Charlene Choi and William Chan Living Together in $20 Million Home?

Twenty-seven year-old Charlene Choi and twenty-four year-old William Chan Wai Ting are the latest celebrity couple to openly acknowledge their dating relationship. Belonging to the same company, EEG, Charlene and William had many opportunities to work together, allowing their love to blossom. Allegedly, the pair developed mutual feelings for each other while filming Beauty on Duty <美麗密令> last year.

In the past, William openly admitted that he preferred “flat-chested women.” William declared his love for Charlene unabashedly, “I am not afraid that my words are nauseating. Charlene and I are passionately in love! I love her deeply and see her as a marriage prospect.”

Although Charlene said that William is still on trial period as her boyfriend, she may already be living together with him in an apartment in Village Garden , Happy Valley . Last month, Charlene dropped nearly $20 million (HKD) to purchase the luxury 1,600 square-feet-duplex apartment.

Charlene and William returned to Hong Kong in the same flight yesterday. Charlene openly admitted to dating William for the last three months .In her Sina blog, Charlene wrote that she felt extremely happy and blessed at the moment. William noted in his blog that he will do his best to make Charlene happy.


Jayne: I am shocked in Charlene Choi and William Chan dating. They look physically compatible, but I thought Charlene would be attracted to older men. William does come across as a tad immature.

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  1. Maybe she is sick of mature men who may be immature? Since they’re living together, and so open about their relationship, I expect wedding bells soon. After the fiasco with her ex husband, she is wise to be open about this one.

  2. I was shocked to hear that she and Ronald were once married.I am not shocked that their marriage did not last. It reminds me of Ray and Kathy’s marriage in the past.

    It is good that she is open about this one… I hope that she does not suddenly get married and then quickly divorce again..But hey, that happens a lot these days so I should not be surprised at all if that did happen.

  3. I think after her last relationship and failed marriage with Ronald, she’s trying something completely different this time. She’s revealing her relationship as she knew that hiding it in the past hurt her more than helped her, and her boyfriend is younger rather than older like Ronald. Although William is younger than her and does come across as immature. I think he might go well with someone a little older because he does get paired up a lot with women that are older than him in his film roles, and thus he has a lot more exposure to them compared to girls that are younger than him. I’m not surprised that he likes older women.

  4. Maybe William is quite mature in his thinking despite his look, age and dancing. We don’t know. Many young idol drama stars, despite looking young and hip and stuff, often reveal a mature side of them in interviews.

  5. Some women do tend to court troublesome men. Some do get attracted to dangerous men not as in violent but character wise not good. But if a man is so eager to recognise you, I think that is good news unless he needs that publicity.

  6. I’m sorry but it doesn’t surprise me if this is a publicity stunt!

  7. I certaintly hope that it’s not a publicity stunt as I do think they seems quite compatible. He does not strike me as those type. Best wishes to her, second time might be better.

  8. I like the fact that they both openly acknowledge their relationship instead of lying about it. Whether it is a publicity stunt- time will tell. William is definitely much better in all aspect than Ronald. She definitely need physical and emotional support after the ‘photo’ with Gillian and Edison and she had to still show a brave face and continue on her own for two years. I can not imagine Ronald comforting her in anyway.

  9. after her failed marriage with ronald, it’d be surprising to me if she gets married very quickly with william.

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