Charlene Choi and William Chan’s Vacation Photos in Thailand Revealed!

Entering 2011, the Year of the Rabbit, Chinese fortune tellers, So Man Fung, Mak Ling Ling, and Stuart Law unanimously predicted thatCharlene Choi and William Chan Wai Ting’s 6-month relationship would end this year. However, William insisted, “I will disprove their predictions and discredit them!”
Ignoring the fortune tellers’ predictions, Charlene and William appeared to be passionately in love. Placing a vacation request with EEG early in advance, William and Charlene traveled to Phuket , Thailand during the Lunar New Year holiday. During their vacation, the couple stayed inside their villa resort most of the time, with the exception of New Year Day, in which the couple was spotted strolling the local streets and eating at a café.

William spent approximately $80,000 (HKD) on his 4-day 3-night vacation with Charlene.  William and Charlene stayed at the Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Villa Resort, which has been open for two years. The establishment had a total of 11 villas with their own private pool. William paid for a 1 bedroom luxury pool villa, which cost $ 12,000 (HKD) each night while the resort’s most luxurious room was the Residence Villa at $ 45,000 (HKD) per night.


Jayne: The Sri Panwa in Phuket , Thailand looks amazing! Here is the website if you want to see additional photos of the place where Charlene and William stayed.,gallery-en.html

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  1. Haha how do you take the word of fortune tellers seriously – look at that lady judge from Iron Chef japan. Most of the time she is wrong on who wins.

    btw, they are on vacation, cut them some slack.

    1. Yeah I don’t know why they always ask the fortune tellers. They are never right in their predictions. It’s really annoying. I’m glad most artists don’t take it too seriously. Charlene and William seem very sweet together, but I’m sure their trip was ruined by the paparazzi. Geez, how far would they need to fly to avoid the reporters? Africa or Alaska?

  2. It’s easy to prove them wrong. Even if they want to break up, wait until next year! :p

  3. was the reporters stalking them or something?!? Anyways, they look so cute together. Charlene looks alot better with William than Ronald, no offence. =P

  4. Charlene’s look really skinny…hmm. But very cute. Is THAT William? For the entire time…I thought he looked…like someone else. He looks quite cute and they are a very matching couple in the vacation pics. They looks like a very young happy couple.

    I remember a couple of years ago where such news about bfs and lovers would have been denied denied denied from the Twins faction. Now after the EC scandal and divorce news has come out, looks like neither of the girls have to worry about putting up the pretense of being innocent young virgins anymore. Thank goodness. FRANKLY, both look much happier as a result. I’m glad for them.

    @star, I agree with you..but I’ve also never seen Ron and Char together either…except for the press conferences they held.

  5. They’re extremely adorable together! Both so fashionable. Looks like a pretty great relaxing and chill vacation, glad the couple is happy!

  6. OMG its 2012 now so the fortune tellers are just bluffing…. btw they really match… sa way beta than angelababy

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