Celebrity Weddings: Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao

Taiwanese actor Mark Chao (趙又廷) and Mainland Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓) held their wedding celebration in Taipei on November 28. Mark declared lovingly, “I’ve found the perfect woman; she’ll be number one in my life!”

Despite their five-year age gap, 35-year-old Yuanyuan and 30-year-old Mark knew they were destined for each other early in their relationship. Yuanyuan spoke of Mark, “It’s because I feel like I met someone who shares my system of values, who is extremely similar to me.”

Frequently taking vacations together, the couple announced that they had marriage intentions earlier this year. In May, Yuanyuan and Mark traveled to Paris to take their wedding photos. In June, the couple registered their marriage in Beijing.

Exchanging Heartfelt Vows

The couple fell in love on the set of director Chen Kaige‘s (陳凱歌) Caught in the Web <搜索> in 2012. For the wedding, Chen was invited to be the couple’s witness as they exchanged wedding vows and rings.

Through tears and smiles, Mark recalled his emotions when giving his vow, “Actually, I was drawing blanks during that time. I just spoke what I was feeling and told Yuanyuan the feelings from the bottom of my heart. I told her that I would be honest with her, and I would put her along with my family as the most important people in my life.”

The bride also gushed, “Mark, our love stemmed from a sad story, as we are often separated long distance. I knew that we loved each other from separate cities, but I love you. As long as you are present, our home can be anywhere. [My friends] often said that my ideal man doesn’t exist. But you exceeded all my expectations of any man! Wherever you go, I will follow you and continue to love you, as well as love your family. I have many beautiful visions of the future. Like the movie, Up, our lives are fixed inside…. I will continue to love you during good and bad times, until the end of life.”

Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Wearing a custom designed wedding gown by Chloe, Yuanyuan, who normally has a very slim figure, appeared to be slightly fuller than usual in her mid-section. Asked future baby plans, Mark denounced the pregnancy rumors and expressed, “Of course we have plans, but let us finish filming our projects first. We had to especially take time off for the wedding, and I have to go back to work!”

Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 8Despite the couple’s busy schedule, they planned each wedding detail with care. Since Yuanyuan is particularly fond of small animals, Mark decided on a forest backdrop with a picture of two large bunnies. Besides Yuanyuan’s love for wild creatures, Mark revealed the significant meaning behind the bunny theme – when they were dating, Mark gave Yuanyuan a book about bunnies as their first keepsake.

Angelababy Misses Bouquet

During the bouquet toss, Yuanyuan wanted to toss the flowers at good friend Angelababy but missed. Yuanyuan said, “I feel sorry about Angelababy. I wanted to throw her the bouquet, but I didn’t practice and my bridesmaids were too skilled.”

Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 12  Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding  Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 5

Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 7  Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 17  Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 23

Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 18  Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 6  Gao Yuanyuan Mark Chao wedding 4

Sources: Sina.com; On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am so happy for the couple. May they have a long lasting blissful marriage.

  2. aww. They’re cute. Better than YM & Hawick atleast. No offence but Hawick’s relationship with Yang Mi is probably why he’s more famous than he was before. Hawick seem to need everyone to help him. Dad- TVB, but it didnt work out. Yang Mi -Mainland Market, boom he’s making money.
    Pretty mainland chinese actresses always and i mean ALWAYS marries foreign(HK-ers, Taiwanese and so on )
    Dudes in China gotta change.lol

    1. U know:

      I think the guys from Taiwan, HK, USA, Canada and other places know how to treat the Chinese actresses (from Mainland) better than the guys from China.

      1. More like they’re using them for fame. C’mon they’re pretty and popular, so no loss for the guy. He can get both fame and a pretty lady. No offence but its really annoying to see Hong Kong or Taiwanese actors in Mainland chinese movie. They just ruin it. I’m not from mainland bt i do think mainland guys need to upgrade a bit.. Nah.. A lot to be honest.

      2. Not sure if that is the reason why Chinese actresses and actors marry Taiwanese,HK,etc… I have a feeling that they hope for a better future and may want to leave China to settle elsewhere. I have noticed they even with chinese that I know personally who come from well off and even wealthy backgrounds want to immigrate and live elsewhere once they get the chance. I guess regardless of how much wealth you have,life is still not as great as it should be if you live in a communist country like China.

      3. There’s no problem living in China as long as you’re rich. My cousins works for a 27 year old billionaire (heir actually) from Shanghai. ( He works at one of his companies in New York. ) His younger sister studied America and England since 4 and only goes back to Shanghai during holidays. But still she likes going going back to Shanghai and live there ( she’s rich, so of course everyone will respect her) She’s happy for those who marry the person that they live, but personally actually finds it annoying when mainland actresses marry Taiwanese,Hkers,Koreans and so on, Although she doesnt say it out.

    2. Ahh. Nah., Yuan Yuan isnt that pretty. Nor is Yang Mi, she has this plastic face.. Too fake. But i do agree that the prettier mainland actresses usually do marry guys out of Mainland.
      Men from Mainland China. You guys need to work hard. Or else all your pretty women will leave for other guys ( Taiwanese, Hongkonger etc.,) lol

      1. This is just a thread we see with celebs,but is it that way for average citizens too?

      2. i said that Yang Mi’s face fake and too plastic. I never said that Yuan Yuan had plastic surgery.

      3. @roller: Sorry to misunderstanding cos’ I see Or instead of Nor.

    3. Barbie Hsu,sonija kwok,ada choi,nadia chan married to mainlanders and some their mainland husband is not famous or have high incomes.

      1. Sonija Kwok and Ada hoi mainlands husband does not have high incomes.

    4. No offense but you seem to hate seeing mainland chinese actresses marrying Taiwanese/Hong Kongers and so on. Can i ask where are you from?

      1. i dont hate seeing them marrying foreign chinese or soon. I’m just saying that they often do, and wondering whats with the guys in China. I’m half American Half Chinese born and raised in NY. I dont really see anything wrong with them marrying others(Hkers,Taiwanese etc) .

  3. Congrats Yuan Yuan and Mark!!! Btw after reading @Uknow ‘s comment. I’mwondering why Hk an taiwanese male actors always makes it big in China. I mean they’re not THAT talented nor good looking.

  4. Congrats to Mark and YuanYuan! I hope they have a lifetime of happiness together.

  5. Love their wedding, simple but very loving.
    I like their rings too, simple godl band ring. Me and my husband wear this exact same ring.
    No needs big dimonds rings to be happy. What important is two people committed to each others in a marriage.

    1. Totally.

      They seem GENUINELY happy and in love, and very comfortable with each other. They also seem like very down to earth people, who like simplicity.

      Sincere commitment comes without a need for ostentatious displays. A lot of that is really a gong show for the world to see.

      Worse is the tacky price-tagging of 5 carat diamond ring’s value, cost of bridal outfits, wedding cuisine and package etc … each and every wedding item cost-tabulated for the media/public to know value list, and need for it to be high profile.

      Congratulations to the couple, may their journey together be filled with beautiful memories.

      Really heartwarming to see how sincere they are, and genuinely happy with each other from start of journey to marriage.

  6. I find it annoying that people always like to pick on mainland people. Chinese is chinese.

    I have many guy friends that just are interested in mainland females because they said they are pretty and have the body. Over thinking ~

    1. I think because their native country like the Vietnamese has territory dispute with Mainland China so feel like picking on mainland people in internet to make themselves feel better.

      1. why would the vietnamese ppl have ANY interest in chinese ppl’s romantic affairs? the only ones that complain about chinese mainland marrying hk counterpart are the crazy chinese ppl themselves as seen here, stop being racist to the other asians as well as yourselves, being stupid and ethnocentric as usual!

      2. I already said Vietnamese has territory dispute with Mainland China so they talk crap anything related to Mainland China.

      3. And you’re the same. I guess picking on Vietnamese people makes you feel better too. You can’t put all people in the same group.

      4. Your comment instigated that the Vietnamese are a bunch of petty people.

      5. Judging by the comments here. People are annoyed that mainland chinese artists are marrying foreign born chinese rather then other mainlanders. What does it have to do with the other ethnicity?

      6. i dont think @LisaS meant to offend or talk bad about vietnamese people. She’s just stating out that vietnamese people tend to talk bad about China and mainlanders because of the territory dispute between China and Vietnam. Which is more than true. No one can denie that.
        I’m Korean American. I have no idea that lots of people, well atleast those who are commenting here, dislike seeing mainland chinese actresses marrying foreign chinese (Taiwanese,Hongkongers, ABC etc )

      7. What does bring vietnamese or any other nationality have to do with any of this? From what I know and have heard(whether it is true or not is a different story) is that people from HK,Taiwan,Singapore,Malaysia,etc… seem to look down on mainland Chinese due to various reasons. I once had a classmate who is from Taiwan who hated it when anyone called him “chinese”(although he is ethnically Chinese) and always implied that he is a Taiwanese. Taiwan and China have frictions as well but people marry regardless. You should marry who you love regardless of nationality race or anything, Stefanie Sun who is Singaporean married Dutch Indonesian and she is very happy and blissful. Therefore,what is the big deal about who marries who as long as they are happy because that U.S. what matters most.

      8. @lisa s,
        May I ask what race/ nationality you are? I agree that some Vietnamese are anti China,but of course not everyone is like that. However,I can understand why they act that way. Some even think that China will take over Vietnam one day. The conflict between China and Vietnam goes back in history since China ruled Vietnam for many many years in the past. It is not only China and Vietnam but many of the smaller countries in Asia also feel threatened by China. Even Hk feels threatened as we all saw with the recent protests as well as the increasing number of mainlanders coming into Hk during the recent years. Taiwan as we know has been in conflict with China for many many years. Therefore,we can all see that it is not just a Vietnam and China issue.

      9. @HeTieShou
        Although i’m not from mainland (nor am i of chinese descent) , as i understand and see, China is probably the most peaceful country when it comes to international affairs. Yes, i dont agree with everything they do, but they are very calm and peaceful on handling international affairs. They were once a poor nation which everyone looked down on, with the fact that they’re now Top3 in the world ( and everyone still looks down and hate them ) i dont think they would be that stupid to start a war, in which everyone will be biased and blame everything at China. I’m not chinese,and i’m not biased. I’m just saying this on my point of view as a korean american.

      10. Hong Kong and Japan have also had territorial disputes China, it could be anyone making bad comments, you can’t really pinpoint any ethnicity so I can see how your comment on the Vietnamese could come across as judgmental and bias to them.

        Don’t even start on Koreans, they look down on China too. I know because I’m Chinese mixed Korean, most of my friends are Koreans and they talk shit about China all the time, they say the country is the dirtiest/filthiest/unreasonable of East Asia. I don’t mind being honest here. So funny that one country looks down on another, and then another looks down on them, so everyone just stop already. You’re no exception. Lisa s, you’re probably being blamed for something the Chinese didn’t do so lets not go blame other races either.

      11. Hong Kong and Japan have also had territorial disputes China, it could be anyone making bad comments, you can’t really pinpoint any ethnicity so I can see how your comment on the Vietnamese could come across as judgmental and bias to them.
        Don’t even start on Koreans, they look down on China too. I know because I’m Chinese mixed Korean, most of my friends are Koreans and they talk sass about China all the time. So funny that one country looks down on another, and then another looks down on them, so everyone just stop already. You’re no exception. Lisa s, you’re probably being blamed for something the Chinese didn’t do so lets not go blame other races either.

      12. I’m not bad mouthing Vietnamese people. People were blaming @LisaS for being blamed for ” talking crap about Vietnamese People” which i dont think she did. She gave AN example that Vietanamese people dont really like China, nobody said that only vietnamese look down and dislike China. Majority and possibly all Taiwanese, Hongkongers, Japanese, Koreans..etc dont like China too. I dont blame them, everyone can make their own choice and choose who they want to like or not.
        People regardless of what race and ethnicity make fun of China and Chinese all the time. In America, you practically see nothing good about China reported on the news. Every country and its people have their goods and bads. Personally, i think mainland chinese should be taught more on moral values, hygiene and so on.
        And i do agree that Vietnamese people shouldnt be dragged here because i dont see them wanting to put interest in a mainland chinese actress and a taiwanese actor’s love life.

      13. Excuse me, but did you say peaceful and china in one sentence? Just because ATM, china hasn’t started warring, it’s more because they know once they start, everyone will jump on them. Their tactic is no way peaceful, and that doesn’t make what they do to Vietnam and their islands, right either.

        Move along, like everyone said people tends to dont like mainlanders for various reasons disregard of their nationalities. Because china and Vietnam has a dispute, and just so happen majority of the Vietnamese don’t like china, does that make a Person’s negative comment invalid? No! That negative comment can still stem from whatever they feel towards the celebrity, disregard nationality, political disputes. Your comment nevertheless was unnecessary, seriously bias, judgemental, and rather childish. Just like one of those: don’t argue when you can’t speak English right or if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

      14. wow. Seriously people are arguing over Yuan Yuan and Mark’s wedding just because one is YuanYuan is from mainland while Mark is from Taiwan?
        No offence but a few words from you wont change the reality in where Yuan Yuan is officially Mark’s wife. And wheiter he’s using her for fame or sincerely loving her doesnt matter. Because in Yuan Yuan’s eyes Mark loves her. And thats all that matters
        And why is everybody dragging Political issues here? Chill @littlefish i guess everybody has their own opinion. You’re biased against China too, how do you know that the islands are not theirs? You dont right? Instead you jump into conclusion saying that China is stealing islands.
        Those bunch of people you mentioned above doesnt only dislike China, they hate China but then again i’m saying this because you mentioned them. Burning factories own by chinese people, killing and hurting them. They’re no different from maniacs who thinks they’re the best. ( which they are not )
        China isnt perfect, but can you find any country that is perfect? No. Atleast China doesnt step on others soil and starts a war even if they did that to protect themselves. People arent judging a certain country who always minds other people’s issues, the country isnt an asian country yet they make comments on the certain issues about two east asian countries wanting the same island. They even publicly announce that they will counter attack any army who does harm ( enters the island and so on ) the the certain other east asian country J***. And yeah although they do that, people still love them and bash about China.

      15. I don’t want to turn this political, but there seems to be a lot of misinformation.
        Both Vietnam and China are repressed communist countries. The citizens of both countries are manipulated by government to further their agenda.
        It was not too long ago that China incited its citizen to attack Japanese tourist, companies, and their own people for using Japanese products.
        Vietnam did that same thing. Targeting their repressed anger at those who they thought oppressed them.
        Both government did not handle the situation diplomatically and both used their citizens as scapegoats.
        Really, it’s like the pot is calling the kettle black.
        The only point of disagreement regarding this post is why @lisas thought that there are Vietnamese bashing mainland celebrities, because it seems that she pulled that out of nowhere (or at least point me to that post because I can’t seem find it)

      16. @daddumm, who are the people I mentioned that burn down chinese factory? I haven’t heard any news of Vietnamese burning down factories own by Chinese people, and where is this Chinese factory.

        Also you misunderstood, I’m not saying Vietnam is better or china is better, or either is perfect (you are the one that actually need to be chilled. Straight, blunt talking manner doesn’t mean one is angry), I’m saying doesn’t matter what political stance your country has against china, your personal opinion could solely be your personal opinions unbiased by those political conflicts. So just because you belong to country A, and country A and B hate each other, that doesn’t make your opinion any less valid.

        Last and not least, again, you are naive to think china is peaceful (if they are that peaceful, they wouldnt initiate their people to attack japanese car, business, etc) because they haven’t got on other country’s soil and fight a war. ATM, they can’t yet, because they know if they do, the whole world will take on them. Everyone loves to take over china, all they need is a reason.

      17. Ahh okay.. Sorry for misunderstanding.
        Btw, i’m not really saying that China is 100% peaceful. I just stating that they are peaceful on handling international affairs like starting a war ( even if they are forced to so in order to protect themselves ). I’m from Canada btw. I have nothing against China or other countries.

  7. Him Law … What are you waiting for? Quickly follow Mark’s foot step… marry Tavia Yeung!

  8. Race and where you’re from shouldn’t matter. Yes, there are gold diggers, but there are also people who marry for love. Marry whoever treats and love you better.

  9. No need to keep all those “jie-di” relationships in the “closet” anymore. 🙂

  10. Actually, I quite like GYY, I found her a lot more natural, down to earth than other mainland actresses. I don’t like her husband actually, it’s mainly due to the press and the impression I got from it that he’s just leeched off his dad (connections?) and has no talents. But I don’t care enough to bash or cheer for them lol

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