roles have been considerate and protective men, whereas Geng Mochi is more proud and unconventional. Dawei also shared that even though he does not resemble the character as described in the original novel, he is not concerned that fans of the book will be opposed.

“If we had filmed the drama according to the original book, it wouldn’t have passed the censors,” he explained. “The setup now is extremely wonderful too, and it is very moving.”

Jeff Bao, who plays Bai Kao’er’s rebound Qi Shuli, joked that because his real-life romantic life has always gone smoothly, he was quite happy to portray a character with unrequited longing. “I was finally able to experience the taste of being the fallback guy,” he said with a laugh.

If Love Like This began filming in October and is expected to be released next year.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Gotta admit I was one of those that was super happy when they started dating and then got married! ehehhehe I was a huge fan of this couple after BBJX!!!!!!!

    1. @happybi in my personal opinion, i liked her more with Wallace Huo or Hu Ge. I didnt really like Nicky Wu at first and was quite saddened when they announced their relationship. Watched their drama Bu Bu Jing Xin to see all the buzz about their suppose chemistry and I then too become a supporter…though a little part of me wished she didnt date Nicky. just my opinion. But as Cecilia Liu is one of my favorite mainland actress, im very happy for her. btw, cecilia looks quite pretty in the above photo.

      1. @akinu I agree with you. LSS & Wallace Huo would have been a perfect match for everything including age wise. These things never work out like we think. LSS & NW are meant to be together. If they are happy then we are happy for them also. 🙂

        There are many pretty actresses, but in my opinion LSS is pretty (not extreme), elegance & she is very likeable.

      2. @dramas4me age isnt exactly what made me like them. i honestly feel there is more chemistry (my opinion) between him and LSS. but as it turns out, that didnt result in anything but a good friendship between the two. i agree, LSS has that elegance, that was what i was trying to get at in my earlier comment lol

      3. @akinu Yep. Elegance is the quality that makes her stand out compare to other pretty actresses. I also love the above picture of her.

      4. @dramas4me i used to watch Taiwanese dramas until all of them became repetitive and recycled storylines (my opinion) so i dropped watching them altogether. I agree that modern dramas for China is improving to some degree but I hardly ever watch modern drama. I watch only a few because Im more of a period/wuxia/fantasy drama person.

      5. @akinu Roy Chiu is not a good boyfriend in real life so far, but he is a great lover(s)/husband(s)in dramas most of the times. Marry Me, or Not is currently Taiwanese’s #1 drama.

      6. @dramas4me lol i know, i wont let my personal opinion on Roy mar with a chance of missing a great actor and a potential favorite drama.

  2. @akinu and @dramas4me she does look pretty in that above picture. I never find her that pretty in BBJX but there was something about her that I really like. I think it’s because she look approachable and is very likable!!!

    I don’t usually watch China series so haven’t seen her in anything beside BBJX!

    1. @happybi i don’t watch China dramas…but BBJX is the only one i followed faithfuly.
      LSS has a certain charisma…and she does look compatible with Nicky. in BBJX, i find her compatible with Kevin Cheng.

      1. @happybi NOPE, looks like I found another person that agrees with me. while i loved BBJX, i DID NOT for the life of me liked the romance between Ruoxi and Yinsi. Whenever I re-watch it, i always say “oh, incest arc is coming up.” Like it or not, our time-travelling protagonist is in the body of Ruoxi who in that time period is sisters with Yinsi’s concubine Ruolan, which will still make her technically the sister-in-law of Yinsi because she’s in that body now.

        I would not describe Kevin’s Yinsi as “creepy,” but more so “a man desperate for love but neglects the woman that loves him and is loyal to him for life (his first/main wife).”

        I am also going to add that I watch Mainland series way much more than HK series (hence why HK actors are pretty much foreign to me). Could just be a biased opinion but I find the Mainland actors and actresses to be more “eye-catching” and better actors.

      2. @akinu Yes! Finally someone who will understand me in regards to Ruoxi and Yinsi! I know in that time, it’s probably normal/common for them to marry sisters or whatnot but for me, I find it a bit wacky!! I find his love for Ruoxi a bit off because it seem he is seeing Ruoxi as her sis whom it’s obvious he loves but his love is not returned. Let just say I’m glad Ruoxi end up with 4th prince!

        I don’t watch Mainland series… I barely watch HK series anymore. I’m mostly focus on JDrama and KDrama as I find their production better and there are so many eye candies!!!

      3. @happybi JDrama and KDrama are too mainstream 😉

        About Ruoxi and Yinsi, my entire family hated that arc. a good 80% of them dropped the series because of that arc in the story.

      4. @akinu Ha! But that’s good as English sub comes out quick! Actually KDrama is very mainstream. JDrama still take a long time for English subs!!

      5. @happybi i cannot for the life of me finish those melodramatic korean dramas lol. i will admit tho that i USED to watch JDrama once upon a time ago.

      6. @akinu Trust me, I do not watch melo KDrama. I can’t deal with it as it makes me want to throw pillow at the screen. I only watch romantic comedy or triller/action. KDrama have gotten much better this past 5 years so if you haven’t watch any recently, you should check it out again. May I recommend 20 again and It’s OK, It’s love. Both excellent and different.

        JDrama is my first love.. and still loving it now although I do watch KDrama more now.. just because sub come out so much faster.

      7. @akinu I find JDramas poor quality for some reason! It’s not mainstream like Kdrama or Tdrama or even Cdramas at least from my perspective 😉

        I feel like person here who probably has not watch BBJX yet XD but I’m more of a wuxia genre person..

      8. @karina Not are all poor quality but sometimes, i find the storyline confusing and difficult to follow (depends on the drama of course)

      9. @happybi It’s gross also to date brothers! hehe She jumped from one brother to another, I am still unclear if she slept with 14th prince, than 4th. I didn’t like the romance aspect of the story, but I liked the acting, costume, cinematography and friendship in the series.

      10. @ironfingers That is very true. That bothered me in the beginning too but it’s really only between 4th and 8th prince. I do not think she ever love 14th prince as a man.. he def. love her but to me, she only see him as a good friend so no way in heck do I think she slept with him!! Once she settle on Nick, all was good.

      11. @ironfingers Ahh gotcha but still don’t think she slept with 8th prince!!!! 4th prince was the only one for her. hhehehehhe At least I want to think that way.

        @akinu Think so.. check out the 2 that I suggest.. it’s very good. at least I think so. Ha!

    2. @happybi Yep. You got the key words about her “approachable & likeable”. She is going to have three great dramas coming out next year. I can’t wait to watch them.

      1. @dramas4me I am pretty excited with the Imperial doctor one, the other two is with Zhang Kai looks cute! I am also liking that she will be in a project with Bao Jain Feng, he is such a good actor!! I am sure she will not end up with him, but its nice to see the mix of artists from different productions mixed up !

  3. @ironfingers true that was another aspect of the drama that irked me but did not sway me from watching and loving the drama altogether.

    @happybi maybe i just need to watch the right genre in KDrama to not be so annoyed with the whole category lol

    @dramas4me IKR! i esp cannot wait for her drama collab again with Wallace Huo and cant wait to finally see her in a true modern drama. I do not count BBJQ as a modern drama as it’s technically just making amends between Ruoxi and Yinzhen.

    1. @akinu I know what you mean. I’m waiting for her drama with Wallace Huo, Imperial Doctress, her drama with Ming Dao (waiting forever with this one), her drama with Tong Da Wei and her drama with Zheng Kai (born 1986).

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