Charmaine Sheh in Yu Zheng’s “Story of Yanxi Palace”

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) will be seen in the upcoming Mainland Chinese drama, Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>. Charmaine has not filmed an ancient drama in seven years. Story of Yanxi is also her first Qing Dynasty drama after 2004’s War and Beauty <金枝慾孽>.

In a newly released trailer, Charmaine sent chills down viewers’ spines as a cunning concubine. She utters the line, “Those who’ve wronged me and owe me, I won’t let a single one of them go.”

The producer and screenwriter of Story of Yanxi Palace, Yu Zheng (于正), spoke highly of Charmaine and said he instantly thought of no one better to fit the role. “Charmaine was the leading star in my very first production, plus her role as Er Chun is my favorite role. I’m very sure she can bring out the true underlying character of Consort Shushen with her gentle but talented self. It’s difficult to come across a good screenplay, and it’s equally as difficult to come across good actors.”

When the trailer first came out, many keen-eyed fans also noticed that the actress did in fact physically resemble Consort Shushen in real life, both possessing high cheekbones, a slim face, and petite mouth.

With beauty costumes, eye catching scenery, and Charmaine’s first Qing dynasty role in over a decade, Yu Zheng is confident that  Story of Yanxi Palace will bring viewers for a thrilling ride. Starring Qin Lan (秦岚), Nie Yuan (聂远) and Wu Jin Yan (吴谨言), the 70-episode drama will be airing on July 19.

Story of Yanxi Palace Trailer

Source: HK01

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    1. @tiffany Yu Zheng just wants make more money, his series is so bad lately, it’s not worth watching! And c-drama will just get longer and longer because they can sell for more, therefore so much drags! I agree with you, China needs to put a limit on these drama! But they are combating this by having part 1 and part 2 >_>

      About this series, I don’t know any of the male leads, they don’t look good or attractive in anyway, so a minus. Apart from Charmaine, I think I’ve seen the main girl from somewhere but she didn’t look that great nor the drama plot interest me enough, plus it’s YU Zheng’s production, I’ll stay clear lol

      1. @msxie0714 Not easy to look good without attractive hairdo. A face with excellent bones and features will help. The caucasians will fare better.

        Holy cow….. suddenly so many dramas about Qianlong.

        No wonder Yu Zheng was bad mouthing other Qing dynasty costumes. To up his own production against others.

  1. I love the colors, the intricate settings & detailed accessories. Charmaine is a nice addition.

    Not in love with Yu Zheng. They need to retire this guy; he’s as bad if not worse than Wong Jing of HK. Arguably he’s worse than WJ because at least Wong Jing doesn’t copy others (he copies the old stuff he made before.) I dread the production whenever his name is associated. I think a lot of Mainlanders feel the same and have mentally prepared themselves for a plot dump.

  2. Yu Zheng is a rubbish producer and his costumes will make eyes hurt. But his series earn high ratings and is popular. However Charmaine can do cunning and I would love TVB to do an palace series where she is the villain 100%. Because for me Charmaine can play a smart manipulative woman and she can do villains well, better than goody 2 shoes.

  3. Lol, already people is saying this drama plagiarised Ruyi (the one with Wallace Hou). How he will never ever change!

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