Chapman To Curses Up a Storm Over Car Accident

Chapman To (杜汶澤) is notorious for his outspoken and opinionated nature. While some may find this attribute to be authentic, Chapman’s straightforward character has caused clashes between many of his colleagues in the past. Recently, his fiery temper has yet again gotten him in trouble. This time, over his car accident.

A few days ago, Chapman got into a car accident, where he collided with a Porsche. Although it was a small accident and no highly visible damage was seen on either vehicles, both parties engaged in a quarrel. Chapman expressed that the Porsche had rear-ended him, but he initially did not intend on making it a big deal. However, the other driver got out of his car and began yelling and insisting on involving the police. Known for his short temper, Chapman did not sit idly by and began quarreling with the driver in return. The commotion drew in a large crowd. One witness shared, “Both were cursing up a storm and were very angry.”

Still outraged over the incident, the 46-year-old actor later continued his rant on social media. He wrote, “People these days are really crazy. I was driving on the main lane and you were merging in. You cut over and your car swiped my rear. I already said you didn’t need to compensate. It’s such a small matter, yet you still had to get out of the car and argue, saying you want to call the cops! Great! Now we have to wait for the police and block the road. What is the point?!”

When reports came out later highlighting Chapman’s notorious bad temper, he expressed, “Actually, there is one thing that I don’t understand. A lot of people feel that an artiste needs to tolerate and submit to humiliation in unfair situations for fear of gossip and rumors. What kind of reasoning is that? I never did and never will. I will definitely strike back.”

Source: Ettoday

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  1. If the accident is true to what Chapman and this article claimed (ie the other party bumped into CT rear bumper), then I’m totally on CT said. What probably happened is the other driver went offensive bc he knew he’s at fault and didn’t want to pay (assuming HK law is the same as US where you’re at 100% at fault if you rear end someone), so he went aggressive thinking he can bully his way out. Little did he know that TC is another loud mouth. It escalated where both sides don’t want to backdown due to face.

    This is all speculation from me ofc, lol.

    Idc for TC but agree with him though. Bc you’re a celeb, you shouldn’t be hold at a diff level than normal citizens, from not being a perfect/traditional/arse backward ‘role model’ to being above any law to having special treatments.

    1. @jjwong Having watched him curse a storm at a stove on a cooking show, highly doubt Chapman would have remained calm when someone rear ended him to be honest. More likely, he went out of the car full foul mouth blasting.

      1. @mike Yea, I can see CT being the instigator as well. Hence I said “IF” how CT’s claim is true and it’s my speculation.

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